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Chantecler Chicken Breed Guide: Characteristics, Temperament, & More

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The Chantecler chicken breed has a Canadian origin. Towards the inception of the 20th century, this chicken breed was developed at the Abbey of Notre-Dame du Lac in Oka, Quebec.

The Chantecler chicken is highly resistant to cold and is equally suitable for both meat and egg production. Notably, the Chantecler chicken breed is the first-ever chicken breed produced in Canada.

Chantecler Chicken Breed Profile

Chantecler Chicken
Country of origin:Canada
Primary use:Dual-Purpose Meat/Eggs
Weight:Male: 9 lb (4.1 kg)
Female: 6.5–7.5 lb (2.9–3.4 kg)
Recognized varieties:Partridge, White
Egg production (annual):200
Egg color:Brown
Egg size:Large
Comb type:Cushion

History Of The Chantecler Chicken Breed

Until the start of the 20th century, no chicken breeds had been produced in Canada. So, the Canadian poultry fanciers and farmers only had birds of American and European derivation. In 1907, the poultry breeders started to create a chicken breed that would keep Canada’s production needs and climate.

So, at first, they succeeded in producing the white variety of this chicken breed. Later, in 1922, the Chantecler chicken breed attained an accredited breed by the Standard of Perfection of the American Poultry Association.

Chantecler Chicken Characteristics

There exists a wide variety of chickens’ breed in the market. All of them have some unique allocations that make them stand out from other species. Before you plan to buy and raise chickens, it is strongly advised to have an extensive understanding of features specific to the breed of your choice. Chantecler chicken breed is an exclusive breed, as it has the following unique characteristics:


The Chantecler chicken breed is giant. It is suitable for laying eggs and produces good meat. So, it is used for getting eggs and meat.


Chantecler chickens are larger, and hence their body weight is more as compared to other breeds. On average, a female Chantecler chicken has a weight ranging from about 2.9 kg to 3.4 kg (6.5 to 7.5 Ib) weight. The male Chantecler chicken weighs about 4.1 kg (9 pounds). 


The Chantecler Chicken coming in the following varieties:

  • White
  • Partridge
  • Buff


As these birds are heavy, they usually cannot fly. Due to this reason, they live happily in the confined enclosures.

Life expectancy

On average, the Chantecler chickens are expected to have a life expectancy of about eight to ten years. However, the female Chenteclers start laying eggs at the age of approximately 20 weeks.


The plumage lies firmly against the body. These chickens have an attractive plumage, like a lot of chicken breeds do. Also, their plumage has plenty of fluff. Moreover, their tight-knit plumage entitles the Chantecler chicken breed to survive in harsh climatic conditions, like Canadian winters. 

General Features

  • Yellow skin
  • Brown eggs
  • Yellow beaks
  • Scaled-down comb
  • Small wattles
  • Most hardy

Chantecler Chicken Temperament/Behavior

These chickens are gentle and calm in behavior. These chickens are hardy, so they live comfortably in icy environments. Also, they bear a confined enclosure happily and are friendly by nature. The free-range farming system is good because they are good at foraging. Mainly, they multipurpose chicken breeds, which produce both meat and eggs.

Chantecler chicken is a calm and relatively friendly breed. Also, you can handle them easily. 

Chantecler Chicken Commercial Farming

Quick surveys have revealed that the Chantecler chicken breed is always in high demand for meat and eggs because it is large. Furthermore, it gets easy to initiate commercial poultry and generate finances. Chantecler chicken breed farming is lucrative and popular in its country of origin.

However, this breed is also raised generally in other parts of the world. As the breed is used for eating purposes, starting commercial farming is profitable. It is seen that the meat birds are quite often not in a heavy demand than the other breeds, yet they are a good pick to make profits in business.

We now take our discussions to help you gain insights into starting and maintaining a prosperous and rewarding commercial farming of Chantecler chicken. This guide envelopes crucial aspects needed for this business- from purchasing these breeds to managing them and their marketing.

Buy the Chantecler Chicken

It is essential that the business- owners buy efficacious and healthy Chantecler chicken breeds for their commercial poultry farm. Imperatively assure yourself to purchase robust and active chickens.

A Proper Housing System

Construct a spacious, neat, and proper-ventilated house (coop) for the birds. Chickens, when allowed to run freely in their settings, stay more active and grow healthier. Make sure they have protection from other predators.

Healthy Feed for the Chickens

The next important point to keep in mind is about the food and nutrition fed to Chantecler chickens. A balanced and healthy diet serves them conducive internal health, decreasing the odds of falling sick.

Breeding Of the Chantecler Birds

Breeding increases the number of chickens, so you ought to understand this present step. Biologically, 10-12 hens can be bred with one active and healthy rooster.

Taking Care of Your Chickens

Your flock of chickens should be given proper care regularly. Routine veteran consultation and vaccination are the two essential tasks to do for the chickens.

Do Their Wise Marketing

Every business flourishes with an appropriate marketing strategy and driving it to the right audiences. Focus on drafting an effective marketing plan to gain the most out of your commercial farming business.

Poultry farming is speculated to be one of the most successful businesses, among several other farming trades. So, give it a shot, and the chickens will take care of your business. Also, the breed is scarce these days. Happy, healthy, and active chickens will always scale up your business targets.

No other food can replace chicken meat and eggs in today’s lifestyle. We have discussed the nitty-gritty details of the chicken farming business. Shed off any more doubts and gear yourself to start running this dynamic commercial business.

Is Chantecler Chicken The Right Choice For You?

People raise the Chantecler chicken breed mainly for dual purposes; procuring meat and eggs for eating. You would have read many banners reading Chantecler chickens for sale. So, if you are looking for the most beautiful and easy to raise meat birds, Chantecler chickens are the best ones for you.

These birds do not make much noise, less of the crow/cluck. Therefore, if you had strains in rearing meat birds due to their shrilling noise, choose this specific breed. The birds live happily in confined enclosures, so you can quickly raise them in the confined space of your home.

This one snag of these birds is scarce today, even in Canada’s place of origin. So, if you raise them and get sick or something, there are very slim chances that you can find medicines for them in the market. So, you can have some hurdles in managing this breed at home. Also, they do not live happily in hot climates.

Should you buy Chantecler chickens, keep yourself furnished with the advantages and disadvantages of this breed. You earn three benefits then, cut down on purchasing time duration.

Save your energy in discovering the bird’s different breeds at the time of buying. And not fall prey to the hands of sellers asking for implausible prices.


The concept of chickens for the production of meat will sound familiar to you. As you know, chickens are eagerly consumed planetary, so you know how important they are for our food chain. Their heavyweight makes them a good choice for meat.

So, you can grow these chickens in the confined enclosure of your backyard for procuring meat and eggs. Also, if you have more resources, you can grow them in a huge number to sell them.

In this way, you will get food and earn reasonable capital by selling them to others. So, make a decision now on how to make the most of that fancy backyard in your home! Procrastination will take you nowhere.

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