How to Feed a Crested Gecko

How to Feed a Crested Gecko?

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Crested geckos make good pets because they are easy to look at and are ideal for beginners, older children, and adults. These reptile peats are adorable creators that come in a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns.

The fact that crested geckos are nocturnal and spend most of their day sleeping makes it easy to take care of them because they don’t need much attention.

However, when they are awake in the evening, they are very entertaining. As a crested gecko pet owner, one obligation you have is to ensure your feed your pet. Before bringing your pet home, it’s important to know what to feed your pet.

What can crested geckos eat? Read on to know the best food to feed your pet.

Geckos are nocturnal, meaning you will only have to feed them in the evening. The amount of food and type to provide them varies on their age and activity. For example, adults crested geckos only feed three times a week, and juveniles should be fed daily.

While in the wild, crested geckos feed on live prey like insects and worms, and some will feed on fruits. Therefore, when you bring a crested gecko at home, their diets should include various insects, worms, and fruits.

Here are some of the things to feed your crested gecko


Most healthy pet gecko diets will include crickets. Apart from being cheaper to purchase, you can easily raise crickets at home to have a staple food source for your crested gecko.


This is the other leading food for geckos. However, they have a hard and indigestible exoskeleton and might be too hard for house geckos. So avoid feeding your gecko too much of these mealworms.

Waxworm, super worm, silkworm

These insects are rich in nutrients and supplements due to their high-fat content, which nutritionally helpful to your crested gecko. Unfortunately, you can feed them as treats only once a week.

Butter worm, calcium worm

You can easily get these types of worms from online stores or private vendors who rear them to resell.


Fruit flies and roaches are other insects you can feed on your gecko. You can sprinkle the insect with calcium supplements while feeding the gecko and multivitamins once a week to ensure it feeds on all the required nutrients and supplements.

Locust and Grasshoppers

Another type of insect that crested geckos love is locusts and grasshoppers.


Crested geckos also love to feed on fruits. Mash the fruits so that they can feed on them quickly. Some of the fruits to include in your crested gecko diet are bananas, watermelon, dates, blueberry dates, apricot, peach, plum, and mango.

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Commercial Food

You can also buy commercial food formulated for crested geckos if you have trouble finding insects and worms. It is a mixture of a completely balanced diet and the easiest way to ensure your gecko gets a nutritious and well-balanced diet.

Also, supplement the commercial gecko diets with fruits and insects.


Geckos are some of the easiest pets to take care of. They feed on various things that are readily available in the store or can be reared at home.

When selecting the size of insects to feed to your crested gecko, always ensure that it is smaller than the width of its mouth. Also, always provide fresh, clean water for your gecko.

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