Do Chickens Make Nests? [A In-Depth Discussion]

Do Chickens Make Nests
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Last Updated on June 11, 2022 by Pauline G. Carter

Chickens are interesting creatures. One of the things that make them so interesting is that they make nests. Chickens will use just about anything to make their nests.

Some common items that they will use are straw, feathers, grass, and leaves.

Does chicken make their own nests?

Does chicken make their own nests

Most chicken owners are familiar with the iconic image of a hen sitting on a nest of eggs, but many people don’t know that chickens actually make their own nests. The process of making a nest is called “scratching” and it’s something that all chickens do, regardless of whether or not they’re sitting on eggs. When a chicken scratches, she’s using her claws to dig a small depression in the ground.

She then lines the nest with whatever soft material she can find, like straw, leaves, or feathers. Once the nest is lined, the hen will start to lay her eggs in it. Chickens will usually lay one egg per day, and they’ll continue to lay eggs in the same nest until it’s full.

Once the nest is full, the hen will stop laying eggs and will start to incubate them.

Where do chickens make nests?

Chickens make nests in a variety of places, depending on the type of chicken and the availability of materials. Some chickens will make a nest in a tree, while others will use a bush or some other type of vegetation. Some chickens will even make a nest in a hole in the ground.

Nests are usually made out of whatever materials are available to the chicken. This can include grass, leaves, straw, feathers, and even sticks. The chicken will use its beak to gather materials and then use its feet to build the nest.

Once the nest is built, the chicken will usually lay its eggs in it.

Do chickens need their own nest to lay eggs?

No, chickens do not need their own nest to lay eggs. Chickens will lay eggs anywhere they feel safe and comfortable, including in a nest with other chickens. The only time a chicken might need its own nest is if it is going to be incubating its eggs.

What do chickens make their nest out of?

Chickens usually make their nests out of anything they can find that provides them with warmth and comfort. This can include straw, grass, feathers, leaves, and even paper. Chickens will often line their nests with soft materials like feathers to make them more comfortable for their eggs.


Chickens do make nests, but they don’t necessarily do it in the way that we might think. Chickens will often find a nice, soft spot in the grass or straw and make themselves a little nest. However, they will also sometimes make nests in trees or other high places.

Chickens will also use anything they can find to make a nest, including sticks, leaves, and even feathers.

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