Why Do Cats Shake After You Pet Them

Why Do Cats Shake After You Pet Them?

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Have you ever pet a cat and then watched in amusement as they immediately began to shake their entire body? It’s actually a pretty common behavior among cats, but there are a few different theories as to why they do it. One popular theory is that cats shaking after being petted is their way of releasing excess static electricity.

When you pet your cat, you’re essentially coming in contact with their fur, which can build up static electricity. Shaking helps to discharge that built-up static and makes them feel more comfortable.

Have you ever petted a cat and then noticed that they start to shake? It’s actually a pretty common behavior – but why do cats do it? There are a few different theories out there.

One is that it’s a way for cats to release excess energy. When they’re feeling revved up, shaking helps them to calm down. Another possibility is that it’s simply a comfort response.

Cats often purr when they’re being petted, and it’s thought that the shaking motion may be similar in terms of providing relaxation and contentment. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that many cats enjoy being shaken after a good petting session! So if your kitty starts doing this, don’t worry – just enjoy the moment and let them have their little shake-fest.

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Why Does My Cat Tremble When I Pet Her?

There are a few reasons why your cat may tremble when you pet her. One reason could be that she is cold. Cats’ bodies are not very efficient at regulating their body temperature, so they can get cold easily.

If your cat is trembling and you think she may be cold, try picking her up and holding her close to your body to warm her up. Another possibility is that your cat is in pain. If she is trembling and seems uncomfortable, it’s possible that she is injured or has a health condition that is causing her pain.

If you think this may be the case, take her to the vet to have her checked out. Finally, some cats just tremble when they’re happy! It’s possible that your cat loves being petted by you and trembles because she’s enjoying the attention and affection.

If this is the case, there’s nothing to worry about – just enjoy spending time with your happy kitty!

Why Do Cats Shake When You Pick Them Up?

There are several reasons why your cat may shake when you pick them up. It could be that they’re feeling insecure since they’re not on the ground, or it could be that they’re feeling nervous because of being handled by a human. Cats also have a lot of loose skin on their bodies, which can cause them to feel uncomfortable when picked up.

If your cat is shaking when you pick them up, try to hold them close to your body and give them some reassuring strokes.

Do Cats Shake When They are Happy?

Yes, cats do shake when they are happy. This is a behaviour that is often seen in kittens and young cats, but can also be seen in adult cats. When a cat shakes, it is usually a sign of excitement or happiness.

Why Do Cats Shake Like a Dog?

There are a few reasons why cats shake like a dog. One reason is that they are trying to get rid of excess water. When cats drink, they often take in more water than they need and shaking helps them get rid of the extra water.

Another reason is that shaking helps distribute their fur’s natural oils evenly throughout their coat. This helps keep their fur looking shiny and healthy. Finally, some experts believe that shaking may help cats relieve stress or tension.

Why Do Cats Shake Their Heads After You Kiss Them

We’ve all been there. You’re feeling affectionate towards your feline friend and go in for a kiss, only to have them turn their head away at the last second. It’s a move that can be pretty confusing and even a little hurtful, but there’s actually a reason behind it.

When cats shake their heads after you kiss them, they are trying to get rid of your scent. While we might enjoy the smell of our own perfume or cologne, it can be overwhelming for a cat’s sensitive nose. They will often do this same behavior after being petted as well, especially if you have used lotion or another scented product prior to interacting with them.

So next time your kitty turns away from your kisses, don’t take it personally. They still love you, they just don’t love the way you smell!


After you pet a cat, it may sometimes shake its body as if trying to get rid of something. There are several reasons why cats do this. One reason is that the cat is trying to remove your scent from its fur.

Cats have very sensitive noses and can smell things we can’t even imagine. If a cat doesn’t like the way you smell, it will try to get rid of your scent by shaking its body. Another reason a cat may shake after being petted is because it’s overstimulated.

Cats often become overstimulated when they’re petted for too long or too vigorously. When this happens, they may start to feel uncomfortable and will try to get away from the situation by shaking their bodies. If you notice your cat shaking after you pet it, don’t worry – it’s probably just trying to communicate that it’s had enough or doesn’t like the way you smell!

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