Vorwerk Chicken Breed Guide: Characteristics, Temperament, & More

Vorwerk Chicken Breed
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The Vorwerk chicken breed consists of compact and powerful birds. These fowls are also voiced as Vorwerkhuhn. An engrossing reality about this breed is that a German company produces Vorwerk vacuum cleaners, although the company has nothing to do with the chicken breed.

This fabulous chicken breed has a German origin and a rare chicken breed. This fowl has a symbolic golden and black plumage.

Vorwerk Chicken Breed Profile

Vorwerk Chicken
Country of origin:Germany
Primary use:Dual-Purpose Meat/Eggs
Weight:Male: 2.5–3.0 kg
Female: 2.0–2.5 kg
Temperament:Active, Alert
Recognized Varieties:The breed is only found in one color which has black belted markings on a buff-colored body.
Egg production (annual):170
Egg color:Cream
Egg size:Small
Comb type:Single

History Of Vorwerk Chicken

Towards the inception of the 20th century, Oskar Vorwerk, a poultry breeder, started producing an average-sized, utilitarian bird having a belted plumage pattern of another chicken breed, Lakenwelder. The main difference would be the dark golden core color of Vorwerk instead of the white color of the Lakenvelder.

Sometimes, this chicken is incorrectly voiced as the Golden Lakenvelder, especially in North America; in 1913, this chicken breed was standardized. Anyhow, it never had any extensive use. Also, outside Continental Europe, Vorwerk chicken is very rare or non-existent. 

Vorwerk Chicken Characteristics

Chickens are available in multiple varieties, and hallmarking has been done for these breeds compared to other breeds of chickens. An in-depth study of these chicken characteristics is required to make the right choices while buying chickens. Ravishing features of Vorwerk chicken make it stand out from other similar chicken breeds:


Vorwerk breed is a dual-purpose chicken used for both meat and egg production. 


The weight of the Vorwerk chicken breed is neither high nor low because of their average size. On average, a standard hen has about 2 to 2.5 kg (4.5 to 5.5 pounds) weight. However, the male Vorwerk chicken’s weight ranges from 2.5 kg to 3.2 kg (5.5 to 7.5 pounds). 

However, it is important to note that US bantam standards are far more different from those of European ones. Notably, in the US, Bantam hens are about 650 grams (23 ounces), whereas males of the US are about 765 grams (27 ounces).

But, in Europe, this breed is a bit heavier. The European hens weigh around 680 grams, and the males weigh almost 910 grams.


Large-sized Vorwerk hens are good at laying cream-colored eggs. These hens will lay around 170 eggs a year. Bantam chickens also secure their use in meat and eggs, but (like bantams of all the chicken breeds) lay slightly smaller eggs in their size. Also, the number of their eggs is less.


As far as the plumage is concerned, their tail, neck, and head are jet black. At the same time, the rest of it has a buff color. The perfect breed standards are the ones that have no black-colored spotting in buff regions. But it is so difficult to breed this type.

Breed Temperament

Vorwerk chicken breed is friendly and calm. Also, they usually do not live happily in the confined enclosure due to their flight capabilities. You can easily control them.


These chickens have an expansive tolerance for different climates, so they survive in roughly all types of climates.

General Features

Some unique body features of the Vorwerk chicken breed are stated below: 

  • Single comb
  • White earlobes
  • State grey under-fluff
  • Legs not feathered

Vorwerk Chicken Behavior / Temperament

Vorwerk chicken is active, alert, and hardy. As they are good fliers, you should ensure proper fencing to keep them confined. They are a top-notch choice for a wide gamut of open systems due to their first-class foraging skills. But they also live happily in the confined enclosure. 

This chicken breed grows fast and matures hurriedly. Vorwerk chicken breed is thought to be a cold-hardy chicken breed that continues laying eggs the whole winter.

Surprisingly, the roosters are not aggressive towards their mates, so that you can keep multiple roosters in a flock. Vorwerk chicken is a calm and relatively friendly breed. Also, you can handle them easily. They are also inordinately easy to tame. 

Vorwerk Chicken Commercial Farming

These birds are average in size and equally popular for meat and eggs, which helps the owner get quick financial gains through commercial farming. Vorwerk chicken breed farming is beneficial and popular in its country of origin.

Also, in some other parts of the world, it is commonly raised. As the breed is used as a favorite option in cuisines can bring new ways to make money. It’s not only a side dish, but a high-demand breed than other options, which makes it a good business choice.

Below is some entailed information to give a kickstart to the successful farming of Vorwerk chicken. This can be used as a guide as it includes all the aspects of commercial farming, starting from purchasing the birds to marketing strategies.

Buy the Vorwerk Chicken

To grow as a naming brand in the farming of Vorwerk chicken, the raw material that is chicken should be bought of high quality. Active and healthy chicken is useful to make the final product worth buying.

A Proper Housing System

After procurement, maintenance is important, which requires proper ventilation and a housing system where they are kept. To keep the chickens healthy and protected, the surrounding environment is a major factor to consider.

Healthy Feed for the Chickens

A major contemplation in raising the Vorwerk chickens is the feeding, which should have high nutritional value. It helps to avoid contagious disease which chickens could catch.

Breeding of the Vorwerk Birds

It is advisable to follow one healthy roaster to breed ten hens and must pay heed at this step of breeding because the right can multiply the number of chickens more healthily.

Taking Care of Your Chickens

There are many ways to keep the chicken healthy, including timely vaccination and the right touch with a vet to keep an eye on them.

Do Their Wise Marketing

Lastly, the right marketing tactics to bring laurels to the commercial farming of Vorwerk chicken. Better to pay attention to targeting the right audience and offer high quality to convert small deals into long-term professional relationships.

Is Vorwerk Chicken The Right Choice For You?

Vorwerk chickens are so rare. They raise them mainly for dual purposes, procuring meat and eggs for eating. This breed is the perfect choice for those who want to invest less time and money by raising easy-to-go meat birds.

The basic nature of Vorwerk chickens is usually quiet, which makes them the best option for commercial farming. Unlike other species, this breed is quite friendly with its mates so that you can mix them in a flock.

The one stumbling block for this breed is that they cannot flourish in a closed enclosure, so spacious areas would work for them. Because of this reason, keeping them in a confined place like the backyard would be a wrong decision to make. Thanks to their strong flying capability!

So, before finalizing the deal on this Vorwerk chicken breed, analyzing the pros and cons can help to save time, energy, and monetary investments.


The idea of chickens producing meat will sound familiar to you. As you know, chickens are eagerly consumed planetary, so you know how important they are for our food chain.

For that matter, you can grow them in the backyard of your home. If you want to domesticate the best chicken breed, go for Vorwerk, and you will never regret your choice!

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