Spiritual Meaning of a Double Yolk Egg

Spiritual Meaning of a Double Yolk Egg

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There are times when you crack open an egg and find two yolks, but what does it mean? Why do some eggs have double yolk? Does double yolk egg spell doom or good luck for you?

These are some of the questions we will be answering in this article.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Double Yolk Egg?

Double yolk eggs are very rare; only about 1 in 1,000 eggs have two yolks. The double yolk meaning is the same in most countries; it is interpreted as good luck. Let’s look at all of the things a double yolk symbolizes spiritually.

Good Luck

Like we mentioned earlier, finding an egg with double yolk is believed to be good luck because, let’s face it, finding that 1 in a 1000 egg is lucky! So keep an eye out for the good luck coming your way and enjoy every moment of it.


Double egg yolk could also symbolize that someone close to you will be having twin babies. Either them or you; this is in line with the old folklore that twins are somewhere in the not-so-distant future.

So if your friends are pregnant, you can suggest that they have twins and see how they take it. As superstitious as it sounds, you might be the next fortune teller.

double yolk meaning

New Beginnings

The most mysterious spiritual meaning of double yolks is starting something new. This interpretation was fairly common in the early days of Christianity.

According to the legends, eggs symbolize birth, regeneration, transformation, resurrection, revival, and the like.

Pagan rituals also believe that double yolk eggs symbolize new opportunities, transformations, and awakening. All of this adds to an air of mystery to the whole affair.

Financial Advancement

Yup; double egg yolks are believed to symbolize financial improvement. We know it sounds too good to be true but you know, two yolks in an egg ooze richness.

So believe it if you will but double yolks signify that you will value your money and get even wealthier if you are already rich.


In some parts of England, double egg yolks are considered bad luck. This stems from the fact that the yolks get separated once you crack the eggs open. This separation could be the loss of friends, jobs, income, or even death in real life. Yeah, sad news.

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Other Meanings

There are other spiritual meanings of a double yolk egg aside from what we have listed above. One of these interpretations is that an event is billed to happen twice i.e. repetition.

Certain cultures believe that cracking open an egg and finding two yolks means a historical event is about to repeat itself.

Another interpretation is that your long-lost twin, whom you have no idea exists, is on his way back to you. In some cases, it may be your soulmate making their way to you rather than a twin.

The point is that someone with whom you share a bond is seeking you out. We dug deep and did not find any evidence supporting these claims, but you never can tell; they may be true in your case.

Spiritual Meaning of Double Yolk Egg

Why Do Chickens Lay Double Yolk Eggs?

Young chickens produce most double egg yolks. This is because their reproductive systems are still developing and adapting to the whole egg-laying affair.

So at times, they release two yolks instead of one. Older chickens nearing their egg-making phase have also produced two yolks because their reproductive systems are not as competent.

In these instances, the hen releases two ova in one egg, so you get two yolks. If it releases three ova in a single egg, then you will find that your egg has three yolks!

Are Double Yolk Eggs Safe to Eat?

Usually, eggs have only one yolk surrounded by the egg white, but you can find two yolks in one egg a few times. While rare, double yolk eggs are perfectly safe to eat; they have all of the nutrients contained in eggs with one yolk. 

Double yolk eggs are also tastier than eggs with a single yolk because the yolk contains the flavor in the egg. Due to this reason, people prefer them to single yolk eggs.

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Is Double Egg Yolk Genetically Modified?

No, double egg yolks are not genetically modified. However, this misconception is propagated by a lot of people. We have explained why some eggs may have double yolk, and for clarity, we will summarize these reasons below.

  • The chicken is young, and its reproductive organs are still developing
  • The hen is much older and nearing the end of its egg production season
  • The hen is genetically predisposed to release multiple ova into the egg

We hope now that you can see how to double yolks come about naturally. There is no genetic intervention or modification involved in the process. Therefore, you don’t need to toss the eggs out the door; eat them; they are healthy.

Do Double Yolk Eggs Need to be Cooked Differently?

No, double yolk eggs can be cooked and enjoyed like the regular single yolk eggs. There is no difference in their taste, only in their size. Usually, double yolk eggs are larger than single yolk eggs, so most supermarkets label them “super jumbo eggs.”

In light of their size, you may need to add a little more ingredients to your eggs to make them extra tasty. So go ahead and make an impeccable dish out of your double yolk eggs!


Now, you know the spiritual meanings of double yolk eggs. Yet, these interpretations are not fool-proof as they don’t have any scientific backing.

Most of them are myths passed down to generations. So whether you choose to believe them or not is left to you, but one thing is true, double yolk eggs are tasty!

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