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Dominique Chicken Breed Information, Characteristics, Temperament

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During the Colonial period, a breed of chicken originated from Saint Domingue, now Haiti was established in the United States. Named Dominique and considered a heritage, this oldest American chicken breed is also called Dominicker or Pilgrim Fowl.

They are the descendants of chickens brought forth from southern England to New England. This chicken breed belongs to the American class.

Their type is large fowl and Bantam. The standard size is 6 to 7 pounds, the medium size. The Male weighs 7 pounds, and the female weighs 5 pounds.

They are dual-purpose chickens, and the recognized variety is barred. As time passed, poultry raisers needed bigger hens for higher commercial egg production. Nowadays, this chicken breed is considered a very rare and critically endangered species.

Dominique Chicken | Breed Profile

Dominique Chicken
Country of origin:United States
Primary use:Dual-purpose meat/eggs
Weight:Male: 7 lb (3.2 kg), Female: 5 lb (2.3 kg)
Temperament:Forager, Calm, Personable, Hardy
Recognized Varieties:Barred
Egg production (annual):230
Egg color:Brown
Egg size:Large
Comb type:Rose

Characteristics Of The Dominique Chicken

We may not exactly tell the difference of Dominique chicken breed to that of a Barred Rock at first glance. If you are familiar with these two chicken breeds, you know they have very distinctive and individual appearances.

They do differ in their combs, plumage, and coloring. Dominique is rose- combed while Barred Rock is of a single comb.

Dominique Chicken has heavy plumage (which provides cover when they are foraging) that exhibits staggered barring and mottled appearance compared to Barred Rocks’ parallel barring.

In terms of color, Dominique gives out the softer contract of black-on-white shades, whereas Barred Rocks give out the high contract of black-on-white shades.

This chicken breed has 4 toes, yellow skin, no feathered legs, and not crested. These chicken breeds mature quickly. In as early as 6 months, they can already lay eggs or can be used for a meaty and flavorful viand.

Prices of Dominique chicken for sale vary per seller. It depends on the quantity you want to order. The higher the order, the lesser the price becomes. For females, for 1 to 5 chicks, the price can be $3.75, while for orders starting 100 pieces, the price can be as low as $2.98 per piece.

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Behavior/ Temperament/ Use

Hens are very caring and nurturing mothers to their Dominique chicks. That makes them easy to keep, favored birds for high egg production sources or targets of poultry raisers. Hens’ calm and domestic personality makes them great family pets or shows pets as well.

They are a dual-purpose, clean legged, cold-hardy chickens. Their laying capacity is 3 eggs per week, which is considered good. They lay large brown eggs of more than 180 to 230 per annum. The sexes are determined after hatch. Chicks also feather early.

They are hardy in winter and in terms of heat, they are not specially heated hardy. This chicken breed is docile, broody, and bears confinement well.

They have a calm and nurturing personality, especially the hens. Dominique roosters can sometimes be aggressive, though, to the extent of killing small cats, snakes, and even minks.

The average weights of roosters are 6.5 pounds, while hens are 4.5 pounds.

What We Liked/Pros

  • It is economic, it matures early.
  • Dual purpose – egg layersand meat producers.
  • Hens’ calm personality makes then great mothers for their chicks.
  • High success rate of egg-laying.
  • Hardy and good foragers – self-sufficient.
  • All-weather chicken breed.
  • Can stand harsh weather conditions.
  • Favored family pets.
  • Feathers can be used as pillows and mattresses stuffing.

What We Don’t Like/Cons

  • Critically endangered species that gives them right for higher price.
  • Hens may lay small to medium eggs that why poultry raisers prefer bigger chicken breeds over this breed.

Is Dominique Chicken Good for You?

Yes! Because this chicken breed is a reliable egg meat and producer, easily-going yet great forager, hardy flock. Others may prefer a large breed of hens for higher egg production, but you can help to preserve this nearing extension chicken breed – the first and truly America’s first chicken breed!

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