Can A Neutered Male Cat Still Get A Female Pregnant

Can A Neutered Male Cat Still Get A Female Pregnant?

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A neutered male cat can still get a female pregnant. This is because the surgery to remove the testicles does not affect the hormones that control the production of sperm. The hormone levels remain the same, and the cat is still able to mate and produce offspring.

There are some health risks associated with this, however, so it is best to consult with a veterinarian before breeding a neutered male cat.

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Yes, a neutered male cat can still get a female pregnant. This is because the operation to remove the testicles does not affect the cat’s ability to produce sperm. The sperm is produced in the epididymis, which is located just outside of the testicles.

Can a Neutered Male Cat Still Get a Female Pregnant Reddit

It might seem like a neutered male cat couldn’t get a female pregnant, but it is possible. If your neutered male cat has access to a female cat in heat, he can still impregnate her. This is because the surgery to remove the testicles does not affect the sperm-producing cells in the body.

These cells continue to produce sperm and are stored in the epididymis. When a neutered male cat mates with a female, his penis will still deposit sperm into her vagina. There are several reasons why you might not want your neutered male cat to mate with a female.

For one, it can be dangerous for him if she scratches or bites him during mating. Additionally, any kittens that are born as a result of this pairing will not be able to be registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) because they will not have both parents’ registration papers. Finally, if your neutered male cat impregnates a female, you may be responsible for any vet bills she incurs during her pregnancy and delivery.

Can A Neutered Male Cat Still Get A Female Pregnant?


How Long Does a Male Cat Stay Fertile After Being Neutered?

Once a male cat is neutered, his fertility declines sharply. While he can still mate and father kittens, his sperm count is significantly reduced and most cats are infertile within days or weeks of the procedure. In some cases, however, a small number of sperm may remain in the testicles and a neutered male cat may be able to impregnate a female cat if he mates soon after the surgery.

Will a Neutered Male Cat Still Try to Mate?

A neutered male cat’s behavior will not change much after surgery. He will still want to mate, but his urge to do so will be significantly reduced. However, he can still impregnate a female cat if they are in heat and he is able to mount her.

Are Neutered Cats Still Attracted to Females in Heat?

Yes, neutered cats can still be attracted to females in heat. This is because they can still smell the pheromones that the female produces when she is in heat. Even though they have been neutered, they may still exhibit some of the behaviors associated with being intact, such as following a female in heat or trying to mount her.

However, since they have been surgically altered and no longer have the desire to mate, they will eventually give up and lose interest.


No, a neutered male cat cannot get a female pregnant. Neutering is a surgical procedure that removes the testicles and thus renders the male sterile.

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