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Poultry Farming Guide and Information
If you are interested in how to start poultry farming, you can take confidence that it is possible to turn[...]
Pekin Chicken
When the British army returned from Peking, China, in the 1860s, they brought with them their first Peking chicken to[...]
Houdan Chicken
Houdan Chickens are a French bred chicken, being named after the French city, Houdan, about 100 miles away from Paris.[...]
Marans Chicken
Marans chickens origins can be traced back France. They are hybrid birds of the Faverolles, Langshan, English Games and Coucou[...]
Araucana Chicken
Araucana Chickens originate from South America; in fact, they’re named from the Arauca Indians from Chile. In the early 1900s,[...]
Serama Chicken
Serama Chickenscomes from Malaysia, from the hot jungles where the temperatures are high. As a result of careful cross-breeding of[...]
Barnevelder Chicken
There is a town in the district of Utrecht called Barnevelder, in the Netherlands. It boasted an agriculture college that[...]
Frizzle Chicken
Many people believe that the Frizzle chicken originates from Asia, but others say it originates from England and India. Some[...]
Cochin Chicken
In the chicken world, if you see a big feathery ball of fluff and feathers strut past, you are probably[...]
Plymouth Rock Chicken
The Plymouth Rock chickens are also known as “Barred Rocks”. The Barred Rocks are actually a variety of the Plymouth[...]
Rhode Island Red Chickens
The Rhode Island Red chicken is considered to be one of the most successful chicken breeds – across the world![...]
10 A Frame Chicken Coop Plans And Ideas – Easy to Build
Eggs play a big role in our breakfast everyday and in most hurrying moments. They are easy to prepare and[...]
Silver Laced Wyandotte : Are Everything They’re Cracked Up To Be
It’s easy to see why the Wyandotte breed of chickens came about – its’ because there was a need to[...]
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Certainly Something to Cluck About
When it comes to a beautiful, popular and sought after chicken type, you are going to go a long way[...]
How to Build a Chicken Plucker – Whizbang Chicken Plucker
Chicken pluckers are high on demand since the need for chicken keeps increasing around the globe. There are automatic chicken pluckers[...]
10 Homemade Chicken Pluckers – Easy to Build (100% Free)
What is a chicken plucker? Chicken or poultry pluckers are the machines or tools used for dressing or feathering off[...]
15 Most Common Chicken Diseases, Symptoms and Treatment
Nothing beats wandering down to the bottom of the garden to collect your freshly laid eggs for breakfast. But one[...]