Must-know Dos and Dont in Handling Your Pets

Right Pet Care: 7 Must-know Dos and Don’ts in Handling Your Pets

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Last Updated on January 3, 2022 by Pauline G. Carter

As pet owners, it is your responsibility to ensure that you give the best life you can offer to your pets as they are also like an extension of your family that needs to be cared for and, most especially, loved.

Having pets around you is good for your health, especially cats and dogs, who can help in reducing stress and loneliness as they make good companions.

Some people find a deep connection and understanding with their pets. Most likely, these owners are the ones who take good care of their pets and try to understand what their pets are trying to convey and vice versa.

If you’re also talking about loyalty, pets could be one of your trusted fellows that could make living life better.

With the love, loyalty, and positive vibes that pets make, it’s just best that they receive the right pet care. In this sense, they will also be disciplined properly to prevent and outbursts of aggressive tendencies for some other types of pets.

Here is a guide on the dos and don’ts in handling your pets.

Know the Type of Animal You Want

Before adopting a pet, research about them. In this way, you could know yourself if you could take care of them based on their attitudes, needs, behavior, and things you could expect from them.

It’s always best to know your animal, so you also know your capabilities of taking care of one because taking care of an animal is a life-long commitment.

Avoid Overfeeding

In many cases, overfeeding is never a good thing. Although it may feel satisfying that your pets have eaten large amounts of food, it may also risk them for some excessive severe weight gain and health conditions.

Even if your pets give you some puppy dog eyes, try your best to resist giving them too much and keep them active as a way of exercising.

If your pets gain too much weight than their normal BMI, they might be at risk for diabetes, heart diseases, skin problems, and more. In times like this, it’s always best to consult professionals on the VitaPet Australian website to help you make sure your fur babies are healthy and to give you some trusted advice.

Always remember that giving them one to two treats is enough, but too much will always have some consequences.

Bring Them to Their Regular Vet Schedules

Veterinary visits are essential in ensuring that your pets are healthy and happy. Sometimes some owners overlook their pets’ medical needs, thinking that the changes in their pet’s behavior are just because of mood swings, but they soon find that their pet has an underlying medical issue.

So, make it a habit to bring your pets to their vet schedules and prevent any disease that will always be better before everything becomes worse. A wellness check will always be worth it for your pets to ensure that your companionship will last a long time.

Prevent Pulling Them by Their Tails  

If you’re thinking of chasing your pet and pulling them by their tails, think twice, as it also has some negative consequences. An animal’s tail, especially for dogs, is connected to the muscles of its bum. If you pull it excessively and forcibly, it may cause some damage to their bones and their bowel movement too.

You may notice that animals could be protective of their tails and might bite you if they feel threatened. So, make sure your children are also aware of this to avoid any accidents that may occur.

Show Some Love and Affection

Just like humans, animals have feelings too. They need to be provided with food, shelter, care, and proper veterinary care if they need to. Typically, many domesticated pets’ behaviors are dependent on how you treat them.

If you show them love, kindness, and compassion, in return, they will show you the same respect and compassion.

But, you also have to understand the behavior of your pets and which behaviors must be disciplined.

For instance, if you try to hug your pet cat and give you love bites, you might be doing something wrong, but you also have to know that animals have individual preferences that you have to know and understand.

Usually, if you want to show affection to your pets, always try to observe what makes them happy and what makes them feel excited. In most cases, dogs love it when they receive a pat on the shoulders, while cats enjoy the long strokes you do for their back and chins.

Do Not Bathe Your Pets Everyday

You may think that pets might get too dirty if they don’t take a bath every day, but in their case, it’s okay. As a consequence of giving regular baths, they might suffer from too dry skin, making them feel irritable and uncomfortable because it will be itchy.

Take note that if you have a pet dog, bathe them only at least once in three months and for cats, consider giving them every four to six weeks.

Don’t Forget To Keep Them Active.

One of the most effective ways to ensure your pets get good exercise is by taking them for a walk. Exercise is highly essential for animals so that they do not develop any heart diseases as they grow old and could lessen the chances of being obese.

At most times, you may see dogs are the typical type of animals being walked outside with their owners. If you find it hard to keep your animals interested in doing active activities, try spending time with them and playing with them.

You may also try buying them toys that may catch their attention and stimulate their senses.


Pets have feelings too, and emotions that need to be understood. This may be why many people find comfort and companionship in animals, especially in times of struggle.

With this being said, they deserve nothing but the best in life because they are creatures that help people in many ways, no matter what type of animal they are.

Refer to the dos and don’ts mentioned above if you struggle with dealing with your pets to help you.

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