What Do You Call A Group Of Chickens

What Do You Call A Group Of Chickens?

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Do we get many questions asking what do you call a group of chickens?

So let’s put this out there. A group of chickens (roosters and hens inclusive) is called a flock.

As you continue to read this article, you will find other names for groups of hens, roosters, and every other chicken group under the sun.

Let’s get right down to business, shall we?

What Is A Group Of Hens Called?

What Is A Group Of Hens Called

The specific name for a group of hens is not a flock; it is a brood. It doesn’t mean that referring to a group of hens as flocks is wrong; it’s just that a flock is a combination of roosters and hens. So use the correct term.

What Is A Group Of Rooster Called?

There is no name for a group of roosters, probably because roosters don’t often stay together. They are happier spending more time in the company of hens than their own.

If you have a coop with much more roosters than hens, you will notice that they will become very aggressive and territorial. So stick to the norm. Always ensure that the number of hens in your coop far outweighs the number of roosters.

Typically, poultry rearers keep their coop well balanced with a rooster to hen ratio of 1:10. That way, you still get your hens to breed with none of the aggression that comes with having too many roosters.

What Is A Group Of Eggs Called?

What Is A Group Of Eggs Called

A group of eggs is called a clutch. Usually, the clutch comprises 12 to 15 eggs. The initial clutch doesn’t have to be 12-15 at the start; you can start smaller and let the hens keep laying more eggs until the clutch reaches its size. 

After the eggs are laid, the hens will sit on them and incubate them until they are hatched.

What Is A Group Of Chicks Called?

A group of newly hatched chicks is called peeps. The name may stem from the peeping sounds they make when they try to communicate.

Common Chicken Terminology

Now that you know what a group of chickens is called, let’s learn the right terms for the different classes of chickens.



You must have heard your chickens crowing loudly at the wee hours of the morning. The culprit is the rooster, a male chicken responsible for heading the flock of chickens. However, there are clear things to help you tell the rooster apart from the hen. We will look at these differences down the line.

Brooder Hen

A brooder hen is a chicken that is looking after its eggs; they are in the process of incubating their eggs and protecting them. They get their name because while they take care of their eggs, they get moody and broody. Also, because they are protecting their eggs, they can be very vengeful. 

One interesting fact about broody hens is that they don’t know if their eggs are fertilized until the chicks hatch.

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Chick is a term that describes newly hatched chickens. These chicks are often able to communicate with the mother hen and follow instructions. As they grow, the immature females among them are referred to as a pullet.

Pullet Hen

A pullet hen is a term used to describe a hen that is less than a year old. They are more advanced than chicks and have lost their baby down. Most importantly, a pullet has not started laying eggs yet.

Usually, chickens should start laying their eggs around 18-20 weeks old and at this point, they can stop bearing the name “pullet.” However, some chicken breeders can induce the pullet to delay when they start laying eggs

Point Of Lay Hen

Point of Lay Hen

A point of lay is a vague term used to describe a female chicken approaching its breeding period. The name suits this stage perfectly because truly, they are at the point of laying their eggs. 

It is tough to pinpoint when the hen is at the point of lay because environmental conditions, breed, and other factors affect it. 

What Are The Differences Between Roosters And Hens?

Hens and roosters are different. For one, roosters are adult male chickens while the hen is used to refer to sexually mature female chickens.

Roosters also have more pointed feathers than hens. Another thing is that roosters are great alarm clocks; they crow loudly at the start of each day to announce that it is morning.


The correct term for a group of chickens is a flock. It refers to both hens and roosters. Suppose you are looking for more specific group names for chickens at different stages of sexual maturity. We hope this helps to offer some clarity. Good luck!

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