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The 10 Best Cat Wall Shelves Of 2024

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Are you looking for the best cat wall shelves to create a vertical playground for your furry friend? Look no further! We will explore the top-quality cat wall shelves that combine functionality, style, and comfort to keep your cat entertained and active. These shelves offer a safe and stimulating environment for your feline companion, allowing them to climb, perch, and observe their surroundings from new heights. Whether your cat is a playful adventurer or a curious observer, our selection of the top 10 cat wall shelves will surely provide them with the ultimate feline experience. Let’s dive into the world of perfect vertical spaces!

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Our Top Picks

1COZIWOW 5 Pcs Wall-Mounted Cat Climber Set, Wood Indoor Cat ...Top Pick

COZIWOW 5 Pcs Wall-Mounted Cat Climber Set, Wood Indoor Cat …

2Cat Wall Mounted Shelves Steps - Cat Wall Perches Furniture ...Best Quality

Cat Wall Mounted Shelves Steps – Cat Wall Perches Furniture …

3OIHYA Cat Wall Shelves Set,Indoor Wood Wall-Mounted Cat Stairs Cat ...Recommended

OIHYA Cat Wall Shelves Set,Indoor Wood Wall-Mounted Cat Stairs Cat …

4Cat Wall Furniture, Cat Wall Shelves Fit Cat Up to ...

Cat Wall Furniture, Cat Wall Shelves Fit Cat Up to …

5Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves with 3 Steps, Cat Shelves ...

Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves with 3 Steps, Cat Shelves …

6Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Wall Furniture, Cat Shelves and Perches ...

Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Wall Furniture, Cat Shelves and Perches …

7Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves with 3 Steps, Cat Shelves ...

Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves with 3 Steps, Cat Shelves …

8Calmbee Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Wall Furniture, Wall Mounted Cat ...

Calmbee Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Wall Furniture, Wall Mounted Cat …

97 Ruby Road Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Cat Shelf with ...

7 Ruby Road Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Cat Shelf with …

10Cat Wall Furniture Set-Cat Wall Shelves Include Cat Hammock, Cat ...

Cat Wall Furniture Set-Cat Wall Shelves Include Cat Hammock, Cat …


Why Cat Wall Shelves Important To Your Furry Friend?

Cat wall shelves are quickly becoming a must-have item for any cat owner. These shelves are not just a decorative element for the room, but they also provide an excellent platform for the cat to play, sleep, and relax. If you’re still on the fence about purchasing cat wall shelves for your furry friend, this section will give you some great reasons why they are beneficial for your cat’s well-being.

Cats Are Natural Climbers

Cats are natural climbers, and their love for heights is well-known. They are not just trying to reach the ceiling for no reason; instead, it’s a part of their natural instincts. They feel safe and secure in high places, and it’s also an excellent exercise for them.

Cat wall shelves provide an excellent platform for cats to climb, jump and play, providing them with a stimulating and entertaining environment.

  • Wall shelves give indoor cats the opportunity to climb and explore their surroundings, which provides them with physical and mental stimulation.
  • Climbing and jumping are natural exercises for cats that can help maintain their health and agility.
  • High places provide the cat with a sense of safety, a place to observe their surroundings and retreat when they feel threatened.

Wall Shelves Provide Exercise For Indoor Cats

We all know that cats are natural climbers, but they also need exercise. Especially when they are indoor cats, they tend to get bored and often become inactive. It can lead to obesity and other health problems. Having cat wall shelves simply provides your indoor cat with a unique and entertaining way to get some exercise.

  • Providing your cat with access to cat wall shelves can help prevent obesity and other health problems that come with a lack of activity.
  • A stimulating and entertaining environment can improve their overall mood and help them feel less stressed.
  • Exercise also strengthens their muscles and improves their agility, which is essential for their well-being.

Wall Shelves Give Cats A Sense Of Security

Cats are territorial animals, and they love to have their own space. Having a designated place helps them feel more secure and relaxed. Cat wall shelves can provide your cat with that sense of safety and security they crave.

  • Cat wall shelves offer your cat a designated space that they can call their own, which can help reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Cats tend to be creatures of habit, and by providing them with a stable environment, you can help them feel secure and more comfortable in their surroundings.
  • A designated space can help your cat feel more in control of their environment, which can help them feel less anxious.

Wall Shelves Help Declutter Your Home

As cat owners, we all know that cats love to climb, jump, and explore. It often leads to clutter as they knock things over, scratch furniture, and create chaos. Cat wall shelves can help you keep your home tidy and clean, while also providing your cat with an exciting and stimulating environment.

