Everything to Know About Travelling with Dogs

Everything to Know About Travelling with Dogs

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Most pet parents believe it is difficult or impossible to travel with their dogs. But the world is changing, and a lot of families and individuals are now traveling with their pets.

Because some pet parents do not know how to go about it, we have put together some tips for you.

So here’s everything you need to know about traveling with a dog and the type of paperwork you need.

Weigh the pros and cons of traveling with your dogs

Traveling can be stressful for pets, and it is not recommended unless necessary. They prefer wagging their tails while waiting for you to return than traveling.

So you have to consider the necessity of traveling with your dogs. If it is not necessary, you can leave your furry friends at home.

When traveling with your dogs, a portable dog water bottle is an essential item to help your pet stay hydrated and help the pet from being overheated by being in the sun.

Cross-check with a veterinary for health and safety

Before you take your dog on any trip, make sure you go to the veterinarian for a checkup. Ensure that your pet’s vaccination is up-to-date and it is in a good shape to travel (both mentally and physically).

Besides, you should also get health certification for your dog; this is necessary when traveling by air. Make sure you take along with you regular foods and medication.

Also, find any veterinary hospital close to where you are going in case an emergency arises.

Means of Identification

Make sure your dog has a means of identification in case it gets away from you. You can get a leash and collar for your pet. The dog’s name, your name, your number, proof of rabies shot should be seen on the collar.

However, if you are going for an extended trip, you can go for a permanent means of identification, such as a microchip. You can bring along a recent picture of your dog as well.

Pet Carrier/Crate

To keep your dog safe while traveling (either by air or road), you should get a crate. It is a requirement for traveling by air. While getting a crate for your dog, you should consider the size of your animal.

The cage should be strong to hold your pet, and there should be enough ventilation. It should have a leak-proof bottom layered with absorbent material.

Clearly label the pet carrier with “live Animal”, put an arrow showing the upright position. Include your name, address, and phone number on the label. Provide your pet with new and old toys in the carrier to ensure he does not get bored.

Train your dog for a bathroom break

Make sure you train your dog not to relieve himself just on grass. Train your pet on how to do that on various surfaces. This will help him take a bathroom break easily when traveling by car.


Before traveling, check out hotels/motels at your destination that allow dogs. Some have full dog restrictions, and some have a size restriction. Since you will be going with your furry friend, you should go to hotels or motels that do not have one.

But, if you lodge at a hotel where dogs are allowed, be considerate of others that lodge as well. Always attend to your dog and keep it quiet. Besides, make sure you check with the management where you can walk your dog and where you can’t.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with your furry friend is not all that difficult. You only need to research and plan adequately for your trip. Then you can enjoy a fun-filled trip with your dog.

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