Choosing the Best Dog Stroller for Medium Dogs

Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Stroller for Medium Dogs

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Finding the best dog stroller for medium dogs becomes tricky. It depends on how you use the stroller. There are a variety of dog strollers that can go on sidewalks, trails, and grass. They help you take your dog easily into crowded places. Some people also use a leash, but handling your dog with a leash in overcrowded areas becomes difficult. The problem can only be solved with a dog stroller.

Dog strollers’ can be carried easily to any place. You can put it on the cargo carrier in a car. A stroller needs to fit your dog, so the size of the stroller, according to your dog’s size, also matters. Let’s have a look at some tips for choosing the best dog stroller for medium dogs;

Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Stroller:

Below are some simple tips which will help you to choose the best dog stroller for medium dogs;

Weight of your dog:

Your dog’s weight matters the most when you plan to buy a dog stroller. For dogs like beagles and pugs of medium size and weight, looking for a dog stroller that can bear the weight of up to 30 lbs is suggested. You can check the importance of the stroller on its tag or in the product description.

Measure the exact size of your dog:

Some people mix the terms weight and size, but both differ completely. You may find the perfect dog stroller that carries your dog’s weight, but you must also measure the dimensions of your dog. To find the exact size, measure your dog’s nose to tail and width. Now buy the stroller according to accurate size measurements.

Detachable vs. Non-Detachable stroller:

Both stroller types are great for medium-sized dogs, but the confusion of choosing between the two needs to be clarified. Some medium size dogs fit completely fine in the detachable stroller. It has a pet backpack, a car booster seat, and a sling bag. It is perfect for carrying your dog on a shopping spree or brunch date.

However, if your dog is slightly bigger but comes in medium-sized sizes, you must go for a non-detachable stroller. Most non-detachable dog strollers have a dual-access canopy, which is best for viewing the outside surroundings. It also has a detachable bike tow bar, which provides extra support.

Your budget:

Deciding how much you want to spend on something is always difficult. In the case of strollers for dogs, they are accessible at a wide range of prices. You can find the cheapest to most expensive stroller for your dog. How much you want to spend on a dog stroller depends on you. You can also go for a second-hand stroller, as they are available on the market. You can find a second-hand stroller easily on Facebook and other online marketplaces.

Adjustable placement and height:

Dog strollers come with the option to adjust their placement according to your requirements. Placement means how far the stick of the dog stroller comes out. You can change it to reduce the chances of kicking the stroller’s tires as you walk with it.

Viewing hole for your dog:

A viewing hole is present on the canopy of almost every dog stroller. It helps your dog to have a view of the different happenings around him. It also provides an extra source of ventilation when the canopy is closed. You can also keep a check on your dog without stopping at the front of the stroller. The viewing port is very helpful on a dog stroller.

Check for easy maneuverability before buying:

Always check the ease of mobility of the stroller before buying it. This tip will help you know which type of terrain it can easily move on. If the stroller is difficult to push and move, then there is no benefit to spending money on it.

A safety tether must be present:

A safety tether is a great feature that ensures extra safety for your dog. It is the leash that comes with the stroller and is attached to it. You can easily attach the safety rope to your dog’s harness or collar for extra security. Medium-sized dogs can easily jump out of the stroller, so the string is beneficial for extra safety.

Quality of tires and wheels:

Strollers come with different tires, and not all tires are good. Plastic tires are good for smooth surfaces and grass. It would be best to look for air-filled tires to use your dog stroller on rough and uneven surfaces. Plastic tires are recommended for daily use.

The type of wheel also affects the movability of the dog stroller. Fixed wheels are difficult to use on sidewalks but great for jogging and off-road usage. It is suggested that you use swivel wheels for daily use. They can easily move on narrow paths, paved surfaces, and in stores.

Stroller with storage basket:

Strollers with storage baskets or compartments are best because you don’t have to carry things in your hands. You can easily put dog food, a water bottle, and an umbrella in it. It would help to buy a dog stroller with extra storage for convenience.

Why should you buy a dog stroller?

Dog strollers are best for dogs that are injured or elderly. Most people use a leash to carry their dogs, but holding them in their hands is challenging when they get tired. A dog stroller is best for taking your dog anywhere, and the dog will also stay energized. You can put them inside the stroller, and they enjoy the surrounding breeze. You will also not have to carry them in your hands. Hence, dog strollers are convenient for both the dog and the person.


Dog strollers are best for taking your dog out with you on a stroll. It would help if you looked forward to certain tips before buying the perfect dog stroller. The tips mentioned in this article will help you choose the best dog stroller for medium dogs. Your dog will enjoy a stroll with you while sitting in the stroller. 


What should I look for in a dog stroller?

When searching for a dog stroller, consider factors such as size, durability, wheels, weight capacity, safety features, ventilation, visibility, folding/storage convenience, comfort, maneuverability, and positive reviews.

Is it a good idea to get a dog stroller?

Yes, a dog stroller can provide convenience and safety for senior, disabled, or small/toy-breed dogs during outings or while recovering from injuries.

How do I make my dog comfortable in a stroller?

Introduce the stroller gradually, let your dog explore it at their own pace, and associate it with positive experiences through treats and rewards.

Do dogs like dog strollers?

Dogs’ preferences for dog strollers vary. Some dogs may enjoy them, while others may not. With training and gradual introductions, most dogs can learn to enjoy their stroller as it signifies outings and adventures.  

When should you use a dog stroller?

A dog stroller can be used when your dog has mobility issues, in crowded or unsafe environments, for long walks or outings, or when your dog needs a break from walking.

What size of dog is considered “medium” for a dog stroller?

A medium-sized dog for a dog stroller normally weighs between 30-50 pounds, depending on the size and weight capability of the particular stroller.

What is the weight capacity of a dog stroller for medium dogs?

The weight capacity of a dog stroller for medium dogs generally ranges from 40 to 60 pounds, but it’s important to check the specifications of the individual stroller.

Are medium dog strollers foldable and easy to store?

Yes, many medium dog strollers are designed to be foldable, making them easy to store and transport when not in use.

Any recommended brands/models for medium dog strollers?

One of the popular brands and designs of medium-sized dog strollers is available at Tetesol Store.

Can medium dog strollers be used for jogging?

Some medium dog strollers are designed for jogging, featuring sturdy construction, good shock absorption, and maneuverability suitable for running or jogging activities.

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