  • Cat wall shelves provide a designated space for your cat to explore, which can help reduce the clutter around your home.
  • High shelves can also help keep your cat away from potential dangers, such as toxic plants and other hazards.
  • By providing your cat with their own designated space, you give them an alternative to jumping on furniture and knocking things over, which can help keep your home clean and tidy.

Cat wall shelves are an excellent addition to any home with a cat. They provide a stimulating and entertaining environment for your furry friend to climb, play, and sleep. Cat wall shelves also give your cat a sense of security, help prevent obesity and other health problems, and declutter your home.

It’s a win-win situation for you and your furry friend.

10 Best Cat Wall Shelves Of 2024

Top Pick

COZIWOW 5 Pcs Wall-Mounted Cat Climber Set, Wood Indoor Cat ...

1. COZIWOW 5 Pcs Wall-Mounted Cat Climber Set

  • Brand: COZIWOW
  • Manufacturer: coziwow
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 14.0 Inches Width: 9.0 Inches Length: 14.0 Inches


Introducing the COZIWOW 5 Pcs Wall-Mounted Cat Climber Set. A unique fusion of functionality and luxury, it boasts a cat climbing shelf, scratching board, wall bridge, wall house, and a cat tree, offering an enriching play space for your feline. Built with durable, cat-friendly particle board and soft plush fabric, it’s designed to endure, supporting up to 22 lbs. This wall-mounted system liberates floor space, offering the vertical exploration cats love. The set includes a scratching board and four posts, indulging your cat’s instinct to scratch while protecting your furniture. Easy to assemble, the design is customizable to create the perfect cat playground.


  • Multi-Functional: This set combines a cat climbing shelf, scratching board, wall bridge, wall house, and cat tree in one, providing varied activities for your cat.
  • Durable and Comfortable: The set is constructed from cat-friendly particle board with soft plush fabric, ensuring long-lasting use while maintaining your cat’s comfort.
  • Space-Saving: As a wall-mounted system, it frees up floor space while offering vertical exploration areas that cats naturally enjoy.
  • Encourages Natural Behavior: The included scratching board and posts allow cats to indulge in their natural scratching instinct, helping to maintain claw health.
  • Customizable: The set is easy to assemble and can be rearranged in any design to create the perfect cat playground.


  • Installation Requirements: As a wall-mounted system, the set requires installation which could be a challenge for some people.
  • Weight Limit: The set can only withstand up to 22 lbs, which may not be suitable for larger or multiple cats.
  • Wall Damage Potential: Depending on the type of wall and installation method used, there may be potential for wall damage.


Best Quality

Cat Wall Mounted Shelves Steps - Cat Wall Perches Furniture ...

2. Cat Wall Mounted Shelves Steps

  • Manufacturer: SPAKITCHCE


Upgrade your feline’s environment with our Cat Wall Mounted Shelves Steps. Created to satisfy your cat’s instinctive need for climbing, these compact, wall-mounted steps provide an exhilarating play area without occupying valuable floor space. Three stairs and a comfortable perch offer diverse exploration possibilities, keeping your cat physically active and mentally stimulated. If you have dogs, the elevated design ensures your cat’s peace. The set includes three climbing steps and a removable, washable bed mat. Boasting a natural tree-like vertical system, it promises to abolish feline boredom. This package comes with all necessary mounting fixtures, making installation a breeze. Give your cat the gift of an everyday adventure with these wall perches.


  • Instinctual Design: By catering to the cat’s natural climbing instincts, these shelves promote physical activity and mental stimulation.
  • Space-Efficient: The wall-mounted design saves floor space, providing an excellent solution for small living areas.
  • Pet Compatibility: The elevated setup helps keep cats away from dogs or other ground-dwelling pets, ensuring peace and safety.
  • Comfort and Cleanliness: The product comes with a removable and washable bed mat, making it easy to maintain hygiene.
  • Complete Kit: The package includes all necessary mounting fixtures, making it easy to install.


  • Installation: Wall installation might not be ideal for those living in rented properties where drilling isn’t allowed.
  • Limited Utility: While the vertical tree-like structure entertains most cats, not all cats might be interested in or capable of climbing, limiting its universal appeal.
  • Stability: Depending on the wall type and proper installation, the stability of the shelves may vary.



OIHYA Cat Wall Shelves Set,Indoor Wood Wall-Mounted Cat Stairs Cat ...

