Best Dog Treats For Training Your Dog

Best Dog Treats For Training Your Dog

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Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

Are you planning to train your dog new tricks soon? If yes, treats are a great way to show love and appreciation to your dog. Dogs are never too old to learn new tricks, no matter their age.

Rewarding their good behavior with dog training treats will motivate the dog to perform better. There are many ways to reward your pup for its good behavior. However, food treats work better and are the most convenient and effective ways to influence your dog’s behavior.  

While training your dog, the kind of dog treat you choose can make a big difference in how successful it will be. How can you choose the best dog treats for training your dog with so many choices out there?

Choose Healthy Treats

When you are selecting the treats to give your dog, look for treats that offer added nutrients and also have dental benefits to your dog.

Look for ingredients used to make sure they add nutritional value to your dog. Whether you want to make your dog homemade treats or you buy from a dog bakery, ensure they are healthy.

Here is where you find more dog training treats that will help you motivate your dog naturally, and all come with 100% grain-free.

Choose Treats Specifically Formulated For Dogs

While snacks like hot dogs or table scraps may seem good to give to your dog, it’s advisable to choose treats specifically formulated for dogs. Such treats will not upset your dog’s tummy and will please his appetite.

Find Your Dog’s High-Value Treat

Dogs may differ in their preferences and they may accept some treats readily while some treats may require trial and error before you know the treats they love.

High-value treats are somethings your dog does not get often. They can include small pieces of chicken, peanut butter, and other yummy snacks.

They tend to be freeze-dried and a little bit smellier. High-value treats can be used when introducing a new trick to a dog, when a dog is in a highly distracting environment, for example, a group class of dog training or when rewarding a dog for a high-quality response.

When training your dog, high value treats acts as a tasty incentive to motivate your dog.

Fast-Eating Treats

When training your dog, you are keeping him/her motivated and interested is the key to successful training. How often you give rewards can make the dog learn new behavior faster. That is why you need to select treats that a dog can eat quickly and you move to the next repetition right away.

The dog will get a lot of treats in a short period, stay interested, and do a lot of practice in a short amount of time. If a dog spends a lot of time eating a treat, you will wait for more time before the repetition of a task. This may slow the training session and the dog may lose focus and interest.

Consider The Treat Size

When shopping for dog treats, look for treats that are small in size or ones that you can easily break into small pieces. Will small treats, the dog will get many treats in a session and it will eat them quickly.

If you are planning to train your dog soon, then you will need some treats to reward their newly learned trick. These are some of the things you need to consider to choose the best dog treats. Dog treats will help to train new behaviors to your dog faster.


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