Best Pets to Consider for Your Kids

8 Best Pets to Consider for Your Kids

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Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

Kids love new friends, especially when they are animals. As a parent, you may be uninterested in pets. But, think of the times when you wished for an animal companion as a kid. Children when paired with a pet, become more active and develop a sense of responsibility.

Here are 8 adorable pets to consider for them:


Frederick of Prussia said “A dog is man’s best friend.”, which is absolutely true. A dog will love you more than he loves himself. Your child will learn to be empathetic when he spends time with a dog.

You can train your dog and he will become a member of your family sooner than you think. And those warm cuddles are the best part about having a pet dog.


Cats are another popular choice as pets. Though it is hard for cats to be trained like dogs, they do get trained with a litter box (easier than potty training your child). But cats don’t “follow the leader”. So, a cat can be your kid’s friend if you don’t include way too rules.

Nevertheless, hide-and-seek games with a pet cat are super fun. He hides often and you seek to find him. So, to help create a better bonding, give something special to your kids which they will admire even when they grow-up as adults.


Hamsters are small & cute, and need less care than a dog or a cat. They litter only in one corner of the cage and use the rest as a playing ground. Even if you go without showering him for weeks, your hamster will not stink.

But don’t dare to do this as hamsters are likely to catch infections. A major con of petting a hamster is that it can bite when scared and the pain will last for a while. So, it is a recommended pet for teens.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are less aggressive than hamsters which is the reason for their popularity as a rodent pet though they need more care. You can’t feed them leftovers as their food demands are specific.

But guinea pigs are friendly and enjoy playing. While a hamster can be left alone, a guinea pig needs a companion of its own kind. Double the fun but also double the care.


Rabbits are cute and fluffy. Your kids can get quickly used to them. Rabbits can be litter box trained. They are super active and run around bringing lively vibes to your home. If your kid is calm and docile, your pet rabbit will fall in love with him as rabbits are shy and scared of noises.


Birds can be great pets too and finches are proof of that. They are easy to look after and need less care. They are not playful but their soothing chirping is engaging for your kid.

If your kid is young, it is best to let him play with caged finches as direct contact may hurt the birds. Finches are perfect for children who are just setting foot in the pet world.


Meet a better bird pal than the finch, the parakeet a.k.a the budgie. Unlike finches, parakeets love spending time with people around. You should get this if your kid can reciprocate its feelings.

Parakeets can mimic and master new vocabulary. They love playing with cognitive toys and this increases the aptitude of your kid as well. There is no harm either to the bird or the kid when playing, which is a relief.


Fish are amazing as the first pets for your kid. You can get them one fish or many to take care of. Except for cleaning the tank, younger children can be their fish’s primary caregivers.

They can teach their pet fish new games for more fun. Playing with fish acts as a therapy that reduces your child’s stress.

There are many other pets you can consider but to begin with, these are a few good choices. Avoid choosing small-sized pets as they are vulnerable to unintentional injuries by kids.


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