Which Chicken Lays Purple Eggs

Which Chicken Lays Purple Eggs?

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The Ayam Cemani chicken is known for laying rare and distinctive purple eggs. These unique eggs are highly sought after by poultry enthusiasts and collectors.

Introducing the Ayam Cemani chicken, a breed renowned for its ability to lay rare and captivating purple eggs. Poultry aficionados and collectors alike are fascinated by these extraordinary eggs. Originating from Indonesia, these unique chickens stand out due to their pitch-black feathers, black organs, and even black meat.

Their eggs, however, steal the show with their mesmerizing deep purple hue. While the Ayam Cemani chicken may not be your typical egg layer, its exceptional eggs make it a sought-after breed among those searching for something truly extraordinary. Let’s delve deeper into the mysteries and allure of this remarkable chicken and its remarkable purple eggs.

Which Chicken Lays Purple Eggs?

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The Genetics Of Eggshell Color

The genetics of eggshell color determine the wide range of colors found in chicken eggs. While most chickens lay white or brown eggs, a rare breed called the Araucana lays beautiful purple eggs, adding a unique touch to any egg basket.

Pigments In Eggshells

When we think of chicken eggs, the first color that comes to mind is typically white or light brown. However, did you know that some chickens can lay eggs with unique and vibrant colors? One such color is purple, which has captivated the curiosity of many egg enthusiasts. To understand how eggs can have such striking colors, we need to delve into the fascinating world of eggshell pigments.

Eggshells obtain their colors from two main pigments: protoporphyrin and biliverdin. Protoporphyrin is responsible for red and brown hues, while biliverdin contributes to blue and green shades. The presence of these pigments is dependent on the breed of chicken and can vary significantly.

The Role Of Genes In Eggshell Coloration

Genes play a crucial role in determining the color of chicken eggs. Different combinations of genes can result in a wide range of eggshell colors, including purple. In the case of purple eggs, a specific gene mutation affects the metabolism of biliverdin, resulting in the production of more pronounced violet tones.

To further comprehend the genetic aspect of eggshell coloration, let’s explore the different genes involved:

1. Oocyan: This gene determines whether a chicken can produce blue eggshells. A bird carrying two copies of the Oocyan gene will produce blue eggs, while those without any copies will lay eggs with white or brown shells.

2. Brown: The Brown gene controls the intensity of brown pigmentation in eggshells. Chickens with two copies of this gene will lay dark brown eggs, while those with one copy may produce lighter shades of brown.

3. Sulfur: The Sulfur gene is responsible for the presence of yellows or greens in eggshells. Chickens with two copies of this gene produce eggs with olive or green hues, while those without any copies will lay eggs without these shades.

4. Protoporphyrin genes: Genes relating to protoporphyrin production can affect the redness or brownness of eggshells. Different combinations of these genes can lead to variations in shade, ranging from light pink to deep brown.

The combination and interaction of these genes determine the final eggshell color. However, it’s essential to note that genetics alone cannot account for all eggshell colors, as external factors such as diet can also influence pigmentation.

The genetics of eggshell coloration are a complex and fascinating field of study. By understanding the presence and interaction of pigments and genes, we can begin to unravel the mystery of which chicken lays purple eggs and the science behind the vibrant hues that grace our breakfast tables.

Which Chicken Lays Purple Eggs?

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The Quest For Purple

Discover the elusive chicken breed that lays eggs in vibrant shades of purple, a true marvel of nature’s palette. Find out more about this fascinating quest for the rare and extraordinary.

The Search For Naturally Purple Eggs

Ah, the quest for purple eggs! It sounds like something out of a fairy tale or a whimsical fantasy, but the truth is, there are chickens in the world that actually lay eggs with a purple hue. Yes, that’s right! Eggs that are not the usual white or brown, but a beautiful shade of purple. But how exactly do these chickens come by their extraordinary ability to produce such vibrant eggs?

Selective Breeding For Purple Egg-layers

The road to finding a chicken that lays purple eggs is paved with careful selective breeding. This process involves identifying chickens that display traits associated with purple egg-laying and selectively breeding them to create a line of chickens that consistently produce eggs with the desired color. It’s not as simple as snapping your fingers and wishing for purple eggs. It requires time, patience, and a keen understanding of genetics.

By carefully choosing chickens with the closest resemblance to purple eggs from each generation and selectively breeding them, breeders increase the likelihood of producing chickens that lay eggs with a purple hue. It’s a gradual process of trial and error, with each generation bringing breeders closer to their goal of a chicken that consistently lays purple eggs.

  • Selective breeding involves identifying chickens with traits associated with purple egg-laying.
  • Breeders carefully choose the best chickens from each generation and selectively breed them.
  • This process is repeated over multiple generations, gradually increasing the likelihood of producing purple egg-laying chickens.

