10 Low-Maintenance Pets for Busy College Students

10 Low-Maintenance Pets for Busy College Students
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Last Updated on August 24, 2023 by Pauline G. Carter

As a college student, you might want to find relief in unique ways. Things get incredibly hectic with academic stress, and one needs to release some steam occasionally. Many students find that low-maintenance pets are the perfect companions as they fit their student life without compromising. 

This guide aims to address how to find the ideal pet as a college student. It will highlight how these pets can offer valuable mental support during stressful times. Read on to learn about the top pets that require low to minimal maintenance, making them the ideal companion during college!

How a College Student Can Balance Academics and a Pet?

Having a pet as a college student can be exciting. However, you still need to balance your academic and social commitments with the care of your furry friend. You should access free websites that write essays for you. These provide homework help for college students, allowing them to focus on other commitments when the time demands. A website that types essays for you helps you immensely with setting up your routine and getting used to having a pet around. Such websites that write papers for you for free are beneficial in times of necessity. 

However, things do not stop there. Finding one of the best pets for college students is merely the first step. After that, you must find a good routine to get things going. For example, find the same time every day for feeding, exercising, and spending quality time with your pet. Moreover, if you live on campus, you might use campus resources. Many emphasize pet-friendly housing options. However, if these are unavailable, you need to make sure whatever pet you are getting fits the criteria they allow. 

The Benefits of Pets for College Students

While the college experience is often associated with lectures and assignments, many forget to find the joy in small things. Hence, many start feeling overwhelmed and isolated. However, opting for one of the best college pets is an opportunity for emotional support and stress relief. We now dive into the four main advantages of pets for college students:

  1. Emotional support and companionship. With their affectionate and nonjudgmental nature, pets form a consistent form of friendship and emotional support. 
  2. Stress reduction. Studies have proven that having pets in dorms reduces your stress levels and helps with the heart. Petting or spending time with a pet releases oxytocin, the “feel-good” hormone, and it lowers cortisol, the primary stress hormone.
  3. Routine. Part of owning a pet is building a solid routine for feeding, walking, and interacting. In other words, you must develop your own routine around your pet’s timing. 
  4. Reduced feelings of isolation. The bond between a pet and its owner is different than any other. It can provide a consistent and reassuring presence at all times. 

10 Best Low-Maintenance Pets for College Students

10 Best Low-Maintenance Pets for College Students

Now, this section will dive into good pets for college students. We will dive into ten good, low-maintenance pets, providing you with options. Here are the best pets to have in college:

  1. Cats: You do not need to give cats as much attention as other dogs. Hence, that makes them incredibly easy to take care of. They also have an inherent fascinating personality that makes them desirable pets. 
  2. Fish: One of the top pets for students involves owning a fish tank. While they require regular maintenance, it can be quite a therapeutic experience. Moreover, having a tank of colorful fish can be a mesmerizing experience. 
  3. Hamsters: Hamsters are fist-sized bundles of energy that are a delight to play with. Moreover, you do not need to constantly play with them. Instead, they can thrive on their own sometimes. 
  4. Tarantulas: A tarantula is not for the weak-hearted. While these spiders are not poisonous, many people still fear them. However, they are among the easy pets for college students, as all you need to feed them are insects. 
  5. Geckos: If you want a more exotic pet, aim for the gecko. While they require a specific habitat with enough shade, they are intriguing to observe. 
  6. Guinea pigs: Guinea pigs have soft fur and endearing personalities, making them charming pets. However, they do require regular cleanup and check-ins. 
  7. Hedgehog: While not the easiest pet to own, hedgehogs have a unique appearance. Yet, you must remember that they need proper temperature and a well-balanced diet to sustain them. 
  8. Turtles: Turtles are the sweetest and among the most fun creatures to have. While they might not be as furry as other pets, they are low-maintenance as they only require leafy vegetables.
  9. Hermit crab: If you want a more unique pet, grab a hermit crab! However, once you get the tank to keep it in, you should add numerous shells for the pet.
  10. Parakeet: Parakeets have a livelier personality for people who want more colorful options. Moreover, they are small enough to fit into smaller cages in dorm rooms. 


Choosing a pet is a challenging fete. However, finding one of the best emotional support animals for college students reduces stress and enhances overall well-being. In the middle of a college student’s demanding life, one must balance their studies and owning a pet.

This guide dives into all the information you need about having a companion. From tarantulas to fish, we discussed the top pets that require minimal maintenance. Remember, such companions can be pillars of support. It infuses joy and comfort into the college journey.

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