We Found the Best Way to Honor Your Dog… It’s with A Portrait

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Last Updated on May 30, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

Having a pet at your home is just like having an additional family member. Your dog is your greatest friend and companion. However, the bond and the relationship you have with your dog can make you have a tough time when the two of you will no longer be together.

This can be due to your furry’s death, or you have to give your dog up for adoption because maybe you have to relocate to a different country or something.

Whatever may cause the separation of you and your dog, we found the best way to honor your dog. This is by having a cute portrait for your dog.

Having a portrait with a beautiful picture of your dog is one of the best ways to cherish and memorize the dog. The best thing is that pet portraits by impersonate me allows you to have a portrait size of your liking for your beloved pet.

Having a portrait of your dog ensures that you’re always together and forever. You can choose to have the picture in your house, office, car, or other places.

Seeing the dog’s portrait every day will always remind you of the beautiful memories you shared.  The good thing with dog portraits is that you are not limited to being creative.  You can have one or many pictures in a single portrait. The best way to honor your dog is to have some of the best images captured in beautiful art that will always give you memories.

Your dog still holds and will always have a special place in your life. A dog portrait will help to commemorate and celebrate your pet when you are no longer together. The portrait will at least remind you of your dog. This means fond memories of your dog will never fade as long as you are alive to see the portrait.

How to take a good photo for your portrait?

When it comes to the number of photos required, there are a few things you can do to keep the process moving forward. The first step is to use treats, and offer them to your pet when they sit for their photo. If the treats are in small amounts they will be easier to hold and your pet won’t try to steal them from you.

You can also use the treat as an incentive when he is doing something interesting and quickly offer him some more. It’s better that your dog starts with smaller treats rather than one large piece – especially if he’s not used to working with other people.

A dog portrait is not only made to help you commemorate your dog. You can also use it to tell your dog’s story. With an excellent graphic designer, your dog’s photo can be illustrated in a better way to bring out its personality that can tell a story. 

This includes things like a photo of your dog in their favorite sleeping position, with their favorite toys, or in his/her crate. A dog portrait made in the right color, background, position, angle, and composition of the dog can create a beautiful masterpiece to honor your dog.

Celebrating your dog’s life with a portrait is one of the best ways to honor and treasure the moments you spent together. While there are other ways of honoring your dog, like tattooing their name or image or creating a gravestone, a portrait is always the best. It can be a décor and at the same time as a memoir for your dog.

In addition, the fact you can hang your dog’s portrait anywhere in your house allows you to feel their presence all the time.

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