Use Dog Grooming Clippers

How To Use Dog Grooming Clippers

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Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

So, your dog needs a trim, and you have bought some professional dog clippers? Dog grooming can be quite a hassle. However, we got you covered. This article will guide you on how to use dog grooming clippers.

Use Dog Grooming Clippers

Clean and Brush Your Dog First

Before cutting your dog’s hair, it’s advisable to first clean and brushes your dog’s hair. That helps in brushing out all tangles and mats on your dog’s coat that can make trimming more difficult and hurting.

That makes it easier for you to trim the coat evenly as the entire shed hairs will get off your dog. This leaves only the good hair to cut. Here we write an article to know What to Consider When Looking into Pet Carpet Cleaning.

Use The Right Clippers and Tools

Successful dog grooming requires the use of the right tools. You will require a comb, a brush, and sharp clippers blades. For you to use your dog’s clippers safely, you need to;

  • Choose Clippers That Work Best With Your Dog’s Coat.
  • Ensure that your clipper blades are sharp. This is because blunt clippers will pull your dog’s hair, which can be painful.
  • Have extra clipper blades so that you can switch and let the hot ones cool down.
  • Alternatively, you can use clipper coolant or lubricant. This helps in preventing your clippers blades from getting too hot, which can hurt your dog.

Also, remember that different blades are better for different types of coats. They also create different effects. For dogs with long hairs, you may require to use several blades and combs. That will help you get the right kind of cut you are looking for. However, a single blade will just work fine for a short-haired dog.

Choose The Quietest Clippers

It is good to compare the sound levels of different clippers and select one that is the quietest. This is because a loud buzzing clipper can distress your dog. It will also scare you too, and you will not find grooming your dog any fun. Having a clipper that makes the slightest noise will make the dog grooming experience enjoyable.

Don’t Pull Your Dog’s Hair

The only way to avoid pulling your dog’s hair while grooming it is by using sharp clippers. Sharp clippers will easily cut your dog’s hair. When sharp, the clipper blades will not cause any discomfort, and it will not be a painful process. Other places that are hard to reach like the ears, and the head of your dog needs sharp blades.

Be Slow

While cutting your pet’s hair using dog grooming clippers, it is recommended that you go slowly. That is because going too fast can cause discomfort on your dog’s skin. It will also leave lines on the skin of your dog, which will be unattractive. Be moderate in the whole grooming process for better results.


Dog grooming should be a fun activity. With the right clippers and applying these tips, you will enjoy trimming your dog’s hair. You do not need a professional. It is a simple do it yourself task.


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