Andalusian Chicken

Andalusian Chicken

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Andalusian Chickens originate from Spain; they are a rugged and ancient breed of chicken. It is assumed that its history is rooted from the Castilian chicken breeds, resembling this Spanish chicken, but weighing in a bit lighter.

They arrived in England around 1846, being distributed around the Devon and Cornwall areas. This breed of chicken was exhibited for the first time in London at the Baker Street Show and then later towards 1855, it was exported to the USA.

Andalusian Chicken | Breed Profile

Andalusian Chicken

Country of origin:Spain
Primary use:Eggs
Weight:Male: Standard: 3.2–3.6 kgBantam: 680–790 gFemale: Standard: 2.25–2.70 kgBantam: 570–680 g
Temperament:Active, Gentle
Recognized Varieties:Blue
Egg production (annual):165
Egg color: White
Egg size: Large
Comb type: Single

Characteristics Of The Andalusian Chicken

The Andalusian is highly ranked in the productivity category; an ‘egg-cellent’ egg layer. It loves to forage and is a hardy bird. Baby chicks become feathered and mature very quickly with the cockerels showing signs of crowning already at 7 weeks old.

One of the main distinctions of the Andalusian chicken breed is the blue coloring of the plumage. All feathers should be a clear bluish-slate color, markedly laced with black or dark blue.

Blue Andalusian chickens are produced from crossing black and white birds. They do well in the colder climates, although their noticeable crown is prone to get frostbite.

However, this bird does not stand very well to being confined much, plucking feathers if confined, becoming ‘flighty’. Andalusians are friendly. They need protection from moisture and wind in winter months.

They don’t really like to be handled but they are social creatures, curious and talkative and adventurous, known to fly over fences. They are not prone to being broody. Cocks weigh in at around 7 lbs., the Hen around 5-½ lbs., the Cockerel 6 lbs. and the Pullets 4½ lbs.

Behavior / Temperament

The Andalusian Blue chicken has a kind of stubborn personality, a kind of unbending temperament, which maybe will suit the experienced chicken farmer more. They are very active and thrive on being out and about, foraging.

They are very alert. They are noisy, outgoing birds, get bored easily and need plenty of diversions. If you handle it correctly, the Andalusian is an outstanding egg layer, out-producing many other chicken breeds.

The pros and cons of the Andalusian Chicken …

We Liked

  • Inquisitive and alert.
  • Not aggressive.
  • Social and talkative.
  • Excellent egg layer.

We Don’t Like

  • Don’t really fit into cold weather.
  • Don’t do well in confinement – need to free range.

Is The Andalusian Chicken A Right Choice For You?

If you have the space for Andalusian chickens, you will love having this excellent egg layer around the place, because they enjoy being free, no confinement for this bird – getting anxious and plucking feathers if it can’t be social and out and about, chatting and talking with its friends.

Blue Andalusian chickens for sale are seldom broody birds. In the daytime, they love to go out and roam and at night time they will come back to the coop, actually preferring to roost in trees nearby, keeping conversation amongst each other. They need appropriate shelter because they don’t do all that well in very cold weather. Blue Andalusians are a great choice because they produce so many beautiful porcelain-white delicious eggs, even producing in winter. They are also meat producers. An all-rounder, that’s what the Andalusian Chicken is.

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