Sebright Chicken: Breed Profile, Eggs, Height, Size And Care Guide

Sebright Chicken Breed
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May 4, 2022 by Pauline G. Carter

Sebright Chickens are true Bantam chickens, produced by Sir John Sebright from the UK in the 19th Century. A true Bantam bird means it is a miniature bird. There are no larger counterparts of this breed.

There are quite a few features about the Sebright Chickens that stand out from other birds. One feature is that the male birds don’t have long and flowing side-hangers and sickle feathers.

They are called ‘Hen feathered’ which probably was produced from Campine blood over the Henny Game Fowl that has these features. The lack of the sickle feathers in the cock birds was blamed on the breed not being fertile.

As a result, a small amount of the extended feathers in their sickles started becoming more acceptable than previously unaccepted.

Sebright Chicken | Breed Profile

Sebright Chicken

Country of origin:United Kingdom
Primary use:Ornamental
Weight:Male: 22 oz.Female: 20 oz.
Temperament:Friendly, Active
Recognized Varieties:Gold, Silver
Egg production (annual):52
Egg color:White
Egg size:Small
Comb type:Rose

Characteristics Of The Sebright Chicken

Characteristics Of The Sebright Chicken

The Sebright Chicken stands confidently with its upright bearing. They keep their wings low with their necks curved gracefully. Their chest looks puffed perpetually. Their tails are held high.

Standing sleek and elegant, the birds have dark expressive eyes. Bantam chickens have the ‘laced’ feather pattern for which they are so well known. Each of their feathers looks like it’s been beautifully designed with a pen.

When it shows, it is important that the ‘lacing’ shows up as delicate and refined, delicately edging every feather. The beaks are horn-colored, with the combs and faces being light purplish colored to red.

Earlobes are also a mulberry color with wattles being bright red. Their legs are a grey-blue color. The males should be ‘hen-feathered’, with the only colors of the bird being recognized as silver and gold.

Behavior / Temperament

Behavior Of The Sebright Chicken

Sebright bantam chickens are beautiful and soft in nature. Today people consider this chicken as an ornamental bird over meat or egg-laying bird. In fact, they don’t produce many eggs and they are small.

The Sebright can be loud and talkative with a nervous kind of disposition, becoming skittish and able to fly over walls. They need their space and their free-ranging. A lack of activity can cause them to be anxious, with maybe the rooster becoming aggressive.

These birds are shy when with other chickens, kind of staying low in the pecking order. Sometimes this makes them get bullied, which means they need to be kept separately.

What to like and what not to like about the Sebright chicken?

We Liked

  • A beautiful addition to a flock.
  • Love foraging and free-ranging.
  • Sweet-natured.

We Don’t Like

  • Noisy for the backyard.
  • Not good egg layers.
  • Skittish, nervous birds so can fly over walls.

Is The Sebright Chicken A Good Choice For You?

Is The Sebright Chicken A Good Choice For You

If you are interested in something pretty, playful, and independent, you will love the Sebright Chickens. They are sweet-natured and inquisitive. They might not be the cuddly pet-type of chicken like some other chicken breeds, but they are friendly.

A bond can be established with these birds by looking after them well and feeding them with some of their tasty foods and treats, but they are not birds that will overwhelm you – they give you your space.

They are also not particularly interested in raising their babies, not being that interested in motherhood and egg-laying either for that matter. They are ideal birds to get if you love just admiring them pottering around the garden.

If you plan on buying Sebright chickens for sale, it is important they have a secure, safe place where they can explore, which they love doing.

They are a beautiful addition to any coop, but with their up and down quirky personality, they don’t fit everyone’s cup of grain!

Sebright Chicken Care Guide

The Sebright chicken is a small but beautiful bird that makes a great pet. They are known for being friendly and docile, and they come in various colors. Sebrights are also fairly cold and hardy to withstand most weather conditions.

However, you still need to do some things to take care of your Sebright chickens properly. This care guide will cover everything you need to know about keeping these beautiful birds happy and healthy, including housing, food and water requirements, common health issues, etc.

So if you’re thinking about adding some Sebright chickens to your flock, read on for all the information you need to get started!

FAQ: Sebright Chickens

Are Sebright chickens friendly?

Yes, Sebright chickens are typically friendly birds. They are known for being social and docile, making them great pets. If you’re looking for a friendly and relatively low-maintenance chicken, then a Sebright might be a good option.

Are Sebright chickens rare?

No, Sebright chickens are not considered to be a rare breed. While they are not as common as some other chicken breeds, they are still relatively easy to find. You should be able to find Sebright chicks for sale at most major poultry hatcheries or through online breeders.

What colors do Sebright chickens come in?

The color variations of Sebright chickens can include silver, buff, gold or white. They also sometimes have markings or speckles on their feathers.

However, the overall appearance of a Sebright chicken is usually described as “fox-like,” with short tails and small combs that resemble the face of a fox. Some people even refer to them as “fox chickens!”

Are Sebright chickens cold hardy?

Yes, Sebright chickens are generally considered to be fairly cold-hardy. They can tolerate a range of climates and temperature variations, making them suitable for most types of chicken coops or runs.

However, it is important to provide adequate protection from extreme weather conditions, such as hot sun or heavy rain. With proper care and maintenance, you should be able to keep your Sebright chickens happy and healthy no matter what the weather brings!

Final Verdict: Sebright Chicken

The Sebright chicken is a beautiful bird that makes a great pet. They are friendly, docile, and come in a variety of colors. Sebrights are also fairly cold-hardy, so they can withstand most weather conditions. However, it would help if you still did some things to properly take care of your Sebright chickens.

This details guide will cover everything you need to know about keeping these beautiful birds happy and healthy, including housing, food and water requirements, common health issues, etc.

So if you’re thinking about adding some Sebright chickens to your flock, be sure to read this care guide for all the information you need!

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