Essential Dog Training Commands

5 Essential Dog Training Commands You Need To Know

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As a dog owner, you will be proud if your dog has good manners and can understand and obey a variety of commands. A dog that is friendly and one that can be controlled is easier to live with.

The only way to deal with behavior problems, whether existing or those that may develop in the future is by training your dog. Thus, your dog can safely exist around other people and pets.

While there are hundreds of commands you can train your dog, a few are essential and it’s a must-learn for every dog. They include:

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This is one of the easiest basic commands to teach your dog. To teach your dog how to sit, hold a treat in front of their nose. Lift your hand and the treat, and the dog’s head will follow the treat.

This will cause their bottom to lower, and they will sit. Once they are in a sitting position, say the word sit and give them the treat. Repeat this process a few times until your dog master it. Once your dog has learned how to sit, you can proceed to other commands.

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Lie down

This is an important command to teach your dog, and it will be helpful to keep them from jumping on kids or visitors or even putting their face on the dinner table. Command your dog to sit and hold a treat in front of their nose.

Move the treat down straight to the floor between its paws, and they will follow the treat and get to the down lay down position. Once they are in that position, say lay down and give them the treat. Repeat this process until they learn it.


You will obviously want your dog to stay put and not follow you when you go to answer the door or while attending to other chores. Teach your dog how to sit first, and teaching them how to stay will be easier.

Once they are in a sited position, open your palm in front of their face and say stay. When they stay for a few seconds, say good stay and reward them.

Repeat this a few times, and the next time asks your dog to stay, and you move further away from them and increase the time you ask them to stay. Always reward your dog for staying put even for a few seconds.


It’s important to teach your dog the come command as it can protect it from neighbours, traffic, encounters with other dogs, or when they will break off the leash.

Put a leash and collar on your dog and say come when gently pulling the leash. Once the dog comes to you, reward them with a treat and show them affection.

Leave it

Dogs are curious creatures, especially when they find something enticing or smell something intriguing. To keep them safe:

  1. Train them to leave or do not touch its command.
  2. Hold an object desirable to your dog on your palm, and when the dog reaches for it, pull your hand away and say leave it.
  3. Repeat this until your dog stops reaching for the object and reward them.
  4. Repeat this process until the dog masters the command.

These are some of the most essential and basic dog training commands that you should know and teach your dog. They can protect your dog from danger since you can easily control it on what and what not to do.

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