25 DIY Chicken Coop Plans and Ideas – Easy to Build (100% Free)

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In the 21st century, more and more people are looking to include an element of self-sufficiency in their life. This has led to an increase in the number of people wanting to house chickens in their garden.

Who doesn’t love the idea of strolling down to the bottom of the garden in the morning to pick up eggs for breakfast? You just can’t beat homemade scrambled eggs!

But, your first step towards introducing chickens into your life is to find a chicken coop plan that works for you. The good news is that, there is a range of free chicken coop plans to choose from.

Below we will outline the fundamentals when it comes to how to build a chicken coop and will run through some of the most popular free chicken coop plans you can find today.

Building a chicken coop can feel like a daunting task, but if you keep in mind a few simple principles and follow these tips and guidance, you’ll have a chicken coop standing tall and proud in the bottom of your garden in no time!

1. The Right Size

One of the first things you need to consider when planning your new chick coop is size. It is recommended that you have at least 4 square feet for each chicken. So if you just plan to have a couple of chickens, you won’t need that much room.

But if you’re planning a chicken estate then you’re going to need a big coop! It is also worth planning long term. Many people get one or two chickens and soon decide they want 4 more. So it's best to be generous when planning the size of your chicken coop.

2. Features to Include

There are certain features that are essential if you want happy, healthy chickens. The first feature it is advisable to include is a perch. Chickens are more comfortable when they sleep on a perch, so having a perch is like providing humans with a king sized double bed!

You will also need nesting boxes. This provides them with a safe place to lay their eggs. Since hens lay 1-2 eggs a day, ensure you give them a large space to lay, so aim to keep the boxes at least 4 inches deep.

It is also a good idea to ensure proper ventilation. Just like humans and other animals, chickens need fresh air to circulate regularly, to keep it a relatively clean, healthy environment. Simply fitting a window or a vent will serve these purposes and will go a long way to limiting bad odors!

3. Accessibility

Another important thing to keep in mind is accessibility. It doesn’t just need to be accessible for the chickens; it also needs to be accessible for humans.

This will make cleaning and be collecting the eggs far more straightforward. So include access doors and dropping trays where you can, this will save you time, effort and a great deal of hassle.

4. Materials and tools

Remember you are building a home! That means, don’t just dive straight in without taking the proper measurements and collecting all the necessary materials. Use a tape measure and carefully write down all the space requirements you have and need.

You don’t want to get half way through the job and then realize there is no room for a runner or access doors!

Materials are also equally important. Once you have decided on a plan, get your materials together in an organized fashion. That way you can ensure you have enough materials to complete the job and save you having to build your DIY chicken coop plans in a number of stages.

25 Free Chicken Coop Plans

1. Amazing Chicken Coop Plan by Home Depot


First in our list of DIY chicken coop plans is the fantastic plan from The Home Depot. It’s large at 32 square feet, so it can fit for up to 12 chickens. The plan focuses on several vital elements. Firstly, it looks to create an easy to access nesting box.

It also uses a smart design to ensure cleaning the coop is as hassle-free as possible. To achieve this they have designed a coop where one whole side folds down!

2. Urban Chicken Coop Plan by The Tangled Nest


If you’re looking for a coop that’s safe from raccoons and any other predator, then this sturdy, safe design may fit the bill.

It has two big doors, one on the front and one on the back for easy access. Another selling point is the fact it’s raised, making access by unwanted visitors challenging to say the least.

3. The Palace Chicken Coop Plan by Steamy Kitchen


Next on our list of free printable chicken coop plans is the chicken coop from the steamy kitchen. This high tech plan is small but full of useful, accessible features.

With a range of diagrams, photos, and blue prints, building your chicken coop with these instructions will be a walk in the park.

4. Bluegrass Coop Plan


If you’re looking for chicken coops that are safe from predators, then the modern, wired design of this coop is guaranteed to bring you peace of mind.

Not only is it safe, but it also has a functional scoop making retrieving eggs a 30-second process! Plus, it comes with a well thought out roof and what chicken doesn’t deserve a fancy roof?

5. Portable Mini Chicken Coop Plan


This coop stands out from the rest because it’s portable. This makes it ideal for those who travel or like to take the chickens with them when they go to visit the in-laws.

Using hog rings, mesh, and wood, this intelligent design is easy to build and straightforward to move.

6. BarnGeek Free Chicken Coop Plan


If you buy this coop when it’s built it costs $2000, but with this easy to use plan you can build the same coop for a fraction of the price!

It’s a solid medium sized coop that can house 6 chickens and comes with an easy access flap on the side of the coop.

7. Backyard Chicken Coop by Robb


This coop is ideal if you only have 6 chickens and when you can build it for just $40, you simply can’t go wrong.

It’s mostly made of wood but has a window for ventilation, plus it has a large wired outside area to ensure the chickens get some space.

8. Chicken Coop Project at BuildEazy


@Copyright by www.buildeazy.com

This is a fantastically designed chicken coop that can house up to 8 chickens. Plus, it allows plenty of extra room for storage and a hatchway. This is the coop plan made my BuildEazy

The instructions are extremely detailed, offering precise measurements and lists of all the materials you need. If you’re looking for a quick and easy midsized chicken coop, this could well be the one.

