Lower Hot Spot Discomfort On Dogs

5 Simple Tips To Lower Hot Spot Discomfort On Dogs

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Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

Hot spot, whatever the cause is, hurt a lot! It can cause discomfort, pain and even stress. And if your dog could express her feelings, you will discover how unhappy she is. The hot spot is common among dogs. Several factors can also be responsible.

Dogs can develop this condition on their skin, wherever they scratch, lick or sustain an injury. Flea allergy dermatitis could also be responsible. But the good thing is that hot spot is curable. So, it’s not the end of the road for your canine friend. Here are simple tips to help you take care of the condition.

Lower Hot Spot Discomfort On Dogs – 5 Simple Tips

#1. Keep the affected area well shaved

You need to ensure that the affected area is sufficiently aerated. And for that reason, the area where the hot spot is should be kept hair-free. Drying out the affected spot is the first treatment for this destabilizing and painful condition.

The thing is the hair might be covering up a lot than you think. Or the problem might even be bigger than assumed. But if you are planning to do the shaving yourself, you have to take precaution. In some cases, the ideal option would be to sedate the dog. The reason is to avoid causing more pain to the already hurt dog. 

#2. Cleanse the affected area

It’s not enough to shave off the hair on the affected area. You also need to keep it clean to prevent further contamination and to ensure that whatever drug you are using would be effective. However, you can do this with cool, clean water and skin cleanser.

#3. Cool compress the damaged skin regularly

The affected skin needs constant care. So, if you don’t have the time, it would be best to seek help. Use a wet washcloth to compress the affected area. You can do it at least 2 – 4 times per day.

#4. Use an effective treatment option

Using Benadryl as a treatment for dogs with hot spots isn’t a common practice. Most people only know that the drug helps to reduce allergy symptoms when taken.

But then, some of these drugs that work for humans, also do the same thing when administered to dogs. And impressively, Benadryl is one of them. But it’s advisable to follow the instruction of a veterinarian with regards to dosage and best way to use this medication.

#5. Prevent reoccurrence of hot spot

Scratching, licking and biting, these are some of the things dogs do that causes a hot spot. And no matter the treatment, your dog’s hot spot won’t heal entirely or quicker if she continues licking or biting the spot. So, help speed up the healing process by restraining your dog. You can try an E-collar for the time being.


A hot spot causes severe pain and discomfort to dogs. And as the dog stretches, licks and bites the affected area, the infection increase. It can also become more severe and unbearable for your dog at the end of the day. So, once you figure out that your dog is suffering from this condition, do not hesitate to react. Follow the steps above to reduce discomfort and improve your dog’s health.


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