Caring For Your Cat

Caring For Your Cat: Keeping Indoor Cats Happy

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Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

They say you cannot own a cat because the cat owns you. Cats are their bosses, and you need to make sure you try your best to keep them happy. Also, we adore our pets! They are like our best friends, which means we also wish to keep them joyful and well.

There are a few things that you need to be well-aware of when getting a cat as a pet. These things can include what they eat, what activities they should have, their routine, and how they should relieve themselves when nature calls.

Apart from being drop-dead adorable, cats are also easily domesticated. That means that cats are one of the few animals that feel good staying indoors. Keeping your cat indoors also saves it from many dangers such as getting hit by a car, contracting a life-threatening disease, getting stolen, etc.

However, this does not mean that you take it easy only because cats easily survive indoors. You still need to put in some tremendous efforts to please your master, i.e., the cat.

To make things simpler for you, here we have a list of a few things out of many, which you can do to keep your indoor cat happy and hopping!

Keep The Litter Box Clean

Unlike the common perception of animals, cats are neat freaks, so much so that they even want to poop in a clean litter box! A cat that does not find a clean litter is most likely to poop somewhere cleaner around the house.

If you want your cat to feel comfortable and not soil your home, make sure you clean the litter whenever it is dirty.

Cleaning litter is a chore, we understand. However, there are many options available that can suit you or your cat better, such as cat litter that provides clumping opportunities.

Cleaning the solid waste is not a challenging task. However, tidying up the liquid waste may take a little more time. You have the option of getting a clumping cat litter, which forms clumps that you can remove when required.

However, cat litter non-clumping is better for kittens since clumping litters are hazardous for them. If you own a kitten, you should invest in a non-clumping litter box.

Cat Toys!

If you love cats, you would know how much they fancy pouncing, leaping, and chasing. An outdoor cat gets a lot of space to play around. On the other hand, your indoor cat may not get enough opportunities to run around and frolic.

As a result of the lack of activity, your cat can also turn into a couch potato and have weight issues. Your indoor cat may also suffer from boredom, so we advise you to get some playful cat toys.

Yes, cat toys! Cats love chasing strings, ribbons, or run around dangling feathers. They may also find fun in some basic household stuff, such as cardboard boxes or paper bags. The idea is to keep your cat active through fun and playful activities.

Fence The Garden

Even though you plan to keep your cat indoors, a little time spent outside is still necessary. It is because your cat can breathe fresher air, and a change of environment will only benefit your feline.

Letting the cat stroll outside unattended can pose risks of getting attacked by other animals or going out of bounds and getting lost. That is why the wise idea is to put a fence around your garden, stop your cat from hopping out of the house space.

One fantastic way to allow your cat some free-roaming time outside is a catio. Catios are a fenced space that you can keep in your garden or on your patio.

It will enable the cat to lounge and gets some fresh air without exposing it to any outside risks. It also allows your cat to run around and get some exercise near to impossible if you keep them strictly indoors. 

Bird Viewing Spots

Cats are hunters by instinct. They love to chase mice and birds and hunt them down for food. However, even though your cat is domesticated, they may still retain some of their instincts.

That is why you may notice that your cat enjoys watching flying birds or smaller animals running around. You can use this liking and create a different activity for your cat.

You can try making a bird viewing spot for your cats, such as in front of a window or door. What you need to do is install a bird feeder right in front of the desired spot and add a cat window perch. Birds would fly over to the feeder, and your cat will have a super relaxing time viewing the beautiful birds.

Take The Cat For A Walk

Even though you wish to keep your cat indoors, remember they need some time outside to stay active and happy. You can take your cat out for a walk and let it stroll around and enjoy the outdoors.

However, do not forget to put a leash on your cat. Putting a leash on a cat may seem like a silly thing, but it is the right thing to do when you plan a walk.

We are pretty sure you would not want your cat running off-limits and falling in danger. That is why a leash is imperative. Also, domesticated cats are not fully aware of the risks associated with the outside world, making them prone to falling into dicey situations.


Caring for a cat, or any pet for that matter includes understanding its nature and likes. You need to have a thorough grasp of their activity levels and how you can tire them even while keeping them indoors. Cats are playful animals. They love prancing around and frolicking.

Also, providing them a neat space to live is essential. You can adopt these tips, which we are sure to give a great start in your journey of taking care of your indoor cat. Pour over immense love and maintenance on your pets and see how they give it back to you through untainted affection and loyalty.

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