Why Using Natural Cat Litter Is Beneficial

Why Using Natural Cat Litter Is Beneficial? Pretty Litter 2023

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Do you know that the litter you select can have a long term consequences for everyone in your home? It’s important to think about the type of cat litter you’re going to use a litter box for the first time.

Cat Litter Benefits

There are many different kinds of cat litter on the market. Research is the key before selecting the one. Natural cat litter such as Pretty litter, is the major choice by many pet owners over conventional litter for years. Let’s check out the advantages of using natural cat litter at home.

Cat Litter Benefits

Safe and Healthy

Traditional cat litters often contain chemicals that aren’t just bad for cats but for humans as well. In addition to clay or another basic material, many brands of cat litter also contain silica, dust and synthetic chemicals.

This is something in which your lovely cat dips his paws several times a day. These ingredients make the litter scent better and clump whenever your cat uses it. 

Some harmful materials may reach the skin of cats and spread throughout the home, where they also come into touch with people. These substances are not present in natural cat litter.

Toxic Odor Removal

Harmful and syntactic chemicals are unnecessary to control odor in a litter box. Cat lovers can tell you that minimizing litter box odor is their top priority. Also, if odors grow, many cats will stop using the litter box. 

However, the artificial scents in these litters are only there to cover up the harsh chemicals they contain. Cats are also extremely sensitive to artificial fragrances and often refuse to use the litter. Natural litters are free from all these harmful chemicals.

Natural Cat Litter Also Clumps

You don’t have to deal with clump-less cat litter just because you’re switching to natural options! Now you choose a litter made from all-natural materials that still clumps after your cat uses it. It makes scooping and cleaning easy. 

Some pet owners fear all-natural cat litter won’t clump properly, but you can easily find clumping varieties at your local pet store.

It Prevents Asthma and Allergies

Regular cat litters also create a lot of dust, which is a huge drawback. In addition to silica and clay, so-called earth-friendly options such as sawdust and paper may harm a cat’s respiratory system.
When you shop for new cat litter, it’s important to find options that produce minimal dust. It can cause breathing problems to your pet and spread it on the floor through their paws.

It Prevents Asthma and Allergies

Factors to Consider while Placing the Cat Litter Box

Litter box location is important because cats are picky about where they go to fuss.

Remember that the “one plus one” rule applies to litter boxes. Each cat must have their own litter box. Some pets are picky about which litter box they will use, so providing an additional option is important.

If you already have a lot of pets, you should probably get more than one box. Some cats are just not comfortable sharing a litter. Once a cat starts indoors, it can be impossible to break the habit.

How to Prevent Litter Boxes from Causing Issues?

Don’t forget to Scoop the litter to keep your litter box fresh and clean. It will be necessary to completely empty and clean the box itself. This could be done once per week. It also depends on the kind of litter you use.

Non-clumping litter needs much more regular dumping and cleaning because urine begins to collect at the bottom of the container and produce a smell.

Used litter should be placed in a strong plastic container and disposed of. Keep in mind that some natural litter can be flushed. But you should never flush a complete litter box. Use hot water, unscented dish detergent, and a sponge to clean the box. Towel dry after a thorough wash.

How to Prevent Litter Boxes from Causing Issues


You have a lot of choices because natural cat litter can be made from many different things. You can pick the best cat litter for your cat based on factors like price, absorbency, odor control, and clumping ability. 

Corn, grass, walnut shells, wheat, pine, cedar/hardwood, and other natural materials are available. It could be worth it to experiment with a few different ideas to see what your cat likes.

We understand how important it is to you to provide a safe, nurturing environment for your cat as it grows up. By switching to natural cat litter, you can guarantee that your cat has a healthy and happy environment without worrying about harmful chemicals. Good Luck!

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