3. OIHYA Cat Wall Shelves Set

  • Brand: OIHYA
  • Manufacturer: OIHYA
  • Color: Beige
  • Dimensions: Height: 9.0 Inches Width: 14.0 Inches Length: 14.0 Inches


Experience the ultimate in feline luxury with OIHYA’s Cat Wall Shelves Set. This premium 5-piece wall-mounted climber set, featuring cat stairs, a scratch post, hammock, and terrace with sisal rope, provides an interactive playground for your furry friends. Made from superior P2 engineering wood and cashmere cushioning, this beige set guarantees safety, comfort, and a sleek addition to your decor. Utilizing vertical space, it creates a dynamic, eye-catching feature without intruding on your living area. With user-friendly assembly and included installation tools, setting up your cat’s new haven is a breeze. Enjoy our commitment to 100% satisfaction, as we bring you this quality, health-conscious cat furniture.


  • Interactive Set: The OIHYA Cat Wall Shelves Set provides a diverse range of components, such as stairs, a scratch post, and a hammock, giving cats an interactive and engaging environment.
  • Quality Materials: Made from high-quality P2 engineering wood and cashmere cushions, it offers superior comfort and safety for your feline friends.
  • Space-saving Design: The vertical distribution of the wall-mounted set saves space in your home while providing a dedicated area for your cats to play.
  • Seamless Integration: Its sleek beige design allows for seamless integration into various home decor styles, adding a dynamic touch to your space.
  • Ease of Assembly: The set includes an electric drilling head and screw head, making the assembly process straightforward and hassle-free.


  • Wall Mounting: Wall mounting can be a limiting factor for renters or those who do not want to drill holes in their walls.
  • Weight Limit: While the set can support up to 22lbs, heavier cats may not find this set suitable.
  • Color Limitation: The set comes in a beige color, which might not match all interior decor styles.


Cat Wall Furniture, Cat Wall Shelves Fit Cat Up to ...

4. Cat Wall Furniture, Cat Wall Shelves

  • Brand: Ziprofly
  • Manufacturer: Ziprofly
  • Color: Black-1 Wall Shelf +3 Steps
  • Dimensions: Height: 12.9 Inches Width: 10.4 Inches Length: 15.6 Inches


Introducing our Cat Wall Furniture—a perfect blend of play and comfort for your feline friends. This product comprises of one condo house and three round cat steps with integrated scratching pads, designed to stimulate your cat’s natural instincts to climb and explore. These sturdy shelves, made from durable MDF wood, can hold cats up to 15lbs and are designed to fasten securely to your wall. The smooth, burr-free surface ensures your cat’s safety. This modern black design not only offers your cat a unique playground but also complements both traditional and contemporary interiors. It saves floor space, making it ideal for smaller rooms. Installation is easy with included screws and instructions. For any queries, our responsive customer service is at your disposal.


  • Stimulates Cat’s Natural Instincts: The design encourages your cat’s instinctual behavior like climbing, jumping, and scratching, providing a fun play area.
  • Durable and Sturdy: Made from heavy-duty MDF wood, it’s capable of supporting cats up to 15lbs, offering a reliable perch for your pet.
  • Stylish Design: With its modern black finish, this cat wall furniture easily fits into both traditional and contemporary interior styles.
  • Space-Saving: Wall mounting saves floor space, perfect for small or modern rooms, without compromising your cat’s play area.
  • Easy Installation: The product comes with screws and a manual for straightforward assembly.


  • Size Limitations: While it is robust, it can only accommodate cats up to 15lbs, so larger cats might not find it suitable.
  • Wall Installation: Although it saves space, wall installation might be challenging for some people and may not suit rented properties where drilling is prohibited.
  • Single Color Option: As of now, it is only available in black, offering limited choices to match diverse interior decor.


Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves with 3 Steps, Cat Shelves ...

5. Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves

  • Brand: MEMOORIAL
  • Manufacturer: MEMOORIAL
  • Color: Wood Color


Introducing our Cat Hammock Wall Shelves – a feline utopia designed by pet-lovers. This setup includes two food shelves, a rope-wrapped climbing frame, and plush-covered steps. The sturdy particle board construction ensures it won’t wobble or tip, while the soft plush adds a layer of comfort. Your cat can exercise their climbing instincts on the three steps, improving their quality of life and joint health. The hammock and shelves are easy to assemble and install, with all necessary tools included. We stand by our product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your cat’s delight and your peace of mind.


