Where Do Pigeons Go At Night

Where Do Pigeons Go At Night?

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When night falls, where do pigeons go? For many of us, these birds are nothing more than a nuisance, dirtying up our buildings and sidewalks with their droppings. But there is something intriguing about these creatures, the way they seem to disappear when the sun goes down.

Where do they go?

Where do pigeons go at night?

Pigeons are one of the most ubiquitous birds in cities around the world. They’re also one of the most misunderstood. For instance, many people believe that pigeons only roost in dirty, urban areas.

But where do pigeons go at night? Most pigeons roost in trees or on ledges near their nesting sites during the day. At night, they often return to these same spots to sleep.

However, some pigeons have been known to fly long distances – up to 600 miles! – to reach their nighttime roosting spots. So where do these nocturnal flyers go?

Scientists believe that they head to open fields or other large expanses of land where there are few obstacles for them to navigate around. This gives them a clear view of predators and allows them to get some much-needed rest. Do you live in an urban area with lots of pigeons?

Next time you see them during the day, take a look up and see if you can spot their nighttime roosting spots!

Where Do Pigeons Go in the Rain

When it rains, pigeons often seek shelter under eaves or awnings. They may also roost in trees or on ledges. If they can’t find a dry spot, they will sometimes huddle together in groups to stay dry.

Where Do Pigeons Go At Night?

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Do Pigeons Sleep in the Same Place Every Night?

Pigeons are creatures of habit and will usually sleep in the same place every night. This can be on a ledge, in a nest or even on the ground. They will often return to the same spot day after day and will only move if they are disturbed or if there is a change in their environment.

How Long Do Pigeons Sleep at Night?

Pigeons sleep an average of 12 hours per day, broken up into two periods. The first period is a light sleep that lasts for about 2-3 hours, during which the pigeon is alert and can be easily awakened. The second period is a deep sleep that lasts for 9-10 hours, during which the pigeon is not as easily aroused.

Where Do Pigeons Go When Dark?

Pigeons are interesting creatures and many people want to know where they go when it gets dark. The answer is not as simple as you might think. While some pigeons do roost in trees or on ledges, others simply fly to a safe place to sleep.

Pigeons have excellent night vision and can see just as well in the dark as they can in the daytime. This means that they don’t necessarily need to find a lighted area to roost for the night. However, they do like to have a clear view of their surroundings so that they can spot predators or other dangers.

Pigeons generally like to roost in groups, so you’ll often see them congregating on rooftops or in parks at night. They will also huddle together for warmth, which is why you’ll sometimes see them nestled up against building walls or under bridges. So, where do pigeons go when it’s dark?

It depends on the pigeon, but most likely they’re just finding a safe place to rest until dawn.

Do Pigeons Sleep on the Ground?

Pigeons do not sleep on the ground. Instead, they roost in trees or on ledges. Pigeons need a perch to sleep on, and the ground does not provide one.


Pigeons are one of the most common birds in North America, and they are often seen roosting on buildings or in other urban areas. But where do these birds go at night? Most pigeons roost in trees or on ledges near their food sources, such as grain silos or bird feeders.

They will also roost in places that offer them protection from predators, such as under bridges or in caves. Pigeons are social creatures and will often roost together in large groups. However, they will also roost alone if necessary.

Pigeons typically return to their roosts just before dawn and remain there until dusk. So if you see a group of pigeons roosting during the day, chances are they’re just taking a nap!

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