Top Tips For Choosing a Pet-Friendly Hotel While Traveling With Your Dog

Top Tips For Choosing a Pet-Friendly Hotel While Traveling With Your Dog

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Last Updated on December 17, 2022 by Pauline G. Carter

Pets are a big part of our families, which is why families that have pets are increasingly factoring them in when making travel and vacation plans. Pet parents throughout the world now bring their beloved dogs on holidays since pet travel is more easily accessible.

It is very important to choose the right pet-friendly hotel if you plan to travel with your dog. A hotel that welcomes your furry friend and has great amenities for pets translates to an amazing holiday experience for both you and your pet.

Prior to embarking on your next vacation with your dog, the following tips will ensure that you and your pet have a relaxing and stress-free outing.

Is the Hotel Truly Pet-Friendly?

Hotels regularly claim to be pet-friendly, but in reality, are simply pet-tolerant. Call ahead before you book to check whether the hotels are truly dog friendly hotels and check for pet-friendly amenities offered by the hotel.

Some hotels are known to offer doggie food on a quest, dog runs, doggie treats at check-in, dog grooming, and some even offer dog-sitting services for those instances when you want to leave the dog behind to go out for a meal.

It is always a good idea to call ahead to check the hotel’s pet policy prior to booking. Rules change regularly, and sometimes these changes might not be reflected on the hotel’s website. Some points to check are:

  • Does the hotel have dog sitters for hire?
  • Do pets have to be crated when in the room?
  • Can you leave a pet alone in the room?
  • Is the whole hotel pet-friendly or are pets required to stay in designated areas?

Check for Hidden Pet Fees

Hotels usually charge a pet fee for accommodating your pet. Still, some hotels have additional hidden costs that aren’t very clear when booking. Some hotels actually charge pet parents a substantial non-refundable deposit along with cleaning fees.

Always call the hotel prior to booking to check whether the pet fees charged are all-inclusive or are per pet, per night, or for the entire duration of your stay.

Breed and Weight Restrictions

Hotels usually have breed restrictions and will only allow accommodation for certain dog breeds. Other hotels may have weight restrictions that effectively prevent you from bringing your massive dog to the hotel.

Similarly, many hotels allow pet parents to check in with their dogs but not their cats. It is always advisable to confirm this with the hotel before checking in. Other hotels have pet-free and pet-friendly areas; you should always know what your pet is entitled to before you make a reservation.

A handful of pet-friendly hotels may have a cap on the number of pets that each guest is allowed to have in the room. So, if you are traveling with multiple pets, you should refer to the hotel’s pet policy before you make your reservation.

Pet-Friendly Activities

If you plan to vacation with your pet dog, try looking for pet-friendly restaurants and activities around the hotel. Look for public parks or gardens where you can walk your dog, pet-friendly hikes and trails to explore with your beloved pet, and dog-friendly beaches as well as other activities you can enjoy together.

Even large, bustling cities have dog-friendly gardens and parks. A hotel away from busy streets is better suited to pet travelers. Pet-friendly restaurants close to the hotel give you more options for eating out with your pets rather than being confined to your hotel room.

Be a Responsible Pet Parent

Traveling with pets has grown in popularity in recent times since pet transportation is more readily accessible to pet parents. Still, traveling with pets has its own challenges. Ensure that your vacation is more memorable by following the simple guidelines below:

Vaccinate Your Pet: Always ensure that your pet is vaccinated before you travel. Vaccinations protect your pet and other animals from life-threatening and dangerous diseases. Carry the pet’s vaccination records with you when you travel since many hotels require proof of vaccination during check-in.

Do Not Disturb: Ensure that your pet is quiet and doesn’t disturb other guests at the hotel. Request a room on the ground floor, so that you can easily bring your dog in and out of the room. If your dog reacts to the noise on the ground floor, however, a quieter room on a higher floor may be more preferable. Always keep your dog on a lead, and remember to pick up after the dog at all times.

Try Keeping the Dog’s Routine: Some dogs don’t take kindly to new experiences and environments. If your dog has a hard time adjusting to new situations, try sticking to comfortable routines. Bring your pet’s favorite toys, bowls, bedding, and food with you so that they aren’t overwhelmed by the change. If you must leave the dog alone in the room while you run an errand, leave an old t-shirt behind to comfort the dog.

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