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The 7 Best Cat Litter For Ferrets Of 2024

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Are you a proud ferret owner searching for the best cat litter for your mischievous furry friend? Look no further! Finding the perfect litter for your ferret can be a daunting task, considering their unique needs and preferences. Fortunately, we’re here to help you navigate through the options and make an informed choice. In this article, we will explore the top cat litters that are specifically designed to cater to ferrets’ needs. From superior odor control to low dust levels, we’ll delve into the key features that make these litters stand out. Say goodbye to litter box woes and discover the best cat litter for ferrets today!

Our Top Picks

1Kaytee Premium Potty Training Critter Litter for Pet Ferrets, Rabbits ...Top Pick

Kaytee Premium Potty Training Critter Litter for Pet Ferrets, Rabbits …

2Marshall Ferret Litter, 10-Pound BagBest Quality

Marshall Ferret Litter, 10-Pound Bag

3Fresh News Recycled Paper Small Animal Litter Bedding, 10 LitersRecommended

Fresh News Recycled Paper Small Animal Litter Bedding, 10 Liters

4Fresh News Recycled Paper, Original Pellet Cat Litter, 25 Pound

Fresh News Recycled Paper, Original Pellet Cat Litter, 25 Pound

5Vitakraft Fresh World Small Animal Bedding - Ultra Strength - ...

Vitakraft Fresh World Small Animal Bedding – Ultra Strength – …

6Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter - Ultra - 99.9% ...

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter – Ultra – 99.9% …

7Small Pet Select-Recycled Pelleted Paper Cat Litter, 20lb

Small Pet Select-Recycled Pelleted Paper Cat Litter, 20lb


Ferrets’ Litter Requirements

Ferrets are playful, curious, and charming pets that are similar to cats in many ways, but they have some unique litter requirements that you should know about. Choosing the right litter for your ferret is crucial to keep them healthy and happy.

Ferret’S Natural Instincts

Ferrets are clean animals, and they will naturally use a litter box if it is available to them. They have some instinctual behaviors that could affect their litter box habits. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Ferrets like to dig, and they may scatter their litter around the box if there is not enough depth in the litter. You should provide at least 2-3 inches of litter to accommodate their digging behavior.
  • Ferrets have a strong sense of smell and prefer unscented litter. Avoid using perfumed or scented litter as they may irritate their delicate noses.
  • Ferrets are social animals and prefer to use a communal litter box. If you have multiple ferrets, provide a large litter box to accommodate their needs.

Differences Between Ferret Litter And Cat Litter

While ferrets and cats may share some behaviors, they have different litter needs. Here are some key differences between ferret litter and cat litter:

  • Ferrets have a sensitive respiratory system, and dust-free litter is essential for their health. Avoid using clumping clay litters or litters made of cedar or pine as they can cause respiratory problems.
  • Ferrets have a high metabolism, and their waste odor is stronger than cats. Therefore, you need litter that can control odor. Paper or wood pellet-based litters are good options as they can absorb odor without creating dust.

7 Best Cat Litter For Ferrets In 2024

Top Pick

Kaytee Premium Potty Training Critter Litter for Pet Ferrets, Rabbits ...

1. Kaytee Premium Potty Training Critter Litter

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet
  • Dimensions: Height: 11.5 Inches Width: 4.0 Inches Length: 13.6 Inches Weight: 8.0 Pounds `


Kaytee Premium Potty Training Critter Litter revolutionizes pet care, promising an unparalleled cleaning experience. Crafted from 100% non-toxic bentonite and natural minerals, it ensures absolute safety for ferrets, rabbits, and other small critters. With superior absorption, it absorbs moisture on contact, neutralizing pet waste odor effortlessly. It boasts a staggering liquid absorbency, up to 10x its weight. When integrated into your pet’s potty training, this litter can significantly reduce cage cleaning frequency by 30% or more, offering convenience like never before. Invest in cleanliness and odor-free surroundings for your petite companions with Kaytee’s 8-pound Critter Litter.


  • Composed of 100% non-toxic bentonite and natural minerals, ensuring safety for your small pets.
  • Absorbs moisture on contact, efficiently managing pet waste and maintaining cleanliness.
  • Exceptionally high liquid absorption capability, absorbing up to 10x its weight.
  • When combined with a potty training program, it can reduce cage cleaning by 30% or more, offering significant convenience.
  • Versatile usage, suitable for ferrets, rabbits, and other small critters.


  • Might not be effective for pets that are not successfully potty trained, leading to inconsistent results.
  • At 8 pounds, the package might be bulky or heavy for some pet owners to handle.
  • Depending on the pet’s habits and usage, the litter might need frequent replacements, which could become expensive over time.


