Must-Have Apps for Pet-Friendly Travel

Must-Have Apps for Pet-Friendly Travel

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Last Updated on September 17, 2023 by Pauline G. Carter

Planning a trip with your furry companions? If so, check out these must-have pet-friendly apps. These apps will assist in finding pet-friendly hotels for relaxation, dog parks for playtime, veterinary practices for emergencies, and other necessary infrastructure. There are also apps for dogs with information about walking areas, to get more information about their well-being, etc.

#1 DogLog

This app is more than just an information source; it also provides a delightful experience. According to the app description, it helps users discover “people and places that love dogs.” With 10 categories to choose from, you can easily find dog parks, lodging, vets, outdoor activities, pet stores, and services. Additionally, the app has a social feature that allows users to connect and share their adventures through a news feed. Rest assured, this app has everything you need for your dog-related needs.

#2 Petcube

If you’ve decided against traveling with your furry friends but still want to keep an eye on them while they’re staying with loved ones, the Petcube app is here to help. By pairing it with one of the various Petcube cameras available (starting at $39.99), you’ll be able to visually monitor and engage with your pet, no matter where they are. Take the Petcube Cam, for instance—it boasts a wide-angle camera with a 110° perspective in crisp Full HD 1080p resolution. With 8x digital zoom and crystal-clear two-way audio, you’ll never miss a moment. Subscribing for just $6/month grants you access to three days of 30-second video clips, a three-day video history, and alerts.

#3 Tractive

Sherlock Bones, the adventurous dog, cannot be contained by a simple backyard fence. With the GPS pet tracker collar and Tractive app, you can now track his every move. Be alerted when he strays beyond the designated safe zone, thanks to the virtual fence integration. Additionally, receive detailed daily activity reports of your furry friend.

You can install the application on the App Store and Play Store. You may have to change the Play Store region to unlock the app. The whole problem is regional restrictions, so some applications are not available in certain countries. Do you know how to change the country in the Google Play Store using VPN? You need to change your location through VeePN, all this is done virtually.

#4 Dog Training & Clicker

Dogo’s Dog Training & Clicker offers more than just tricks – it provides daily, tailored training ideas to support your pup’s progress. As you advance through the levels, you can submit a video exam for review by specialists. Connect with a vibrant community of dog owners, professionals, and experts to strengthen the bond with your furry best friend.

#5 Dog Park Finder

Looking for a dog park? Unsure about the dog-friendliness of the park you’re using? Let Dog Park Finder come to your aid! This iOS app, available for free, uses your current location to scan nearby areas for pet-friendly (and not-so-pet-friendly) parks. A map will guide you with color-coded points: bright green for off-leash parks, dark green for on-leash parks, and red for parks where dogs aren’t allowed.

Dog Park Finder also enables searching for parks in specific cities or zip codes, offering a state-wise browse option as well. Opt for the upgraded Dog Park Finder Plus, available for a small fee of $2, to gain access to twice as many parks and further details. These include insights into facilities like restrooms, lighting, small-dog areas, benches, and fenced-in sections.

#6 DogCam

If you’re fed up with capturing fuzzy photos of only a portion of your furry friend’s face, DogCam is the perfect app for you. Utilizing built-in sounds, it will capture your dog’s focus, enabling you to capture the perfect picture you’ve been longing for. Now, your adorable pup can finally take the internet by storm with its undeniable charm.

#7 Red Cross Pet First Aid

If an emergency does occur, it is essential to have the American Red Cross Pet First Aid app (available on iOS and Android) on your device. This app, similar to the First Aid app for humans, offers a user-friendly layout with numerous photos and videos to address common ailments and accidents that may affect your beloved pet. In case of emergencies like your dog being hit by a car or your cat experiencing difficulty breathing, the app provides step-by-step instructions and even helps you locate the nearest veterinary hospital. Additionally, there is valuable information on preventive care to promote healthy habits as a responsible pet owner.

#8 Puppr, GoodPup

While it’s generally not recommended to train your furry friend while on vacation, it’s important to mention a few highly-rated training applications for when you’re back home. If you’re on a budget, you can give the free Puppr app (available for iOS and Android) a try. It offers various training videos, including over 100 step-by-step lessons ranging from potty training to fun tricks. For access to all lessons and the ability to chat with professional dog trainers, you can upgrade to Puppr Premium for a fee.


If you want to be prepared when traveling with your pet, you need apps for your smartphone. They will help you find everything you need and offer detailed instructions on caring for your animal.

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