Do Maine Coons Have Short Legs

Do Maine Coons Have Short Legs?

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Maine Coons are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, and they are known for their large size and thick fur. But do Maine Coons have short legs? This is a question that many people ask, and the answer may surprise you.

While Maine Coons do have relatively short legs compared to other cat breeds, they are not considered to be a dwarf breed. In fact, their leg length is just about average for a domestic cat. So why do Maine Coons seem like they have short legs?

Maine coons are a breed of domestic cat known for their large size and unique appearance. They are one of the largest breeds of cats, with males typically weighing 9-18 pounds and females 7-12 pounds. Maine coons also have very long hair, which requires regular grooming to prevent mats and tangles.

Despite their large size, Maine coons are gentle giants and make great pets. One of the most distinctive features of Maine coons is their short legs. While the average domestic cat has legs that are about 20% of their body length, Maine coons have legs that are only 15% of their body length.

This gives them a stubby, stocky appearance that is quite different from other cats. The shortness of their legs is due to a genetic mutation that occurred in early Maine coon populations. While some people may think that Maine coons look a bit odd because of their short legs, this feature actually makes them quite adept at climbing and jumping.

Their shorter limbs give them more power and agility, allowing them to climb trees and jump great distances. So if you’re looking for a feline friend who can keep up with your active lifestyle, a Maine coon might be the perfect choice!

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How Can I Tell If My Kitten is a Maine Coon?

Maine Coon kittens are some of the most adorable and sought-after pets around. But how can you be sure that your kitten is in fact a Maine Coon? Here are five telltale signs:

1. Size – Maine Coons are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, so if your kitten is on the larger side, it’s a good indication that she may be a Maine Coon. 2. Shape – Take a look at your kitten’s head and ears. Maine Coons have very distinctive triangular faces with large, wide-set ears.

If your kitten has this type of face shape, it’s another strong indicator that she may be a Maine Coon. 3. Coat – Another key physical trait of Maine Coons is their thick, luxurious coats. If your kitten has a thick coat of fur (and especially if it’s longer and shaggier around the neck), there’s a good chance she’s a Maine Coon.

4. Personality – As far as personality goes, Maine Coons are known for being particularly friendly, social and outgoing cats. So if your kitten seems to fit this description, it could be another sign that she’s a Mainer through and through! 5 .

History/Lineage – Of course, perhaps the best way to know for sure if your kitten is indeed a Maine Coon is to trace her lineage or history (if possible). If you can find out that her parents or grandparents were registered as purebred Mainers with The International Cat Association (TICA) or another similar organization, then chances are pretty good that she inherited those genes!

How Can I Tell If My Cat is a Maine Coon Mix?

If you’re wondering whether your cat is a Maine Coon mix, there are a few key things to look for. First, check for the physical characteristics that are typical of Maine Coons. These include a large body size (Maine Coons are the largest domesticated cat breed), long fur, and a distinctive “ruff” around the neck.

Maine Coons also tend to have large, fluffy tails and ears. Another way to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon mix is to look at its personality traits. Many Maine Coons are known for being particularly friendly and outgoing, so if your cat fits this description, it’s possible that it has some Maine Coon in its background.

Additionally, Maine Coons are often described as being “dog-like” in their behavior, so if your cat enjoys playing fetch or going for walks on a leash, this could be another clue that it’s part Maine Coon. Of course, the only way to be absolutely sure that your cat is a Maine Coon mix is to have it DNA tested. However, even without DNA testing, paying attention to physical characteristics and personality traits can give you some clues as to whether or not your feline friend might be part of this special breed.

Do Maine Coons Have Longer Back Legs?

No, Maine Coons do not have longer back legs. Their legs are the same length as any other cat’s legs in proportion to their body size. The myth that they have longer back legs probably comes from the fact that they are a very large breed of cat and their overall proportions can make their back legs appear slightly longer than usual.

How Tall are Maine Coon Cats on Hind Legs?

Maine Coon cats are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds and can range in height from 10 to 16 inches tall when measured from the ground to the top of their shoulders. When standing on their hind legs, Maine Coons can be as tall as 32 inches! The average Maine Coon weighs between 9 and 18 pounds, but some individual cats have been known to reach weights of up to 25 pounds.

Is My Cat a Maine Coon Quiz

Are you wondering if your cat is a Maine Coon? Take our quiz and find out! 1. Does your cat have long, fluffy fur?

Yes ____ No ____ 2. Does your cat have big, tufted ears? Yes ____ No ____

3. Is your cat’s tail long and bushy? Yes ____ No ____ 4. Is your cat large and muscular?


No, Maine Coons do not have short legs. In fact, they are one of the tallest breeds of domesticated cats. They typically weigh between 10 and 25 pounds and can grow to be up to four feet long, including their tails!

Maine Coons are also known for their thick, fluffy fur coats which help keep them warm in the cold winters of their native state, Maine.

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