Best Outdoor Activities For Your Dogs

Best Outdoor Activities For Your Dogs

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Dogs are balls of energy, and it can be exhausting to deal with them when they are in a playful mood. They love being outdoors, but without any fun activity, they get bored easily.

Dogs that engage in outdoor activities will most likely be well-behaved indoors. But most pet parents do not know how to engage their pets. Hence, we have put together the best outdoor activities for your dogs.

Playing Fetching

One of the activities that dogs are good at is fetching. Breeds such as retrievers have the in-built fetching ability, but you have to train some pups. Though playing fetching is fun, dogs get tired of this game easily.

So, you need to change the variation of the game to keep them entertained. For instance, you can interchange Frisbees with basketball or bouncy balls.

Bike Riding

Dogs are good companions, and they love accompanying their owners. So if you are the type that goes bike riding, you should consider taking your pet for a ride.

You only need to ensure that you attach your dog to the bike with a leash. Then, make sure you ride slowly and take a break once in a while so your dog won’t faint due to heat stress.

When visiting outside with your dog by car, you just need a dog car seat cover and a dog car booster seat to keep your car looking good.

Visiting Dog Parks

Even though dogs enjoy human company, they still love being in the company of their fellow pooch. And they can enjoy companionship with other animals at Dog Park.

A park is where dogs on leash are released to play around. But, make sure you go to a dog park encamped with a fence.

This is because they can get lost in the not encamped park. Besides, please do not take too many pets that you can handle so that you can watch them very well.


Walking does not only help you keep fit, but it also helps your animal keep fit as well. But ensure you keep your dog on a leash while going on a walk. Hiking is another fun activity you can do with your dog.

However, be sure you consider your pet’s size and breed before embarking on hiking. If your dog is small, you should hike on a shorter path.

Besides, make sure you go along with enough water to keep your animal hydrated.


Swimming is an exercise that does not exert stress on dogs. It is a great outdoor activity for your older dogs. And most dogs enjoy playing with or in water. Some breeds are natural swimmers, while some are not.

But you can easily train your dog even if it is not natural. Swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool is not harmful to your dog.

However, if you are skeptical about a swimming pool, you can fill a large bowl with water in your backyard and place your pet there. The most important thing is that you should be vigilant and watchful.


Most dogs in their active age love to run. So, you can take your dog along with you when next you are going for a run or jog. But you have to make sure the size of your dog is compatible with you.

You wouldn’t want to take a dog with long legs that will end up dragging you. Make sure you hold your pet on a leash so it would not wander off.

Final Thoughts

Since dogs like being with their owners all the time, they also enjoy the fun and exhilarating feeling attached to outdoor activities. So, ensure you take your pet on outdoor activities as often as you can.

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