Matted Dog Hair Remedy

What To Do About Matted Dog Hair Remedy

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Failure to groom your dog regularly leads to the development of nasty knots of fur. If unchecked may lead to skin infections over time, therefore, it is vital to get the right remedies to reduce their occurrences.


Mats are a common problem that owners of long haired dog’s experience from time to time. Matted dogs are always in pain when the mat sticks onto something. Within no time, the mats become bigger and hence more health problems.

Untangling the hair is not an easy task, but it is something you can do. Get the right technique, and your dog will remain comfortable. Follow these step-by-step procedures and know how to stay off remedy.

#1. Know What Products and Tools to Use

Use the following tools to help you through the process:

  • Clippers
  • Brush
  • Conditioner
  • Pick comb
  • Cornstarch
  • Wide toothcomb
  • Assess the Mats

Use the pick comb to brush through the dog’s hair to locate the mats. Look at how close it is to the skin before handling it.  Use the clippers to cut the top of the mat carefully. Keep your fingers between the dog’s skin and clippers to avoid cutting through its skin.

Sprinkle some cornstarch on areas affected by mats. Cornstarch does not cause any harm to the dog even after licking. The application helps loosen up the fur strands.

Dog Hair Remedy

#2. Splitting the Mat

Use the tip of your fingers with the help of the pick comb to spread the mat apart. Use the clippers to reduce the mat size without hurting the dog.

Introduce the wide toothcomb to continue spreading if it gets stuck stop and add more cornstarch to loosen the hair before proceeding. Use the narrow toothcomb to comb out the remaining mat as the brushing becomes thorough.

TIPS: If cornstarch does not work effectively, try using an appropriate conditioner. Pour it on your hands and rub it through and around the mat. You can also use a rake or splitter instead of using the combs.

Pets do have sensitive skin, which is more delicate than the human skin. Always remember to factor in this when working with your dog. The best bet is to consult a veterinarian or a professional groomer when you are not sure.

#3. Bathe the Dog

Bath your pet. Dirt in dogs is a leading cause of most mats. A good bath will ensure the removal of mats completely. Confirm that the dog no longer have any more tangles before giving her a warm bath.

Instead of rubbing the dog after the wash, use a soft absorbent towel to pat the pet as it dries faster and reduces the chances of mats coming back sooner.


The pet grooming professionals will tell you that dealing with tangles on dog hair is not a fun activity. You do not want to groom the dog to be a persistent headache to you, now that you know the right tools and appropriate measures. You can win over the matted dog hair.

The best way to tame the tangle is to make the grooming time regular. You can choose to use a brush and a fine toothcomb as well to penetrate deeper into the coat to take care of tangles from the base.


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