Teddy Bear Pom Died Should have purchased the DNA KIT

Teddy Bear Pom Died! Should have purchased the DNA KIT!

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Last Updated on March 21, 2022 by Pauline G. Carter

I remember it like it was just yesterday. The day was filled with many possibilities, as each day is! 

It was 70 degrees in March in Reno Nv, when I purchased my first Teddy Bear Pom. I recall being more than

excited than to get that one animal just for me as I knew smaller dogs usually tend to stay bonded to one person.

I’ve had a few dogs when I owned horses but never a small Lil guy. I picked him out from the puppy store as he was pretty pricey, but boy was he worth it!!!

Should have purchased the DNA KIT

Simba and I went everywhere together! He smiled at all his photos!

He loved everyone he met! He barked once when he heard me at the door coming in.

He never made a bathroom mistake, and he was still intact!! That was impressive, considering my daughter had a female dog in the same house and sometimes the same room. Simba always respected the female!

Teddy Bear Pom

This Teddy Bear Pom was the most incredible dog I think I will ever own! 

 Simba had a “murmur” in his heart, and boy, had I known this, I would have prepared mentally and physically!!!! Cause Man, this HURT!!!!!BAD!!!!!!

A few months later, I was online looking for another Pom, just like Simba, when I stumbled across a friend who saved her dog because she bought this Kit!!! She was able to purchase the meds to give her dog a few more years!!! 

So when I eventually purchased another Pom, I made sure to get him tested!!! Way cheaper to buy this Kit than to have my Vet do it, lol, so here’s the link for that Here, and I believe it’s at Here.

If any of you are seeking knowledge of your cat or dog’s health at the current time, get this KIT! They even had what my dog might be allergic too, given his ancestor’s history!! Along with his bloodlines.

I’m told the other tests are not good for the health as they try and get you to pay more later if you purchase a cheaper kit. And trust me, it’s way more later!! Plus, you have to wait for each test.. Awk! 

So Since I just purchased another Pom, I’m going with this Kit as instructed by my friend “Embark Dog DNA Kit,” and thank god my new Lil guy has nothing wrong with his heart!!

He had one food allergy, which concerns me, so I had to switch dog foods, and wow, what a difference this made in his eyes, coat, attitude, everything! So don’t learn the hard way as I did!!! I know I won’t! Love your pet because you never know when they will leave your side as mine did! 

I still cry from the loss of my dog, Simba. You let these Lil guys in, and your heart melts!

Then your heart becomes vulnerable to such love and loyalty this animal had given you. You never really plan for them to leave this world the way they sometimes do!

My heart goes out to any, and all that has lost a pet!


 🙂 Take Care.

R.I.P. lil buddy mommy will never forget her lil Bimba!!!!

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