Do Eggs Come From Chickens Bums

Do Eggs Come From Chickens Bums?

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Chickens are interesting creatures. They are social animals that live in close-knit groups, and they have a pecking order within those groups. Chickens also have some interesting anatomical features, including a crop and a gizzard.

And, of course, they lay eggs. But where do those eggs come from? Some people might say that they come from a chicken’s bum, but that’s not quite accurate.

Do eggs come out of chickens’ Buttholes?

Do eggs come out of chickens' Buttholes

No, eggs do not come out of chickens’ buttholes. Eggs are laid by chickens through their cloaca, which is an opening located at the base of the tail. The cloaca is used for excreting waste, laying eggs, and for mating.

During the egg-laying process, the chicken’s oviduct (a long tube that runs from the ovary to the cloaca) contracts and pushes the egg towards the cloaca. The egg then passes through the cloaca and is laid.

What part of the body do chicken eggs come from?

What part of the body do chicken eggs come from

Eggs are typically laid by chickens in the early morning hours. During this time, the chicken will be perched on a roosting platform or in a nesting box. The exact location of where the chicken lays its eggs can vary, but it is typically in the same general area each time.

When a chicken lays an egg, the egg first passes through the oviduct, which is a long, tube-like organ. The oviduct is where the egg is formed and where it picks up the outermost layer of the eggshell, called the bloom. After the egg is laid, it is often covered in dirt or other debris.

This is why many store-bought eggs are sold with clean, smooth shells.


Are you grossed out by the idea of eating eggs? You might be surprised to learn that eggs don’t come from chickens’ bums. In fact, they come from a different part of the chicken altogether.

Eggs are produced in a chicken’s ovaries. They travel down the oviduct and are laid in the chicken’s cloaca, which is also the exit for the chicken’s digestive system. However, the egg is not contaminated by feces, because the cloaca has a separate opening for the egg to pass through.

So there you have it. Eggs don’t come from chickens’ bums. They come from the chicken’s ovaries and are laid in the cloaca.

But don’t worry, they don’t come into contact with any feces.

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