How To Choose A Wireless Dog Fence [Ultimate Guide]

Wireless Dog Fence
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Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

Dogs are playful in nature, and that is why they are so lovable. For centuries wood and wire fences have been used to prevent dogs from going out of your ward. However, wireless dog fences are just a better alternative.

That is because they are much cheaper, they don’t impede the view from your property, they are portable while going for vacations and camping, and also installation is far much easier.

If your dog spends much of its time outside, tracking its movement can be a tough deal. That is because dogs will always look for an escape route every chance they get. A dog can escape from your compound and cause accidents and injuries.

Since you do not want that, here is an ultimate guide on how to choose a wireless dog fence.

How To Choose A Wireless Dog Fence

#1. Select A System With Rechargeable Batteries

The best wireless fence for your pet dog is one that uses rechargeable batteries. The receiver placed on the dog’s collar requires batteries to function. Rather than using a long extension cord which is not even recommendable, having a system with a rechargeable battery will do.

Having to buy and replace batteries now and then for your wireless dog fence is costly. To avoid spending too much, select a system that uses a rechargeable battery. You can purchase a couple of batter sets, and you will save several dollars.

#2. Choose A System With A Wide Range Of Options

A wireless dog fence functions by beeping and shocking the dog if it exceeds its preferred area. Therefore, you should put into consideration having a system with a wide range of options. That is because dogs are different. Thus, they act differently on shock level systems. Some dogs will react appropriately to the lowest shock setting level.

Others may need a shock setting that is three times stronger. Choose a system that has plenty of adjustments. That will enable you to handle any dog’s sensitivity.

#3. Consider The Weight Of Your Dog

To ensure the safety of your dog, it is good to consider the weight of your dog before you choose a wireless dog fence. That is because the shock can be a threat to the health of your dog, especially for the small breeds.

Also, the sheer weight of the receiver can hurt the dog’s neck if it’s too heavy for your dog. While purchasing a wireless dog’s fence, look for the recommendations on the minimum age and size of the pet.

#4. Choose A Wireless Dog Fence That Can Accommodate Many

That is especially if you have more than two dogs. The market has wireless dog fence systems that can accommodate an unlimited number of dogs. Also, other methods can only process signals for two dogs at most. In such a case, you may need to purchase additional receivers.

If you have several puppies, always consider that the system you are buying is designed to handle many puppies. Always check the number of receivers and collars provided in any product so that you can buy the one that suits you.

#5. Consider The Coverage

One of the features you need to consider is the coverage size of the wireless dog fence. Some fencing options can cover an average backyard while others can cover a large area. Choose one with a larger area to give your dog flexibility to play around.

These are some of the things that you can put into consideration so that you can choose the best wireless dog fence.


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