Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy

10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy

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Dogs are intelligent creatures that require stimulation and activity to stay happy and healthy. Unfortunately, not all dog owners have the time or energy to provide their furry friends with the level of enrichment they need.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your dog busy, here are ten simple solutions that will help keep them occupied and out of trouble.

Give Them a Job

One of the best ways to keep your dog busy is to give them a job to do. This could be anything from fetching your slippers in the morning to being your running partner on those early morning jogs. This will provide them with much-needed exercise, but it will also give them a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Play Some Games

Games are a great way to bond with your dog while also providing some much-needed exercise. Classic games such as fetch and tug-of-war are always popular, but many more creative options are available. For example, you could try teaching your dog to play soccer or frisbee.

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Set Up an Obstacle Course

If you have the space, setting up an obstacle course in your backyard is a great way to keep your dog busy and active. This could include anything from jumping over hurdles to crawling through tunnels. You can even get creative and use household items such as chairs and blankets to create an impromptu course indoors.

Tinker with Their Food

If your dog is food-motivated, then using their meals as an opportunity to keep them entertained is a no-brainer. This could involve anything from hiding kibble around the house for them to find to investing in a puzzle feeder that dispenses food as they play.

Take Them on New Adventures

Exploring new places is a great way to keep your dog’s mind active and engaged. Whether it’s a hike through the woods or a trip to the beach, discovering new smells and sounds will capture their attention. Just do your research beforehand to ensure the area is safe and suitable for your pup.

Engage Their Senses

Dogs have an acute sense of smell and hearing, so engaging their senses is great to keep them entertained. This could involve anything from hiding treats around the house for them to find to playing music or audiobooks specifically designed for dogs.

Give Them a Makeover

Most dogs love the attention that comes with a good grooming session, so why not make it into a game? This could involve brushing their teeth to giving them a mud mask. They will enjoy the pampering, but they’ll also love the one-on-one time with you.

Teach Them Some Tricks

Tricks are a great way to keep your dog’s mind active and engaged. They will have fun learning something new, but they’ll also love showing off their skills to anyone who will watch. Popular tricks include rolling over, playing dead, and shaking hands.

Go for a Swim

Swimming is a great way to exercise your dog’s body and mind. They will love the opportunity to cool off on hot days, but they’ll also enjoy the challenge of learning a new skill. Of course, if you don’t have access to a pool, you could always take them to a nearby lake or river.

Have a Snuggle Session

Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best. For example, dogs love physical affection, so spending some time cuddling with your furry friend is a great way to keep them happy and content. Not to mention, it’s a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.


There are many different ways to keep your dog busy, but it’s important to find an activity that suits their personality and needs. If you’re struggling to develop ideas, consider asking your veterinarian or a local dog trainer for advice.

Remember, the goal is to provide your dog with a way to burn off excess energy safely and healthily. With a little patience and creativity, you’re sure to find the perfect activity for your furry friend.

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