Do People Eat Roosters

Do People Eat Roosters? Can You Eat Roosters?

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A lot of people have asked us this question: “can you eat roosters?” Of course, you can. Roosters are like every other chicken meat (maybe a little tough and stringy) and taste great! However, a good portion of the chicken meat you see on supermarket shelves is from hens and broilers.

Find out more about how you can eat roosters and why they are not as popular on food shelves as hens.

What Is A Rooster?

A rooster is simply the male chicken raised for breeding; you know, the one that wakes you up in the mornings with its cries of “coockadoodle.” The roosters act as the heads of the coop, guiding them and sounding alarms at the sight of predators.

In our definition of a rooster, you will notice that we said “male chickens raised for breeding purposes” that is because once they are castrated, they become capons.

Do We Eat Rooster?

Do We Eat Rooster

A lot of people ask this question, “do we eat roosters?” and through the years, our answer has remained why not? You see people eat roosters most especially those in households where chickens are bred.

The reality is that you only need one rooster to fertilize the hen’s eggs and since most of the eggs hatch into roosters, it makes sense to eat them.

Industrially though, roosters are not bred for meat production. Did you ask why? We will explain this in the next section.

Why Are Roosters Not Bred For Meat Production?

Most times, 90 percent of the meat in stores is from broilers and hens. This is because roosters are not economical to raise for meat production. For one, roosters can not be kept in large numbers because of their aggressive tendencies; they will fight and even kill one another.

Also, having large numbers of roosters tend to make the breeding hens more anxious and aggressive. It can get loud once roosters get aggressive; thus, it is illegal to raise roosters in many cities. Yup, raising roosters for meat production is not only cost-intensive; depending on where you live, it is illegal.

On the other hand, broilers can be kept together in large numbers in a single warehouse. Because they are less aggressive, they will cohabit peacefully.

Another reason roosters are not bred for meat production is that their meat is tougher and stringier than meat from hens or broilers. Then, of course, there is also the small fact that roosters have little meat underneath their flesh.

What Does Rooster Meat Taste Like?

What Does Rooster Meat Taste Like

Now we have established the fact that you can eat roosters, you must be itching to know what they taste like. Well, they taste almost the same as broilers and hens. Unless you are some chicken meat expert, or you are told, you most likely will not be able to spot the difference in taste. 

Experts say that meat from rooster is tougher, more stringy, and has a fuller flavor than the hen. Of course, where the chicken lived plays a part in all of these.

Chickens raised in a free-range where they are fed with pasture taste different from those confined and raised on commercial feed. So for those asking why people eat roosters, the answer is simple; they are tasty and filling!

How To Prepare Rooster Meat

How to Prepare Rooster Meat

We advise you use a slow cooker to boil your meat so that it becomes tender. Alternatively, you can place the meat in a roasting pan, rub it down with oil mixed with spices and herbs. Next, place the pan in the oven and leave the rooster to cook at 250-300 Fahrenheit till it is all done.

The length of time your rooster takes to cook depends on its weight. For example, a rooster that weighs 454g will take 18 minutes to cook in a 300 Fahrenheit oven. If your chicken is larger, it will take more time than this. You will know your chicken is cooked when the juices from the thigh run clear.

Why Do Many People Not Eat Rooster Meat?

A lot of people don’t eat rooster meat because it is not readily available. The average American household does not raise their meat and relies on the commercial purchase of the meat. And you can’t what is not available.

Another reason people don’t eat roosters is because even when you raise your chickens, you don’t need a lot of roosters in your coop. One rooster is enough to service about 10 hens. But, of course, if you are raising chickens for the sole purpose of egg production, then you don’t even need a rooster.


Rooster meat is perfectly safe for human consumption. However, because much chicken meat on supermarket shelves is from broilers, most people don’t get to eat them. If you are wondering, rooster meat tastes the same as hens meat only that it is a bit stringy and tougher.

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