Pet Owners, Are You Making These Mistakes

Pet Owners, Are You Making These Mistakes? [& How to Avoid]

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Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Pauline G. Carter

Bringing a pet as a member to your family is the most emotional decision. The pets accept you from the first moment and forever stay loyal to you. Also, they relieve your stress and anxiety and help you socialize. These lovely creatures need all the love, care, and discipline.

While enjoying all the moments, people tend to forget their basic needs and behavior. So, if you have an adorable pet or are planning to have one. Then, keep reading to learn the basic mistakes pet owners make and how to avoid them.

You are not Letting Your pet Socialize

It’s the most initial and common mistake made by pet owners. Although, every pet and breed have their basic social skills. You can’t push them to be over-friendly, but introducing people and other pets is necessary.

For example, if you start putting leashes around a puppy, they develop an aggressive nature throughout their life. However, pet owners must not forget that they are wild animals and need their freedom. For dogs, socialization is crucial from 3 to 12 weeks of age. While for cats, it’s from 2 to 8 weeks.

Failing to Make Your Home pet friendly

Make your home pet-friendly, and it will reduce the extra mess. For example, place litter boxes for cats and dogs. Give them training from a tender age. Also, putting decorative pieces like glass and ceramic vases is dangerous. Avoid breakable, heavy, and low-height decor. 

You can add wall decor for a more pet-friendly home as it is inaccessible for pets and very space-efficient. To explore more, decorate your walls with wall art like canvases which are lightweight, protective with layering, and very durable.

Avoiding Daily Walks and Activities

Sitting all day and no activity makes pets dull. The pets have higher energies, so channelize them by 30 mins activity twice a day.

For pets like dogs, grow their mind with daily habits, home rules, fetch games and teach them basic gestures. Training the mind and body is crucial; otherwise, they will transfer all the energy on barking and rude behavior.

Skipping Annual vaccinations

Avoiding regular visits to the vet is a big no. However, always consider a vet, whether you notice ticks, vomiting, heartworms, discoloration, or unusual behavior. Home treatment will not affect the pets and create severe future problems.

Also, note down and mark annual vaccinations for your pet. You can easily get a vaccination plan from your local vet. It will help pets lead a healthy, active, and long life.

Risking a Lost pet

A lost pet is the worst thing that can happen to a pet owner. So, avoid all the circumstances by investing in dog chips. It’s safe, affordable, and convenient:

  • You can attach the microchip to the strap of the pet.
  • You can register the tip with your contact number, address, and other details.
  • You can track and find your pet in case of any mishappening.

Generally, small pets lose their way as they are unfamiliar with their house. Therefore, this microchip is a blessing and prudent step for all pet owners.

Feeding Improperly

There is a substantial difference between human and animal food. So, don’t over-treat your pet with sugar, candies, and chews. Instead, invest in an appropriate diet to boost their mental and physical growth to avoid malnutrition and skin problems.

Overfeeding is another issue that leads to dental problems. So, a proper discussion with the vet and diet chart from the initial stage will help you a lot.

Neglecting Hygiene

This is the most common factor for welcoming pet health problems. A hygiene routine is vital for all pets. Proper disposal of feces and cleaning is beneficial for both pet owners and pets.

Regularly trim their nails, give them baths and use pet-friendly bathing products. Good hygiene is necessary for avoiding all health problems.

Bottom Line

Nothing feels as warm as a welcoming gesture by a pet when you enter your house. So, avoid these small but careless mistakes that are harmful to you and your pet. 

Hence this is for all existing and would-be pet owners who always take care of little things. Your affectionate and loyal pets are your responsibility, so give them a healthy environment with the things mentioned above.

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