Cubalaya Chicken Breed Information, Characteristics, Temperament

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​From the year 521 to the 17th century, Spaniards colonized the Philippines. One of the many things Spaniards did was to bring Asiatic game fowls to Havana, Cuba. They crossed those Asiatic chickens then re-crossed them with other chicken breeds of European origin.

Selectively, the cross-breeding resulted in a chicken breed with wide, extended tails, fierce eyes with courageous expressions, and a curving beak. Cubalaya Chicken was born in the middle of the 19th century. Since it was bred and refined in Cuba, they named Cubalaya to honor the Republic of Cuba.

This chicken breed was accepted and approved by the Cuban national poultry association (Asociación Nacional de Avicultores). In 1939, Cubalaya was showcased at the National Poultry Exhibition and was then recognized by the American Poultry Association while the bantam was recognized by the American Bantam Association.

​Cubalaya Chicken | Breed Profile

Cubalaya Chicken
Country of origin:Cuba
Primary use:Dual-purpose meat/eggs
Weight:Male: Standard: 2.40kg​, Bantam: 740g; Female: Standard: 1.59 kg, Bantam: 625 g
Recognized Varieties:​Black Breasted Red, Black, White
Egg production (annual):180
Egg color:Light brown
Egg size:Small
Comb type:Pea

Characteristics Of The Cubalaya Chicken

​Originally, white, black, and black-breasted red are the three Cubalaya Chicken colors accepted by the Cuban standard, although many others were bred at the same.

American Poultry Association (APA) and the American Bantam Association (ABA) both accepted and recognized these three colors. Unrecognized colors are Blue Wheaten, Silver Duckwing, and Golden Duckwing, etc.

This domestic chicken fowl has a pea comb type. Noticeable of their stately carriage, abundant, hackle feathers flowing and a tail well-spread that goes up 20 degrees below the horizontal.

Standard male Cubalaya weighs 2.40 kg while Banta weighs 740 grams. A standard female weighs 1.59 kg while Bantam weighs 625 grams.

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Behavior/ Temperament/ Use

​Cubalaya chickens for sale are of great value because they are a great cock fighter. In North American, this rare, gorgeous with lustrous tail feathers chicken breed is used mainly as an ornament. Hens lay fairly well. Cubalaya roosters are aggressive towards other males and can have multiple spurs.

They also provide excellent meat and eggs. They can lay four eggs per week. Medium-sized eggs are cream or tinted.

Originating from a tropical country, Cubalayas are very heat tolerant. They also have a curious and friendly disposition. They tolerate confinement well, and when allowed to the range, they are great foragers.   They are hardy in winter and are broody.

What We Liked/Pros

  • ​Multi-purpose – ornamental, meat producer, egg layer and cock fighter.
  • ​Can excellently produce 4 eggs per week.
  • ​Heat and confinement tolerant.
  • Foragers.
  • Great for breeding business.
  • Valued higher than other breeds.
  • Has friendly disposition.

What We Don’t Like/Cons

  • ​Broody.
  • ​Hardy in winter.
  • ​Aggressive towards other males.


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