Dog Cooling Vests To Escape Summer Heat And Humidity

Dog Cooling Vests To Escape Summer Heat And Humidity

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If you enjoy taking your dog outside during the hot summer months, you must ensure that she does not overheat. Unfortunately, doing so is going to necessitate carrying a lot of water with you, which is a massive pain.

Alternatively, one might purchase a dog cooling vests. These devices absorb water and use it to keep your dog cool regardless of the outdoor temperature.

However, not all cooling vests for dogs are efficient, and the last thing you want is to take your dog outside on a sweltering day only to realize that you purchased a dud. In the following reviews, we will highlight the best cooling vest for dogs that will keep your pet comfortable, as well as those that will leave you feeling drenched.

What Are Cooling Vests for Dogs?

Cooling vests are essentially dog jackets that assist in cooling your dog via evaporative cooling.

This phenomenon is straightforward, and it has been utilized by nearly every human culture since the Egyptians constructed pyramids. This method is still employed today in the form of swamp coolers, which function as miniature air conditioning machines.

How to Choose the Finest Cooling Equipment for Your Dog

Cooling vests for dogs are torso-covering clothes that keep cool air near to the dog’s body and warm air away. Several varieties exist: some require a few hours in the freezer for a deep chill, while others rely on water and the heat-loss process of evaporation.

Water vests are ideal for impromptu outdoor activities, trekking, and beach days, but freezer-style vests are ideal for inside loungers and planners (as you’ll need to remember to cool it beforehand).

Dog cooling bandanas normally do not provide as much cooling coverage as a vest, but they are ideal for dogs who cannot handle a full-body garment or who do not require as much assistance cooling down. They are perfect for low-key activities such as lounging in the backyard or visiting the dog park.

To ensure a proper fit for a bandana or vest, take your dog’s measurements, not just their weight. Consult a size chart with appropriate neck and chest girth ranges for the simplest method of selecting a winner.

Finally, it is imperative to recognize that even with cooling equipment, some days are too hot for outdoor activities. When the temperature outside rises over 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the asphalt can get so hot that it will burn a dog’s paws if it walks on it. Then it is time to encourage your dog to spend the day dozing on the sofa.

Things You Should Consider in Dog Cooling Vest

Despite the simplicity of the evaporative cooling process, certain items perform better than others. Choose a vest with as many of the following qualities as possible.

Excellent Fittings

Cooling vests must be the correct size. Some dogs are more comfortable wearing clothes than others, but no dog enjoys wearing ill-fitting garments. To guarantee that your dog is willing to wear her new cooling vest, you will need to select a style and size that are appropriate for her body type. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions when deciding a size, and use your dog’s measurements, not her weight, to ensure the greatest fit.

Time Reliability

Cooling vests should have a decent duration of effectiveness. A cooling vest that dries fully in five minutes is essentially useless; a vest should function for at least fifteen minutes to be worthwhile. Keep in mind that while cooling vests are more effective in arid conditions, they will also dry faster. Consequently, this is a crucial concern for owners and pets residing in desert-like regions.

Protection from the Sun’s Heat

The most effective cooling vests reflect the sun’s heat. Although evaporative cooling is the major method by which cooling vests reduce your dog’s body temperature, some of the fancier designs include materials that shield the back and sides of your dog from the sun’s rays, so keeping them even cooler.

Reflective Characteristics

Reflective strips are a desirable addition to cooling vests. Even though you will typically wear the cooling vest throughout the day, it can still be quite warm in the height of summer when the sun has set. And because you always want to ensure that cars can readily see your dog at night, it is sensible to use vests with luminous trim whenever possible.


The design of cooling vests should be compatible with your harness or collar and leash.  When outside of a fenced area, your dog must always be restrained with a leash. So, choose a cooling vest that is compatible with your dog’s harness or collar. A few styles have a leash clip, allowing the vest to be used as a harness.

Humid Free

Vests designed for cooling should keep your dog’s fur cool and dry. Wet fur can be uncomfortable for your dog and may even cause chafing or skin issues. A small amount of moisture is acceptable, but you should avoid vests that allow your dog’s fur to become drenched.

Final Thoughts

The effectiveness of these recommendations will vary depending on the dog, and the risk of overheating will also change when your dog ages, add weight, develops health problems, or if the air humidity changes.

Even if you purchase every available cooling device, your dog can overheat. Overheating can be fatal for dogs, and we must keep in mind that none of these solutions can obliterate this risk on some days.

Another crucial caution is that this essay focuses on helping dogs keep calm, not on reducing their body temperature once they have been overheated. Utilizing a cooling solution before your dog begins to struggle is much safer and more effective.

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