How Big Are Peacock Eggs?

How Big Are Peacock Eggs
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If you are an egg enthusiastic, one of the things you will be interested to know is how big peacocks’ eggs are. Chicken eggs are the preferred egg variety and the most common. This has led to most people comparing the eggs of a chicken and those of other birds. In this article, we are going to explore all about peacock eggs. Read on.

How Big are Peacock Eggs?

Big are Peacock Eggs

Since peacocks are male, they do not lay eggs. It is the female known as peahen that lays eggs. Generally, a peacock’s egg is around 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. However, the egg size can vary depending on the type of peafowl breed, its health status, and age. The peacock eggs are ideally larger and bigger than a chicken and a duck. 

Since an egg chicken is the most common, the peacock’s egg is about 50% larger than a chicken. A peacock egg is about the same size as a turkey and ideally smaller than that of an ostrich.

What Do Peacock Eggs Look Like?

What Do Peacock Eggs Look Like

Identifying a peacock egg is one of the things you should know, especially if you are a large flock of mixed birds that lay eggs. Ideally, peacock eggs are larger than those of other birds.

Unlike the eggs of a chicken, geese, and duck that almost look similar, it is very easy to identify peacock eggs. Since not so many poultry lay large eggs, you should probably pick the largest one if you look for a peacock egg.

Another way to differentiate a peacock egg from the rest is that its eggshell is thicker than that of a chicken egg. Its eggshell always feels harder to break. Also, the color of a peacock egg is off-white or milky white for the most part.

However, you can still find peacock egg colors such as pale yellow, reddish-brown, yellowish-brown, or pale pink. Peacock eggs are also 4 inches, making them easy to identify.

How Much Do Peacock Eggs Weigh?

One of the easiest ways to differentiate between a chicken and a peacock egg is by knowing the weight of the two eggs. A peacock egg will weigh between 90-110 grams or 3.2-3.8 oz.

This is almost two or three times more than the average weight of a chicken egg. Therefore, when you are frying one peacock egg, it appears like 2-3 large chicken eggs on a pan.

How Often Can Peafowls Lay Eggs?

Unlike chickens who start laying their eggs when they are about 6 months old, peafowls start laying eggs at about 2 years old. Something interesting about peafowls is that they can lay eggs without coming into contact with peacocks.

However, such eggs will be unfertilized. If you want peafowl eggs for eating, you do not need to rare a male peacock for you to have peafowl eggs in your home. If you want the peafowl eggs to hatch to more birds, you will need a male peacock to fertilize the eggs.

Typically, peahens usually lay eggs daily for about 6-8 days. After that, the peahen will make a nest and sit on the eggs for incubation. If you want more eggs, you can remove them from their spot, and the peafowl will continue lying for about a month after the 8 days.

How Long Does it Take For Peacock Eggs to Hatch?

How Long Does it Take For Peacock Eggs to Hatch

The incubation period of peafowl is about 28-30 days. While you can incubate the eggs by yourself, it’s easier when the peafowl incubate them. In addition, since peafowls can lay eggs by themselves, you need to pay attention during the breeding season to ensure you are incubating fertilized eggs.

You can opt to breed the eggs professionally by placing them in an incubator. Peahens are very patient and will keep their eggs warm until they hatch.

They are also excellent mothers and give all the care and attention to their young ones. In addition, when constructing their coops, they prefer huge ones or open ones to have enough space to incubate their eggs.

Why You Should Rare Peacocks

Apart from their eggs, peacocks control pests in the home. They consume a variety of insects, rodents, snakes, and amphibians. The other reason you can rare peacocks is their big lifespan. Peacocks can live for about 12-15 years, which is long enough even to become connected with your peacocks.


Peacock eggs usually are larger compared to chicken eggs. They also taste more or less like chicken eggs but have a gamier flavor and texture. While you can enjoy eating unfertilized eggs for the peafowls, you will need a male peacock for breeding purposes. This article covers all you need to know about peacock eggs.

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