Best Quality

Marshall Ferret Litter, 10-Pound Bag

2. Marshall Ferret Litter

  • Brand: Marshall
  • Manufacturer: Marshall Pet Products
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.0 Inches Width: 13.0 Inches Length: 15.0 Inches Weight: 10.0 Pounds `


Marshall Ferret Litter is your ideal choice for maintaining a fresh and clean ferret habitat. Made in the USA, this 10-pound bag combines natural paper fibers with special ingredients to effectively neutralize unpleasant ammonia odors. It’s dust-free, safeguarding your ferret’s sensitive respiratory system. Easy to use, simply spread it across the bottom of your ferret’s habitat. As it’s non-allergenic, it reduces the risk of reactions. Experience the superiority of Marshall Ferret Litter; an essential, thoughtful solution for your ferret’s well-being.


  • Ammonia Neutralization: The special ingredients and natural paper fibers in Marshall Ferret Litter work effectively to neutralize unwelcome ammonia odors.
  • Easy to Use: Just spread this litter in the bottom of your ferret habitat for quick and easy maintenance.
  • Non-Allergenic: The litter is non-allergenic, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and ensuring your ferret’s comfort.
  • Dust-Free: This product is dust-free, protecting your ferret’s sensitive respiratory system.
  • Made in USA: The quality of Marshall Ferret Litter is guaranteed, as it’s manufactured in the United States.


  • Size: The 10-pound bag might be heavy to transport and store, particularly in smaller spaces.
  • Cost: Depending on the price, the litter may be more expensive compared to other brands or types of ferret litters.
  • Disposable: The litter needs regular replacement, which could contribute to waste generation.



Fresh News Recycled Paper Small Animal Litter Bedding, 10 Liters

3. Fresh News Recycled Paper Small Animal Litter Bedding

  • Brand: Fresh News Paper Cat Litter
  • Manufacturer: BPV, LLC
  • Color: Gray
  • Dimensions: Height: 12.0 Inches Width: 9.5 Inches Length: 4.5 Inches Weight: 2.2 Pounds `


Fresh News Recycled Paper Small Animal Litter Bedding is designed to enhance pet habitats. Boasting superb absorbency, it significantly surpasses clay in moisture retention. Its soft, dust-free pellets maintain form when wet. The product’s hallmark is superior odor control, ensuring a fresh, pleasant environment for your pets. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer paper, it’s eco-friendly and safe for all small animals. This biodegradable litter can be composted, reducing landfill waste. It’s over 99% dust-free and hypoallergenic, promoting a cleaner, healthier living space for you and your pets. Ideal for cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, and more.


  • Superior Absorbency: The recycled paper litter has remarkable moisture-retention capabilities, offering three times the absorbency of clay.
  • Odor Control: The moisture-locking pellets offer superior odor control, ensuring a fresh and odor-free environment.
  • Eco-friendly: Made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper, this litter is biodegradable and compostable, reducing landfill waste.
  • Hypoallergenic: Over 99% dust-free and completely hypoallergenic, it promises a cleaner and healthier environment for both pets and pet owners.
  • Versatile: Ideal for various small animals, including cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, and chinchillas.


  • Retention of Form: While it’s designed to retain form when wet, this feature might result in soiled litter remaining unnoticed, potentially leading to unsanitary conditions.
  • Composting Requirement: Although compostable, not every consumer has access to composting facilities or practices home composting.
  • Cost: The advanced features of this litter may make it more expensive than traditional or clay-based alternatives.


Fresh News Recycled Paper, Original Pellet Cat Litter, 25 Pound

4. Fresh News Recycled Paper, Original Pellet Cat Litter

  • Brand: Fresh News Paper Cat Litter
  • Manufacturer: Fresh News Paper Cat Litter
  • Color: Green
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.0 inches Width: 17.0 inches Length: 26.0 inches Weight: 25.0 Pounds `


Experience a cleaner and fresher pet environment with Fresh News Recycled Paper, Original Pellet Cat Litter. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, this eco-friendly product offers superior absorbency, almost three times more than clay. Its dust-free, soft pellets retain their form when wet, easing cleaning. Infused with baking soda, it masterfully neutralizes odor, leaving your pet’s habitat smell-free. Ideal for cats and other small pets, this litter is biodegradable when composted, further helping in waste reduction. Boasting 99% dust-free and non-allergenic properties, it ensures a cleaner, healthier living space for you and your pet. Choose Fresh News for your pet’s litter needs.


