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Frizzle Chicken

Many people believe that the Frizzle chicken originates from Asia, but others say it originates from England and India. Some texts say that in the 1800s, the Frizzles originated from countries like Egypt and South Africa as well.But the fact remains that that have been around for many hundreds of years in different qualities, gradually […]

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Cochin Chicken

In the chicken world, if you see a big feathery ball of fluff and feathers strut past, you are probably looking at a Cochin Chicken! Perhaps they don’t lay eggs so bountifully, but they certainly are highly popular because of their lovely personalities.Cochin Chickens started becoming really well known in the 1800s when they were given […]

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Plymouth Rock Chicken

The Plymouth Rock chickens are also known as “Barred Rocks”. The Barred Rocks are actually a variety of the Plymouth Rock breed. Other varieties are White, Partridge, Buff, Silver-Penciled, Black, Blue and Colombian, all developed in the USA in the mid-19th century.This bird was first shown off as a breed in 1869. It has exceptional […]

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Rhode Island Red Chickens

The Rhode Island Red chicken is considered to be one of the most successful chicken breeds – across the world! It’s an American breed, developed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts as way back as the middle 1840s.This bird came about from cross-breeding birds from Oriental origin with the brown Leghorn chicken from Italy.  Since 1954, […]

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