When Do Barred Rock Chickens Start Laying Eggs

When Do Barred Rock Chickens Start Laying Eggs?

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Last Updated on November 1, 2023 by Pauline G. Carter

Barred Rock chickens generally start laying eggs at about five months old. However, a few of them may take longer to transition to the “point of lay.” Let’s find out all about these famous Barred rock chickens, including when they start laying eggs.

What are Barred Rock Chickens?

Barred Rocks get their name from their distinct-looking patterned plumage. Initially, they were bred as dual-purpose birds, but today, they are more prevalent in backyard settings. Male Barred rocks weigh a little more than the female Barred rocks. 

Barred Rock chickens are large hardy birds that lay eggs all year long, even in winter when most breeds stop laying eggs. Their eggs are high-quality, and their meat is rather tasty.

They gained increasing popularity in the United States during World War II when they served as an excellent source of meat and egg. 

What Color are Barred Rock Chicken Eggs?

What Color are Barred Rock Chicken Eggs

Barred rock egg color is a light brown hue. They are usually medium or large-sized eggs with the classic shape and color you see on the supermarket shelf. Barred rock chicken eggs are as nutritious as the less common white eggs.

How Many Eggs Can Barred Rock Chickens Lay?

Barred Rock chickens are great layers that can provide you with a steady flow of fresh eggs year long. Under ideal conditions, these birds will lay four eggs each week. That is an average of 200 eggs in a year.

If you have more than three Barred rocks in your coop, you are in for a treat. Get enough egg boxes to cater to all the egg-laying. 

How Long Do Barred Rock Chickens Lay Eggs?

Barred Rock Chickens Lay Eggs

Barred Rock chickens are in their prime at two years of age; they lay large eggs. However, they experience a steady drop in egg production as they get older.

Barred rocks have an average life expectancy of about six years. That means that these chickens lay an average of at least 800 eggs in their lifetime.

Do Barred Rock Chickens Need Roosters to Lay Eggs?

No, barred rock chickens, like all other chicken breeds, do not need a rooster to start laying eggs. As long as the hen is sexually mature, it is equipped to lay eggs almost every day. The only part where the rooster comes in is to fertilize the already laid eggs to hatch into chicks.

How Can You Identify a Barred Rock Chicken that is Ready to Lay Eggs?

How Can You Identify a Barred Rock Chicken that is Ready to Lay Eggs

A barred chicken ready to lay eggs is referred to as a point of lay. Are you wondering if you can tell when your birds are about to start laying eggs? Here are some pointers.

Redder Comb and Wattles

The chickens’ comb lies atop their head while their wattles lie beneath their necks. When your barred rock chickens are ready to lay eggs, their combs and wattles become redder and larger. So by looking at your chickens’ comb and wattles, you can identify the point of lay chickens.

Egg Songs

Egg song refers to the sounds chickens make when they are about to start laying their eggs. It involves a lot of cackling and clucking. Their egg song gets louder as the time for egg-laying approaches. So yes, a loud egg song is one way to tell that your barred rock chickens are ready to lay eggs.


One of the most common pointers that your chicken is ready to lay eggs is squatting. It also doubles that your chicken is ready to mate with a rooster. You can spur them on by placing your hand at the chicken back.

Once you notice your barred rock chickens squatting and spreading out their wings, you can be sure they will soon lay their eggs. Usually, it takes a week or two after they begin to crouch.

Extra Curiosity

Extra Curiosity

When your barred rock chickens are ready to lay, they get incredibly curious about the nest boxes. They start to hang around the boxes a lot, sniff, sit in them or move the bedding around.

We have found that placing a false egg in the nesting box communicates to the chicken that it is said to lay its eggs there. You can get false eggs from the local pet store or online stores.

Increased Appetite

When a barred chicken is about to start laying, it gobbled down twice as much food as usual. All the extra food provides it with all the energy and nutrients they need to stay in great shape.

Are Barred Rock Chickens Great Backyard Breed?

Yes, Barred rock chickens are one of the favorite backyard communities. They are hardy, docile and not prone to many health conditions. In addition, they are adorable and follow you around in search of food.

One of the greatest attractions of this chicken is its ability to lay lots of eggs. You can start a little egg-selling business with a few Barred rock chickens. Also, they are low-maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about frequent vet appointments and strict care regimens.


Barred rock chickens typically start laying eggs at five weeks. In the beginning, they lay an average of 200 eggs a year, but as they grow older, they begin to experience a 10% decline in egg production.

These birds are practically egg-laying machines, and since they are low-maintenance, they are great for beginners. It would be best if you tried them out.

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