  • Superior Absorbency: Made with recycled paper, it offers three times more absorbency than traditional clay litter, making for easier cleaning.
  • Outstanding Odor Control: Infused with baking soda, the product masterfully neutralizes odors, keeping your pet’s habitat fresh.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The litter is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and is compostable, reducing waste and diverting from landfills.
  • Non-Allergenic: The product is 99% dust-free and non-allergenic, making it safe for your home and reducing the risk of respiratory issues for both pets and owners.
  • Versatile: It’s suitable not just for cats, but also other small animals like rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, and chinchillas.


  • Composting Time: Though biodegradable, the composting process for this litter may take a considerable amount of time.
  • Adjustment Period: Pets accustomed to other types of litter may need some time to adjust to the new texture and feel of paper pellets.
  • Price: As a specialty product made from recycled materials and offering multiple benefits, it might be more expensive than traditional litter options.


Vitakraft Fresh World Small Animal Bedding - Ultra Strength - ...

5. Vitakraft Fresh World Small Animal Bedding

  • Brand: Vitakraft
  • Manufacturer: Vitakraft Sun Seed
  • Color: Gray
  • Dimensions: Height: 17.5 Inches Width: 3.0 Inches Length: 10.0 Inches


Ensure a fresh and comfortable environment for your small pet with Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strength Pet Bedding. It provides superior odor control for up to 14 days, offering a clean, fresh-smelling home for your bunny, guinea pig, hamster or chinchilla. With three times the absorbency of regular bedding, it is reliable and convenient. Crafted to be 99.5% dust-free and free of baking soda, it mitigates the risk of allergies, offering a safe, worry-free experience for you and your pet. This bedding, made from 100% recycled paper, is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compostable. Easy to maintain, it simplifies pet care by efficiently controlling odors.


  • Superior Odor Control: Up to 14 days of odor control helps maintain a fresh and clean living environment for your pet.
  • Highly Absorbent: This bedding absorbs up to 3 times more than regular bedding, making it a reliable choice for small pet owners.
  • Safety and Comfort: The bedding is 99.5% dust-free, free of baking soda, and extra soft, ensuring your pet’s comfort and mitigating the risk of allergies.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from 100% recycled paper, this product is biodegradable and compostable, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.
  • Low Maintenance: The ultra strength formula simplifies pet care by efficiently controlling odors, reducing the frequency of bedding changes.


  • Frequent Spot Cleaning: Although the product controls odors for up to 14 days, it still requires regular spot cleaning to maintain cleanliness.
  • Potential for Wetness: The bedding should be changed when it becomes wet, which may require more frequent replacement depending on your pet’s habits.
  • Limited Odor Control: Despite its ultra strength formula, once the odor blocker is no longer effective, odors can become noticeable, requiring immediate bedding replacement.


Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter - Ultra - 99.9% ...

6. Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

  • Brand: Dr. Elsey’s
  • Manufacturer: Precious Cat
  • Color: Original Version
  • Dimensions: Height: 4.0 Inches Width: 14.0 Inches Length: 20.0 Inches Weight: 40.0 Pounds `


Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter is a top-tier solution for your feline’s needs. The formulation, with 100% bentonite clay, ensures hard clumps that don’t crumble, facilitating easier scooping. Its premium texture and optimal granule size contribute to maximum clumping. The litter is 99.9% dust-free, making it perfect for allergy-prone cats and owners. Moreover, its superior odor control, aided by natural ingredients, maintains a fresh ambiance in your home. The medium grain clay formulation aids in low tracking, confining the litter to the box. Trust Dr. Elsey’s—a veterinarian-owned brand established in 1987—for exceptional quality and commitment to pet wellness.


  • Superior Clumping: The 100% bentonite clay formula creates hard clumps that don’t break down, ensuring easy clean-up and less mess.
  • Hypoallergenic: The 99.9% dust-free formulation makes it an excellent choice for cats and owners with allergies.
  • Odor Control: Natural ingredients provide superior odor control, keeping your home smelling fresh even between litter box cleanings.
  • Low Tracking: The unique medium grain clay helps prevent litter from being tracked around your house.
  • Trusted Brand: Dr. Elsey’s, a veterinarian-owned brand since 1987, offers quality and expertise in pet care products.


  • Unscented: While this is an advantage for some, others might prefer a scented product to further mask litter box odors.
  • Texture: Some cats might take time to adjust to the medium grain texture if they’re used to a different type of litter.
  • Price: Given its premium quality, this product might be priced higher than other options on the market.


Small Pet Select-Recycled Pelleted Paper Cat Litter, 20lb

7. Small Pet Select-Recycled Pelleted Paper Cat Litter

  • Brand: Small Pet Select
  • Manufacturer: Small Pet Select
  • Color: white
  • Dimensions: Weight: 20.0 Pounds `


Experience the power of environmentally-friendly Small Pet Select-Recycled Pelleted Paper Cat Litter. Made from non-toxic recycled paper, this litter absorbs thrice as much as clay alternatives. Its all-natural ingredients effectively block odor without resorting to baking soda. Enjoy a cleaner, fresher home while caring for the planet. It’s designed for all life stages of your feline friend, offering a non-clumping solution for easy clean-up. This 20lb pack is not just a purchase, but an investment in a healthier pet and a more sustainable world. Care for your pet, care for your planet with Small Pet Select.


