How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Chickens

How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Chickens?

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If you are starting chicken farming, the number one question you will be asking yourself is how many times a day and how much you should feed your chickens. How many times a day and how much you feed your chickens will depend on their age, size, activity, and the needs of your chicken.

 Knowing the amount of feed and when to feed will help you budget for your chickens. Ideally, no matter the amount of feeds and the times, chicken feeds should consist of a balanced diet rich in all the nutrients your chicken requires. Let’s dive in and address the main issue of how many times a day you should feed your chicken.

How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Chickens?

ow Many Times a Day Should Feed My Chickens

Feeding your chicken is not a complicated task. However, it might take you some time to get the perfect routine and schedule that works for your chicken.

Normally, chickens should be fed throughout the day continuously, but it’s good to have a schedule. Just like people, chickens are creatures of routine. Having a feeding routine for your chickens is very beneficial.

Most people will feed their chickens once a day, especially in the mornings. Others who have a large feeder will fill it with chicken feeds that can go for one week.

The good thing with chickens is that they don’t overfeed. Even though you fill the feeders with chicken feeds, they will eat only as much as is needed to give them the nutrition and energy required for the day.

Chickens are not like dogs that empty their bows a few minutes after giving them food. They eat small portions throughout the day. Since you want your chicken healthy, ensure they have enough essential nutrients in their feeds.

How Much Should I Feed My Chickens?

How Much Should I Feed My Chickens

There is no ideal amount of feeds recommended to give your chicken. This is because chicken breeds are different, and their eating habits might vary. The amount you feed your chickens will vary depending on their size and age.

Having a starting point will help you figure out the ideal amount you are supposed to feed your chicken. For example, for adult chickens, you can start with 0.25lb (120grams) of a balanced nutrient-rich feed per day. 

Checking the feeder once your chickens have eaten is one of the best ways to determine and know their feeding needs. If any feed is left, you should adjust the amount down the next day.

If no feed is left, you should add a little the next day. It is better to provide enough food than too little, or you will end up with malnourished chicken and get low eggs production.

How Often Do You Feed Chickens?

How Often Do You Feed Chickens

The most common method used for feeding chickens is free feeding. If you allow your chicken to free-range, it should do so on a full stomach to produce more eggs. Chickens should have a readily available and accessible food supply throughout the day.

They will not overeat and will only eat when they need to. Keeping the feeders stocked all day with high-quality feeds or pellets is the best option. If you have trouble with pests and rodents, feeding your chicken twice daily is the best option.

Chicken can eat more or less in a day depending on many things. Several factors can make your chicken feed more or less than the norm. The recommended 120grams can be influenced by the following;

Size of Chicken Ideally, chickens of a larger size will feed more than those of smaller sizes.

Breed of Chicken

Some chicken breeds are known to feed more than other breeds. Before settling for a certain breed of chicken, you should study their eating habits so as not to be surprised when feeding them.

Age of Chicken

The nutrient requirements for chickens go hand in hand with their weight and stage of maturity. The more chickens mature, their feed intake continues to increase gradually.

Growth and Production Rate

Chickens that are layered for meat purposes have a rapid growth compared to those layered for egg production. Therefore, their feed intake will be higher than those producing eggs. On the other hand, layers will increase their feed consumption, unlike growers.

Time of the Year

Chickens will eat more during winter and fall because they require high energy levels to maintain normal body temperatures. They also require more proteins to regrow feathers and will thus eat more feed. During summer and the warm months, chickens tend to feed less. 

Particle Size of Feed

Though chickens can feed on large feed particles, their feed consumption can improve if the particles of feed are reduced to medium. So, the size of your chicken feeds can affect how your chickens feed.

What Do You Feed Your Chicken Daily?

What Do You Feed Your Chicken Daily

According to science, chickens are classified as omnivorous, and they feed on both plants and small animals. However, chickens are not peaky eaters, and they can feed or forage on whatever they come across.

To ensure your chickens eat healthily and increase their egg production, ensure you feed them a balanced diet.  They require enough supply of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and water.

It is always advisable to feed your chicken with feeds recommended by professionals since they are formulated with all the nutrients required for your chickens.

For example, the pellets or mash sold for chicken are made with grains and oyster shells, combined with added vitamins and calcium.

You should also incorporate fresh fruits like bananas, apples, and carrots and a mix of fresh vegetables like kales, cabbage, broccoli, and spinach in your chicken’s diet to add extra nutrients.


Once you feed your chicken, how many times a day should be an easy process once you understand your chicken’s needs and requirements. To ensure your chickens remain healthy and produce many eggs, ensure there is always feed in their feeders and pent of fresh, clean water.

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