  • Multifunctional Design: With food shelves, a climbing frame, and steps, this cat hammock provides multiple forms of entertainment and rest for your pet.
  • Quality Materials: The heavy-duty particle board construction ensures durability and stability, minimizing the risk of wobbling or tipping over.
  • Health Benefits: The climbing and playing on steps cater to your cat’s instincts, offering not just fun but also health benefits like joint protection and exercise.
  • Easy Assembly: It comes with all necessary tools and instructions for straightforward assembly and installation on the wall.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: The product offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, attesting to the manufacturer’s confidence in quality and functionality.


  • Size: The shelves may be more suitable for kittens or smaller cats, potentially limiting its use for larger breeds.
  • Installation Requirements: Despite the easy assembly, some owners might not be comfortable with the need to drill holes in their walls.
  • Limited Aesthetic Options: With no mention of color or style options, the design might not fit all home decors.


Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Wall Furniture, Cat Shelves and Perches ...

6. Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Wall Furniture

  • Brand: Canormpet
  • Manufacturer: CANORME
  • Dimensions: Height: 10.0 Inches Width: 14.0 inches Length: 20.5 inches


Unleash your feline’s wild side with our Cat Wall Activity Center. Space-saving and wall-mounted, it allows multiple cats their own territory, providing security. Crafted from solid Pine wood, it’s sturdy, odorless and smooth. The scratcher post is made from durable cotton rope, perfect for active claws. This luxury set includes two cat houses, six shelves, two ladders, and a scratcher post, all designed to encourage your cat’s natural instincts. Installation is straightforward with included screws and instructions. Dedicated to your satisfaction, we guarantee quality and stand ready to assist with any concerns, ensuring a joyous environment for your precious pets.


  • Space-Saving Design: The wall-mounted design maximizes floor space, perfect for homes or apartments with limited room.
  • Safe and Durable: Constructed from solid Pine wood, the activity center is sturdy, odorless, and smooth, ensuring your cat’s safety.
  • Encourages Natural Behavior: The structure entices your cat’s innate desire to climb and scratch, promoting an active lifestyle.
  • Easy to Install: Comes with all necessary screws and instructions, ensuring a hassle-free setup.
  • Excellent Customer Service: The seller provides quality assurance and is committed to addressing any concerns promptly.


  • Installation Equipment: An electric drill, not included in the package, is necessary for installation.
  • One Size Fits All: Lack of customizable sizing or layout options could limit suitability for different home decors or cat sizes.
  • Potential Damage to Walls: Installation requires drilling holes into the wall, which might not be ideal for all living situations (e.g., renters).


Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves with 3 Steps, Cat Shelves ...

7. Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves

  • Brand: VOOTTOU
  • Manufacturer: VOOTTOU
  • Color: Burlywood
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.99999999592 Inches Width: 12.99999998674 Inches Length: 12.99999998674 Inches Weight: 3.87 Pounds `


Immerse your feline friend in fun with our unique Cat Hammock Wall Shelves. Consisting of three reinforced steps, these corner-mounted shelves provide a private playground for your cat to stay active and contented. Crafted from durable particle boards, the stand guarantees the safety of your playful pet with its firm base and plush softness. The installation is a breeze, thanks to included assembly tools and reserved holes on the boards. With a neutral tone design, these shelves seamlessly blend with your home decor. We take pride in our product’s quality and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for unrivaled customer service.


  • Thoughtful Design: The Cat Hammock Wall Shelves are uniquely designed to fit in a corner, offering a private playground for cats to stay active and happy.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from heavy-duty particle boards with an enlarged base, these shelves ensure durability and stability to withstand energetic play.
  • Easy Assembly: Included assembly tools and pre-drilled holes make the installation process simple and fun.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The neutral tone design not only caters to cats’ needs but also blends seamlessly with any home decor.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, demonstrating commitment to high-quality service and customer satisfaction.


  • Wall Mounted: The shelves need to be mounted on the wall, which could cause issues for renters or those who prefer not to drill holes in their walls.
  • One Size: The product may not be suitable for larger cats if the steps and base don’t accommodate their size and weight.
  • Neutral Tone: While designed to match any home style, the neutral tone may not appeal to customers looking for more vibrant or specific color options.


Calmbee Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Wall Furniture, Wall Mounted Cat ...