9. The 'South City' Coop Plan


This unusually shaped coop is ideal if you have a challenge in terms of space. It fits lengthwise on the side of a building, neatly and compactly.

It can home up to 5 chickens and it’s other stand out feature is the numerous windows and ventilation shafts. This will keep your chickens and garden smelling clean.

This coop plan also included list of A frame chicken coop plans.

10. Free Downeast Thunder Farm Chicken Coop Plans


When it comes to chicken coop plans this is one of the more sophisticated. It utilizes sturdy materials and although it might not be the quickest to build.

If you’re looking for reliability and accessibility, this is close to the top. Plus it’s a neat 4x8 feet and includes a generous yard.

11. Chicken Cube Coop Plan


As the name suggests, this coop is in the shape of a cube! This serves as more than a cool view though; it’s a practical design that provides enough space for nesting boxes and a perch.

Plus, with the design of the roof, you can grow free food on the top!

12. Trictle's Chicken Coop With Plans


This chicken coop is a really intelligent design. It’s ideal for up to 4 chickens and is built on stilts. This serves to not only protect it from predators but also helps prevent any concerns about floods.

The plans are easy to follow and meticulously detailed! If you want a smart, easy to put together coop, this could be the right one for you.

13. My6chicks's Chicken Coop


What separates this from the rest of the chicken coop plans? Well not only does it have a removable roost, it also has electricity for a heated water feeder, lights, and an IR chick-cam so you can keep an eye on your favorite new members of the family!

This coop is the ideal all in one.

14. Pastured Poultry Pen by PVC Plans


This could well be the easiest chicken coop to build of them all. It’s made mainly of PVC pipes, mesh netting and wire. This is good for two reasons.

Not only does it make it extremely easy to build, but it’s also extremely cheap to get all the materials too. This makes it one of the best budget coops on the list. 

15. Free Chicken Coop Plan at MyOutdoorPlans


@Copyright by myoutdoorplans.com

This coop is bigger and sturdier than a lot on this list. It’s primarily made out of wood and comes in at 72" long and 48" wide.

The plans are relatively easy to follow and the whole build shouldn’t take more than a day. It has a high spec roof and windows to ensure ventilation.

16. Chicken Condo' Coop Plan

Chicken-Condo-Coop Plan

This is the next step in chicken coops. Not only is this much bigger than a lot of the coops on this list, coming up to 12 chickens, but it also offers shade to keep your chickens cool in the summer.

On top of that, the nesting box is easy to get to and it offers some form of insulation in the winter.

17. Old Play Set to Hen House

This next coop is a fun, creative way to build a coop for your chickens. It revolves around utilizing an old play house and adding some wire, wood, and plastic, to turn it into a chicken coop to remember.

Because the play house takes up a large amount of the space, building the coop is quick and easy.

18. Sunrise Chicks Chicken Coop Plan


This is one of the biggest scoops on the list and can house a massive 30 chickens. This is more for the serious farmers than the odd family pet.

It’s raised to protect it from predators and it’s so big it has a human sized door, which makes it easily accessible for cleaning and collecting eggs.

19. Harriet’s House - DIY Chicken Coop


This is a sophisticated chicken coop and will require some serious building. However, the plans are easy to follow and you will be left with a coop to be proud of.

Overall it’s 40” x 144” including the 28” x 40” hoop. It has an attached run, holds 4-5 birds and 2 nest boxes.

20. Free Pallet Chicken Coop by Judy


This clever coop measures 7x7 and can hold up to 12 chickens. The clever thing about this scoop is that it’s made out of pallets.

Not only are they easy to get your hands on, but they’re easy to fit together and could save you up to $1000! If you want an affordable, easy to construct coop, look no further than this!

21. The Wee Kirk Coop


This high flying coop looks more like a church than a chicken coop. But if you love your chickens and you want the best for them, then why not?

It’s built mainly from wood, but also incorporates wire to secure it to the ground and keep pesky predators at bay.

22. 'Pallet Palace' DIY Chicken Coop


This is another large but easy to build the chicken coop. This measures whopping 16x8 feet and can house up to 32 chickens!

Plus, because it’s predominantly built from pallets it’s easy to put together. It comes with a door and two windows, ensuring it scores high on the ventilation front.

23. Wire Spools Chicken Coop


This is a peculiar looking coop, standing vertically. It can only hold 2 chickens and looks more like a stair case than a coop.

But what is good about this coop, is that it’s made from mainly wire and a bit of wood. If you’re tight on space, this is a good choice.

24. Free Chicken Coop Blueprints


Housing up to 4 chickens and measuring 8x2 feet, this coop is extremely basic. It can be built in just a few hours and requires just a few planks of wood.

This makes it one of most affordable coops to build and still offers some ventilation with a propped up, flexible roof.

25. DIY Chicken Coop From Pallets


This coop is a smart, effective design. Not only does it offer a large secure area, protected with wire, but the building section is raised keeping predators at a safe distance!

It isn’t the easiest to build, but with the easy to follow plans, you could have it built in a day or two. Plus, you just can’t go wrong when the chicken coop plans free!


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