  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from recycled paper, it helps to reduce waste and contributes to environmental sustainability.
  • High Absorbency: It absorbs three times more than traditional clay litter, ensuring better hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Natural Odor Blocker: Without the use of baking soda, it still effectively blocks unpleasant smells, maintaining a fresher environment.
  • Suitable for All Life Stages: It’s designed to accommodate cats of all ages, making it a versatile choice for households with multiple pets.
  • Non-Clumping: This feature simplifies clean-up and minimizes the mess associated with litter box maintenance.


  • Non-Clumping: Some cat owners might prefer clumping litter as it’s easier to spot and remove waste, reducing odor more effectively.
  • Potential Tracking: As it’s made from pelleted paper, there could be potential for tracking, with litter spreading outside of the box.
  • Absence of Baking Soda: While it’s an all-natural product, the absence of baking soda might make it less effective in controlling odor compared to some other brands.


How To Choose The Right Cat Litter For Ferrets?

To choose the right cat litter for ferrets, consider the materials used and the ferret’s individual needs. Ferrets require litter that is dust-free, non-toxic, and low-tracking.

When it comes to taking care of ferrets, many ferret owners seek out the best options for their pets. One important aspect of ferret care is choosing the right cat litter, as ferrets have specific needs when it comes to their living arrangements.

Ferrets require litter that is dust-free and low-tracking, as well as non-toxic and safe for them to use regularly. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. We will explore what to look for in cat litter for ferrets and discuss some top choices for ferret litter to make your decision easier.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Ferret Litter

Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing ferret litter:

Odor Control

Ferrets can be very smelly pets and keeping their litter clean is essential to control their odor. Odor control is the most important factor to consider when choosing litter for ferrets. Choose a litter that has activated carbon or baking soda to control and absorb its smell, thereby keeping your home fresh.


Ferrets are prone to respiratory problems, making it essential to choose a litter that is dust-free. Excessive dust in the litter can be harmful to their respiratory systems. Thus, it is important to go for dust-free litter, ensuring the safety and health of your pets.

Non-Toxic Materials

Ferrets are prone to chewing anything in their surroundings, so it’s crucial to choose a litter that is made of non-toxic materials. Go for litters that are free of harmful substances, like clumping agents, that are harmful to ferrets if ingested.

Texture Preferences

Texture preference plays a significant role in your pet’s ability to use the litter box. Ferrets typically prefer softer litter, such as paper or wood chips, rather than rougher litter like clay, sand, and crystal litters. Therefore, choose a soft and comfortable texture that your ferret would prefer.


Cost consideration is vital when choosing litter for your ferret. Choose a litter that fits your budget without compromising the needs of your pet. By comparing prices, you can get the best deal on litter that will work best for you and your ferret.


Choose a litter that is widely available in your area to avoid running out of litter in emergency situations. A common type of litter is more readily available in stores and online, making it easier for you to purchase your ferret’s preferred litter.

With the above factors in mind, it’s now easier to choose the right litter for your ferret. Always make sure that it’s dust-free, controlling odor, non-toxic, and has the right texture for your furry friend to ensure its comfort and health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Regular Cat Litter For Ferrets?

No, you should not use regular cat litter for ferrets as it can be harmful to their health.

Why Is Cat Litter Important For Ferrets?

Cat litter is important for ferrets as they are inquisitive creatures that need a clean and hygienic environment.

How Often Should You Change Your Ferret’S Cat Litter?

You should change your ferret’s cat litter every 2-3 days or when it becomes dirty and dusty.

Can You Use Wood Shavings As Cat Litter For Ferrets?

No, you should not use wood shavings as cat litter for ferrets as it can cause respiratory problems and choking hazards.


Considering the importance of choosing the best cat litter for ferrets, we have provided a comprehensive guide to help you understand the factors that you should consider. From dust-free and fragrance-free cat litter to non-clumping and biodegradable options, you should select the litter that suits both your ferret’s needs and yours.

It is imperative to keep in mind that ferrets are highly susceptible to respiratory issues, so you must choose the litter wisely. By implementing suitable litter options, you can ensure the longevity of your ferret’s health and well-being. Remember to clean the litter box regularly to prevent the buildup of waste.

We hope our article has been informative, and you can now make an informed choice when selecting the right litter for your ferret.

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