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10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

foods not to feed dogs

Do you know there are foods not to feed dogs? Dogs will always love to eat your food. And you cannot resist their big brown borrowing eyes. They will just look at you with that begging face, and you will be tempted to toss them a few of what you are eating. Feeding your dog the […]

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Where Should Your Dog Sleep?

Where Should Your Dog Sleep

Dogs should not be left to sleep outside because that is inhuman. Dogs should sleep indoors where you are. Choosing a place where a dog sleeps is very important for every dog owner. Dogs spend half of their life sleeping, and it is therefore very important that where they sleep is comfortable. This is for […]

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Pet Hairs

Remove Pet Hair

Do you have a pet, either a cat or a dog? If yes, pet hair is something you have to deal with. Sometimes it can be irritating to have pet hair all over your couch, furniture, and your clothes. This is especially worse during the shedding season. Pet hair can get out of hand. But that […]

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Parvo In Dogs: Warning Signs And Prevention

Parvo In Dogs

Diseases have a bad impact on dogs health and well-being, and it can also determine the extent of their lifespan. The canine parvovirus is a common disease that affects dogs, especially in their early life – when they are about six weeks to six months old. The infection becomes noticeable in two ways: Intestinal form: This […]

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How To Use Dog Grooming Clippers

Use Dog Grooming Clippers

So, your dog needs a trim, and you have bought some professional dog clippers? Dog grooming can be quite a hassle. However, we got you covered. This article will guide you on how to use dog grooming clippers.Use Dog Grooming ClippersClean and Brush Your Dog FirstBefore cutting your dog’s hair, it’s advisable to first clean […]

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