It’s important to note that not all chickens have the genetic makeup necessary to lay purple eggs. The quest for purple requires a particular combination of genetic factors that influence eggshell pigmentation. Breeders must identify and work with chickens that possess the genes responsible for producing eggs with a purple shell. This fascinating pursuit is truly a testament to human curiosity and our desire to uncover the wonders hidden within the natural world.

The Breeds Known For Laying Colored Eggs

Have you ever wondered if chickens lay eggs in colors other than the standard white or brown? Well, you’re in for a colorful surprise! Certain chicken breeds are famous for laying eggs in a variety of hues, from blues and greens to pinks and even purples. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at three chicken breeds known for their beautifully colored eggs: the Ameraucana chicken breed, the Easter Egger chicken breed, and a few other breeds that can add a pop of color to your egg basket.

The Ameraucana Chicken Breed

The Ameraucana chicken breed is renowned for its vibrant and gorgeous blue eggs. Originating from South America, these chickens have a rich history tied to the indigenous peoples who first domesticated them. Besides their captivating eggs, Ameraucanas are also admired for their striking appearance, with fluffy beards and muffs that frame their faces.

If you’re thinking of adding Ameraucanas to your backyard flock, here are some key characteristics to keep in mind:

  • They come in various colors, such as blue, black, white, or buff, allowing you to choose the perfect shade for your flock.
  • Ameraucanas are known for their friendly temperament, making them great companions for families and children.
  • These chickens are medium-sized, weighing around 5-6 pounds, making them suitable for both urban and rural settings.
  • While Ameraucanas lay blue eggs, the shade can vary from a pale sky blue to a deeper turquoise, adding an enchanting touch to your egg carton.

The Easter Egger Chicken Breed

If you’re looking for a versatile breed that lays eggs in various shades of blue, green, and even pink, you can’t go wrong with the Easter Egger chicken breed. These chickens are a mix of different breeds, which is why they don’t have specific breed standards like Ameraucanas or other purebred chickens.

Here are some fascinating facts about Easter Eggers:

  1. Easter Eggers are known for their cheerful personalities and make excellent pets, especially for families.
  2. They come in many different colors, as their genetic makeup allows for a diverse range of feather patterns, from solid colors to extravagant speckles.
  3. Easter Eggers are adaptable and hardy, making them well-suited to various climates and living conditions.
  4. Each Easter Egger hen can lay eggs in a different color, making your daily egg hunt a delightful surprise.

Other Chicken Breeds With Colored Eggs

While Ameraucanas and Easter Eggers steal the spotlight when it comes to colored eggs, there are a few other chicken breeds worth mentioning.

Chicken BreedEgg ColorCharacteristics
MaransDark brown, sometimes with specklesKnown for their flavorful meat and gentle demeanor, Marans make an excellent addition to any flock.
WelsummerTerra-cotta brown with specklesThese chickens have a striking appearance and are known for their excellent egg-laying abilities.
Olive EggersVarying shades of olive greenA cross between a blue egg-laying breed (like Ameraucanas) and a dark brown egg-laying breed, Olive Eggers can produce unique, olive-colored eggs.

As you can see, there’s a wide selection of chicken breeds available for those seeking a splash of color in their egg collection. Whether you prefer blue, green, brown, or even pink, adding these breeds to your flock can make your morning egg hunt an exciting adventure.

Which Chicken Lays Purple Eggs?

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Frequently Asked Questions Of Which Chicken Lays Purple Eggs?

What Kind Of Chicken Lays Purple Eggs?

The kind of chicken that lays purple eggs is the “Easter Egger” or “Araucana” breed.

Which Bird Lays Purple Eggs?

The Emu bird, native to Australia, lays eggs that are dark green in color, sometimes appearing purple.

What Is The Rarest Chicken Egg Color?

The rarest chicken egg color is the olive green or blue-green egg which is laid by certain breeds like the Araucana or Easter Egger chickens.

What Breed Of Chicken Lays Pink Eggs?

The Ameraucana chicken breed lays pink eggs. It is known for its stunning blue appearance and friendly nature.

What Are Purple Eggs And Why Are They Unique?

Purple eggs are a rare phenomenon caused by a genetic mutation in certain chicken breeds. They have captivating violet shells, making them a fascinating novelty in the egg world.


To sum up, discovering a chicken that lays purple eggs may seem like a fascinating quest, but unfortunately, there is no such chicken. The color of eggs is determined by the breed and genetic makeup of the chicken. While chickens can lay eggs in a variety of shades ranging from white to brown, purple eggs are not naturally produced.

So, next time you come across someone claiming they have a chicken laying purple eggs, chances are it’s just a tall tale or a trick. Happy egg hunting!

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