8. Calmbee Cat Wall Shelves

  • Brand: Calmbee
  • Manufacturer: Calmbee


Transform your wall into an exciting cat playground with the Calmbee Cat Wall Shelves Set. This all-in-one package includes a hammock, wall steps, and a semicircle shelf, all crafted from 100% solid pine wood for durability and safety. With its iron and wood structure, the set is hand-crafted to ensure stability, keeping your feline friends safe while they play and exercise. The boards are covered with thick, anti-skid felt for extra comfort and safety. Installation is effortless and saves space while adding a fun element to your home. With our 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee, we promise to resolve any issues promptly.


  • Comprehensive Set: The package includes a variety of pieces such as a hammock, wall steps, and a semicircle shelf, allowing you to create a diverse play area for your cats.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from 100% solid pine wood and iron for stability and durability, this cat wall furniture is built to last.
  • Safety Focused: The anti-skid felt covering on each board provides additional safety, ensuring your cat can play without the risk of slipping.
  • Easy Installation: The pieces come pre-assembled, making it easy to mount them on the wall and save space in your home.
  • Reliable Customer Service: With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, customers can feel confident in their purchase and assured that any issues will be handled promptly.


  • Unpainted: Some customers might prefer a painted finish for aesthetic reasons, or to match with their home decor.
  • One Material Option: The set only comes in solid pine wood, limiting options for those who might prefer different materials for their home.
  • Limited Color Variety: As it is unpainted, there might be less flexibility in color choice to match with the rest of your home furnishings.


7 Ruby Road Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Cat Shelf with ...

9. 7 Ruby Road Cat Hammock Wall Mounted Cat Shelf

  • Brand: 7 Ruby Road
  • Manufacturer: 7 Ruby Road
  • Color: Cream
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.0 Inches Width: 18.5 Inches Length: 21.0 Inches Weight: 6.17 Pounds `


The 7 Ruby Road Cat Hammock Wall Shelf is not your average cat wall perch. Its superior strength can comfortably support two cats, with fixings included. Two high-grip cat wall steps, covered in thick jute rope, ensure safe climbing. The wall bed is reversible, removable, and hand-washable, crafted from 100% cotton canvas. The bed’s high-comfort padding adds a touch of luxury, and is also sold separately. Boasting double-stitched durability, this large shelf reassures cats of their security. Crafted from sustainable wood in neutral tones, it blends seamlessly with any décor. Promoting exercise, this hammock set enhances your feline’s adventure. Ideal for any stage of your cat’s life, this set is cleverly designed to fit standard US homes, securely mounting into two 16″ studs.


  • Superior Strength: The 7 Ruby Road Cat Hammock Wall Shelf is extra sturdy and can comfortably accommodate two cats.
  • Safety and Comfort: Includes two high-grip cat wall steps covered in thick jute rope for safe climbing, and a high-comfort padded bed for a luxurious lounging experience.
  • Durability and Sustainability: Crafted from sustainable wood and features double-stitched durability, ensuring a lasting and eco-friendly product.
  • Versatility and Convenience: The bed is reversible and removable for easy cleaning, and the hammock mounts securely into standard US home studs for easy installation.
  • Promotes Exercise: This product encourages physical activity for your feline, providing fun and adventure.


  • Maintenance: The cat bed is handwash-only, which might not be convenient for everyone.
  • Extra Cushion Purchase: While the bed itself is padded, additional cushioning is sold separately, potentially increasing the overall cost.
  • Limited Color Options: The cat shelf is available in neutral colors only, which might not fit with all home décors.


Cat Wall Furniture Set-Cat Wall Shelves Include Cat Hammock, Cat ...

10. Cat Wall Furniture Set-Cat Wall Shelves

  • Brand: Loninak
  • Manufacturer: Loninak
  • Color: Beige
  • Dimensions: Height: 13.0 Inches Width: 13.0 Inches Length: 16.0 Inches


Revolutionize your feline’s playtime with our Cat Wall Furniture Set! Expertly designed to conserve floor space, this wall-mounted arrangement offers endless fun with a cat condo, bridge, step, and hammock. Fitted with scratching posts for claw maintenance, these shelves also come with a soft, scratch-friendly mat. Crafted from durable particleboard wrapped in plush fabric and reinforced with iron brackets, this set guarantees both comfort and safety. Precautions for installation and customer service support ensure a seamless experience. Note: our provided screws are suited for solid cement walls – for other wall types, please use the appropriate screws.


