Famous Bernedoodle Haircuts

Famous Bernedoodle Haircuts: Your Dog Will Love These

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Bernedoodle is a unique and beautiful dog breed obtained by crossing the Bernese mountain dog and Poodle. Poodles are known for their beautiful haircuts, so you can expect the beautiful haircuts from the Bernedoodle. In this article, we will list the most popular hairstyles of the Bernedoodle breed.

They have a variety of coat types and colors due to their differences in their parents. Their coat color can be rust, black, and white like Bernese mountain dog, and they also have a combination of bi-colors and tri-colors.

Their fur can be wavy, curly, and straight. The curlier coat shed less as compared to the other coat types. So, it’s a perfect choice for people having allergies. Let’s see the 8 most famous haircuts of the Bernedoodles.

8 Famous Bernedoodle Haircuts

1. Kennel Cut

Kennel cut has essentially short hairs with the same length all over the Bernedoodle body. It’s also considered a different version of the summer cut. The Bernedoodles with the kennel cut is easiest to care due to their completely shaved body.

This cut not only keeps your Bernedoodle cool but also prevents their coat from dirt and mats. The Kennel cut also doesn’t require frequent brushing as compared to the other cuts of the Bernedoodle.

2. Lamb Cut

The Lamb cut requires longer hairs on the body, including the fuzzy and long legs as well. The face, tail, and feet are closely shaved with the fluffy topknot and ears. This is more like a Poodle haircut, which requires the Bernedoodle to inherit the Poodle curls.

3. Lion Cut

Usually, this cut is popular in Pomeranians, but it also looks cute for most breeds. It requires short hairs on the body, with long hairs around the face and on the tip of the tail and feet. The long hair parts around the face include the head, neck, and chest.

4. Mohawk Cut

It’s a self-explanatory and funny cut of the Bernedoodles, which requires the kennel cut on the body, along with the stripe of hairs, which runs vertically on the top of your dog’s head. You can extend these hairs as long as you want. Many dog owners like to dye their Bernedoodle Mohawk safely.

5. Poodle Inspired Cut

It’s almost like the traditional Poodle cut with short fur on the legs and body and long hairs on the lower parts of the legs, top of the head, and on the tail. It’s involved thick and fluffy ears, tail, topknot, and legs. This cut is most suitable for the Bernedoodles, having the traditional curls of the Poodle.

6. Puppy Cut

The puppy cut makes the fur look fluffy and is often known as the Teddy Bear Cut. You need to keep your Bernedoodle hairs length the same, all over the body for a puppy cut, and layered the hairs along the body’s legs, feet, and sides. You can keep the hairs of any length, but make sure the Bernedoodle is looking cute and adorable.

7. Summer Cut

It’s the same style cut of the Bernedoodles like winter cut, which require the shorter hairs all over the body to keep the Bernedoodle cooler over the hotter months. The summer haircuts require the 1-inch hairs on the legs with the longer hairs on the tail.

8. Winter Cut

The winter cut keeps the Bernedoodles warm during the winter season. It involves 1-inch hairs on the chest and 3 inches of hairs on the other parts of the body. You need to avoid this cut if you live in a hot area as it’s responsible for your Bernedoodle overheating.

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