American Game Chicken Breed Guide: Characteristics, Temperament, & More

American Game Chicken Breed
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April 23, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

American Game Chicken Breed is one of the most beautiful breeds of chicken available. The United States is the origin of these game-breed chickens. American Game Chicken is raised for Cockfighting, but these day’s it’s been raised also traditionally.

The multi-color game chicken is statically used for Ornaments and Show purposes with the rarity of malnutrition deficiency. It played a big part in American history, and many politicians used it to raise American Game Chicken as a symbol of physical and moral fortitude.

American Game Chicken is lined by various breeds like Spanish strains, Sumatra breed, Old English Gamefowl, Irish Game, Oriental Gamefowl, and other European breeds.

American Game Chicken has its strains like Albany, Butcher, Claret, Hatch, Kelso, Roundhead, Sweater, and Whitehackle. With the support of societies like the American Gamefowl Society, it’s been protected for years now.

American Game Chicken Breed Profile

American Game Chicken
Country of origin:United States
Primary use:Ornamental
Weight:Male: bantam: 850 g
Female: bantam: 765 g
Recognized Varieties:Birchen, Black, Black Breasted Red Blue, more
Egg production (lifetime):500
Egg color:
Egg size:Medium
Comb type:Single

Characteristics of The American Game Chicken

As a multicolored breed, American Game Chicken can be found in Black, Brown, Red, Gold, Blue, Pumpkin, White, Brown-red, Red quil, Silver duck wings, Golden duck wings, Black Breasted Red, etc. Colors. With smooth and small wattles and earlobes, a single five-pointed comb being in red color.

Single comb, Pea comb, and single-pea comb are the comb combination that can be found in this breed of chicken. The long thick sickle feathers are the sign that it’s a full-grown Cock.

The hens lay medium-sized brown, cream, or white-colored eggs. From mid-spring to late summer and further till early fall, American Game Chicken hens lay eggs. Hens can lay up to 500 eggs in a lifetime.

The age of this kind of breed gives them different names like, Stag is a year old or less rooster, Bull stag is 13 to 18 months old rooster, 18 to 24 months old rooster is called Cock and young hens less than a year old are called Pullet, otherwise Hens only. This breed tends to have a lifespan of 5 to 8 years.

Behavior/ Temperament/ Use

While being a beautiful strain of birds, American Game Chicken has the reputation of a fighter. Stubborn, hard, angry, interactive, active, and noisy, this kind of behavior trait gives these Chicken breeds a fighter reputation. A fighter Cock may cost up to 800$, where a rooster from 50$ to 100$.

They aren’t meant to be kept together with their egoistic traits, especially roosters. Roosters are born fighters with a strong sense of ego and fearfulness to fight till death.

The world record of a continuous streak of wins is 15 for a Cock. They demand an extra amount of care for the lifetime. A special kind of expertise is necessary for this strain.

The Hens are cute but can be aggressive to the new hens if introduced to the folk and sometimes to old hens. Hens are usually protective. As a protective mother, hens can be more or less aggressive as roosters, and it’s just in this breed’s DNA.

The American Game Chicken has earned the superiority of beauty & muscle. With their fighting traits, they are extra attractive to a lot of people for a wholesome of reasons like Cockfighting, Fighting Shows, Ornamental use, and as a Table Bird.

Apart from that, they have a multicultural history and play a huge part in American history. If these values meet your requirements for a pet, then Yes, American Game Chicken is the right choice for you.

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