  1. Space-Efficient Design: The wall-mounted design of the Cat Wall Furniture Set saves floor space, making it ideal for small apartments or homes.
  2. Complete Cat Paradise: This set offers a comprehensive play and relaxation zone, with a cat condo, bridge, steps, hammock, and scratch-friendly surfaces, providing multiple stimulation options.
  3. High Quality and Safe: Crafted from durable particleboard and reinforced with iron brackets, the cat furniture ensures stability and safety for your furry friend.
  4. Customizable Setup: The DIY assembly allows you to arrange the pieces based on your cat’s preferences and the layout of your home.
  5. Excellent Customer Support: The company provides outstanding customer service for any queries or assistance needed.


  1. Installation Limitations: The provided screws are specifically designed for solid cement walls. If your home has plaster walls or other types of walls, you may need to find appropriate screws.
  2. DIY Assembly: Some people may find the DIY installation process challenging or time-consuming.
  3. Potential Furniture Damage: Although designed to be durable and safe, over time, the scratch-friendly surfaces may become frayed or damaged, requiring replacement.


How To Choose The Right Cat Wall Shelves?

To choose the right cat wall shelves, consider your cat’s size, agility, and personality. Cat shelves should be sturdy, easy to install, and provide ample space for your cat to climb and play.

Cat wall shelves are an excellent addition to your home decor and provide an opportunity for your feline friends to engage in jumping, hiding, and climbing. Choosing the right cat wall shelf requires some consideration. The shelves should be comfortable, durable, and secure for your feline friend’s playful movements.

You’ll also need to consider the size of your cat, as well as their agility and personality when selecting the cat wall shelves.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Cat Wall Shelves

Cats love to climb and perch on high surfaces, so having cat wall shelves at home can be a great way to provide your furry friends with a space of their own where they can play, relax, and observe their surroundings.

Not all cat wall shelves are created equal, and it’s important to consider various factors when choosing the right one for your pets. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Size And Weight Capacity

  • Wall shelves for cats come in different sizes, so carefully measure the available space on your walls and make sure that the shelves you choose fit well and don’t obstruct traffic.
  • Consider the weight capacity of the shelves, as larger or heavier cats may need sturdier shelves that can support their weight without bending or collapsing.

Materials And Durability

  • Look for cat wall shelves that are made of durable and non-toxic materials, such as wood, carpet, or sisal rope, that can withstand daily use and scratching.
  • Avoid shelves or platforms that have sharp edges, loose parts, or hazardous materials that can harm your cats.
  • Make sure that the shelves are easy to clean and maintain, as cats can shed and leave marks on surfaces over time.

Design And Style

  • Choose cat wall shelves that match your home décor and aesthetic preferences, such as color, shape, and texture.
  • Consider the overall look and feel of the shelves, and whether they blend well with other furniture or wall art in the room.
  • Look for shelves that have multiple levels, curves, or hiding spots that can stimulate your cat’s curiosity and engagement.


  • Check the installation instructions and make sure that the shelves are easy to install and secure properly on the walls.
  • Think about the location of the shelves, and whether they are reachable and visible to your cats.
  • Consider adding other cat-friendly items, such as toys, beds, or scratching posts, around the shelves to create a cozy and playful environment for your cats.

By taking into account these factors when choosing cat wall shelves, you can create a comfortable and enjoyable space for your cats to climb, rest, and play in while keeping your home clean and tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Cat Wall Shelves?

Cat wall shelves are furniture specifically designed for cats to rest, play, or sleep on. They come in various shapes and sizes.

Why Do Cats Need Wall Shelves?

Cats are climbers by nature, and wall shelves provide them with an opportunity to climb and jump. They are also a good way to save space in small homes.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Cat Wall Shelves?

Consider the size and weight capacity of the shelves, the material used, the installation process, and your cat’s personality and preferences.

Can I Install Cat Wall Shelves Myself?

Yes, most cat wall shelves come with detailed installation instructions that are easy to follow. You may need some basic tools like a drill and screws.

How Many Cat Wall Shelves Do I Need?

The number of shelves depends on the size of your cat, the number of cats you have, and the available space. It’s best to start with a few and add more if needed.


Furniture is an essential part of every home, and pet lovers know how important it is to have comfortable and practical pieces for their furry friends. Cat wall shelves are a perfect solution for cats, as they provide a safe and enjoyable space for climbing, scratching, and playing.

When choosing the best cat wall shelves, you need to consider factors such as size, material, and design. Whether you prefer a minimalistic, modern look, or something more colorful and playful, there is a variety of options available. By making the right choice, you can ensure your cat’s safety and happiness, while also adding a stylish touch to your home decor.

With proper research and planning, your feline friend will be thanking you for providing them with a cozy and fun place to call their own.

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