What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Puppy

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Puppy?

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A responsible owner will first give getting a puppy or dog a lot of thought. A hasty decision could end up costing the owner far more money and causing the animal grief and suffering. A puppy will quickly grow into an adult dog who may live for up to 13 years.

It’s imperative that you set up your house before inviting your small companion in. Make every effort to puppy-proof your home. Destructive puppy behaviour is typical, annoying, and your dog may be in danger. Your dog will undoubtedly discover all the tiny objects that could harm it.

Additionally, Singapore’s pet selling business has experienced tremendous price inflation over the past ten years as demand continues to outpace limited supply. You can either buy puppies Singapore from a breeder or adopt one from a shelter in Singapore.

The price of keeping a dog

Calculate the cost of owning a dog so that you can be sure you can afford to care for it. The biggest expenses for a dog over its lifetime (10 to 15 years) are:

  • Veterinary expenses like shots and neutering;
  • Insurance in case it gets sick or is injured;
  • Food
  • Paying a kennel to keep your dog while you’re away

Deciding on the best breed of dog for you

Dogs come in a wide variety of breeds. Knowing how each breed often behaves will assist you in selecting the best dog for your needs. Although there is no assurance that a certain dog will behave exactly the way others of its breed do.

You need to consider where to obtain the dog once you’ve determined that you can give it the time, money, and commitment that it requires. You might find a new home for an abandoned puppy, purchase from a trustworthy breeder, or pay retail.

Assisting your new pet to adapt

You must bring your new dog home once you’ve made your decision. It will want a cosy blanket and a comfy dog carrier for the trip to its new residence. Additionally, it will require food, water, and rest stops for longer journeys.

Make your new dog as comfortable as you can once you’ve brought it home:

  1. Don’t let children or adults handle the dog too much if it’s scared.
  2. If the dog displays indications of discomfort, sit quietly and soothe it.
  3. Make sure you heed the breeder’s or seller’s advice regarding “socialisation,” which is about training the dog for interaction with others.

It’s time to start looking for a puppy after you have a general notion of the kind you want. If you can, try to adopt a dog first. Mixed-breed dogs are lovely and vastly underappreciated. Adorable mixed-breed pups are available for adoption from animal shelters and pet rescue organisations in your community.

Even if you are unsure whether a mixed breed dog is right for you, visiting your neighbourhood shelter or rescue organisation to see some of the puppies is worthwhile. Possibly even fall in love!

If you decide to get a purebred dog, you must exercise caution. Find a reputable dog breeder who has years of expertise. Avoid breeding in your backyard. Never purchase a dog from a pet store as these animals sometimes come from puppy mills.


Avoid purchasing a puppy from a flea market or an advertisement; these puppies’ backgrounds are unknown and they can be sickly. It will just seem right when you locate the best puppy for you!

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